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  1. Welcome to Camp Joy! This summer camp is a place for teenagers to do exactly what they want: Sex, drugs, play music, and other things teenagers/young adults love to do. Every summer strangers meet each other, and become friends, some become more than friends. The camp is advertised as a rehabilitation camp, causing Teenagers/young adults to hate the idea of going. But when they get there, the only four camp counselers there tell them they can do WHATEVER they want to do, from skinny dip, to smoke a blunt one in the eating area.
    But what they don't know...
    The world is facing an economic crisis. Ths stock market has crashed, and the dollar is worth even less, but prices are raised high. Teenagers don't understand this. The government has set up a secluded island disguised as a rehabilitation camp. What it really is, an island where parents could sell their teenagers (18 and up) for whatever price they want. Using these teenagers, the government makes them feel comfortable for a night and a half, then they release mutants and a deranged serial killer after them, stalking and killing whoever doesn't follow the single rule of the camp: be in your cabins at ten o'clock. If you are caught outside past then, you will be subject to either mutated killers, or a serial killer with a history so brutal he has to be in solitary when he is not hunting the campers. This year, the Government has a few more, new plans..

    Hello campers! ^.^ So before I decide which of you I want to slaughter, I should tell you a bit how things will work around here: To keep the element of surprise and horror in this roleplay, I will not tell you before I kill you. In order for you to be killed, you need to be outside past dark. If you have seen enough horror movies, you will know that the lusty teenage couple, or the groups of stoners are known to be killed off faster. If your character is that big breasted "slut" stereotype character, and let's say she goes to meet up with that handsome camp counselor for a "midnight snack", most likely she will be killed in a brutal way. If you want to survive, use common sense, please. Also, I will attempt to set up many scenes, please try and roll with it. I have one request: If you see any chances to escape, take it.

    You can play two characters if you'd like: A horror movie stereo type, and/or your own thing.
    The generic hero
    The Douche Bag
    The Jock
    The Nerd
    The Hot, Big Breasted Slut
    The Horror Movie Buff
    The Cool Guy
    The Nice Guy
    The Shy Girl
    The Bitch
    It doesn't matter how many versions of the same stereotype we have. We have have two sluts, or two heroes, or two douches. I don't care really!

    Camper Application:
    Addictions/Bad Habbits:
    Camper Photograph:
    Biggest Fears:
    Biggest Weaknesses:
    Biggest Strengths:

    Hope to get this started sooner or later!
  2. So you basically took Friday the 13th, Cabin In the Woods and The Hunger Games and tried to mash them together...
  3. Nah. Not really. I try to actually put originality into my role play ideas, instead of sitting there and taking existing material unless it's a fandom. I've never even seen Cabin In The Woods and I hate Hunger Games. Just because it takes place in a camp doesn't mean it's Friday the 13th.
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