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  1. I always have trouble introducing myself but here goes:
    I'm Caligari, sadly that's not my real name, and you can call me as such. Or if you prefer something else I also encourage: Dude, Gast, Doctor or Bastard (don't worry about that last one, I literally am a bastard and I wear it with pride).
    I'm about nineteen years old and I'm from Belgium, while I'm still in school I've taken steps to begin my own bar which will revolve around booze and music. (For you Americans out there, the drinking age in Belgium is sixteen. You jelly?). My studies currently revolve around photography (I have no talent) and art history (at this I am good).
    I am completely new to this site but I'm not 100% new to roleplaying. In other words, I'm not the best role player, that said I'm not the worst either.
    I have a tendency to disappear into my own world where I have imaginary conversations and discussions with no one. It's weird, I know, but it really helps for coming up with new ideas for several things.
    I listen to metal mostly but on rainy moods I tend to put on Jazz. That said, I still hold dear to the punk ideals and music and found myself liking ska-punk a lot.
  2. Hi there Caligari! :D we're happy to have you with us now!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku fellow bastard ^^

    Those imaginary conversations sound familiar, you ever talked to anyone who just *Woho! Bring It!* ?
    If you hear him, punch his face in ;)
  4. Actually it's more along the lines of discussing the underlining fatalism in the modern world accompanied by the obligatory discussion about repressed memories and dark desires.
    I'm just yanking your chain! Or am I? I am. Maybe.
    But, no, if I ever hear someone like that yelling inside my head I'll be sure to deck myself one square in the face.
  5. Because when you do, youll poasibly not do something like ju...riding an alligator! :D
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, Caligari. I'm pretty bad at introducing myself as well. I derped at
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.