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  1. Ah you all an see in the title I would LOVE to do a Dr. Doom (Marvel) RolePlay. I do have a idea for this Rp in mind I will say this, I don't know much about Doom but I know A lot from a friend (also if I get anything right in the RP tell me ok xD) So yeah I welcome anyone but all I ask please no one liners also please be nice to me and I will be nice right back.
  2. This sounds interesting
  3. really lol omg are you really interested in it?
  4. Yeah I am really lol. Just need more info and we can hash out the Rp
  5. sure sure lol what Info do you need?
  6. Well just details of what roles were needed to play.
  7. Well I really want Someone to Rp as Dr. Doom himself and me as a OC
  8. Hmm now that would be interesting. Would i be capturing you? fighting you?
  9. no I had a idea of my OC is sucked into the loving world of Marvel lol
  10. there's more to it but still I can tell you more if you want
  11. lol the loving world of marvel. I love it! anyways yeah tell me more... You can pm me if you wish
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.