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  1. Your radio or television spurs on with a lovely good morning tune sung by our fantastic Uncle Jack.

    “Good morning dear friends, good morning, to yooou..”

    "Hello, hello, and good morning to you fellow dreamer. Thank you for tuning in. The weather today is a slight sprinkle of rain with a marvelous ray of sunshine.
    I do hope you had a lovely night's sleep and ended all the troubles of the previous day in dreamland.
    That is if you have any troubles! Remember what was bothering you yesterday? Haha, I certainly hope not!
    Today is going to be EVEN BETTER.

    Now, we all forget things from time to time, so don't forget the most important thing.
    Did you leave the stove on?
    Did you remember to shave?
    Did you wash your hands?
    Did you brush your teeth?
    Did you forget to turn off your telly as you rested?
    I hope you did all these things, but they're not the most important thing.
    And that is as we all know.

    Did you take your Bliss today?
    Never forget to take your Bliss, and I guarantee your day will go as smooth
    as velvet."

    Your TV cuts to an intermission screen, or the sounds of your radio fades to static. And that was that.
    Will you run the day? Or will the day run you?
    Only your happiness will tell.


    Vanna Von Sleshe
    Type: Sorrowful.

    Lolly & Johnny Sweets
    Type: Sorrowful.

    Alicia Johnson
    Type: Sorrowful.

    Oliver Hyfee
    Type: Sorrowful.
    @Commander Cheesecake

    Jaime Lawless
    Type: Sorrowful.
    @Commander Cheesecake

    Leon Marcum
    Type: Sorrowful.


    Charlotte Pumpernickle
    Type: Blissian.

    Charlie Chanselbottom
    Type: Blissian.

    (These are the people who have either died, or escaped. Who knows what happened to them. Tsk, tsk. AKA. INACTIVE CHARACTERS.)

    Christina Pettyfield
    Type: Blissian.

    Madeline Raydon Muse
    Type: Sorrowful.

    How to post.
    Picture of your character: (JUST POST A PICTURE. XD)
    Time of Day:

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  2. [​IMG]
    Time of Day: Morning.
    Location: The Garden District.
    Activity: Hiding in public.

    The sound of Uncle Jack's morning announcement woke Jaime Lawless up with sheer excitement. She rushed over to her radio, almost tripping on her way there while listening in to what he had to say. She always did. Every morning, every afternoon, every night. It gave her some sanity, as she had a lot of guilt from removing Bliss from her life. She always knew that she could simply take a pill to feel "right as rain" but being true to herself was probably the best thing she could ever feel. Good things always had consequences, but the good outweighed the bad in this case.
    Jaime was about to head out the door when her vision turned to black and white. Shit. Withdrawal. For a few moments she stood there, feeling utter despair course through her veins. Huge headaches started to arise, buckets of tears started to flow from her irises unwillingly, then suddenly, it stopped. Her vision returned back to normal, but she was terribly dehydrated. Jaime felt faint and thought she could fall to the floor at any minute, but she could manage. Hopefully.
    She wiped the tears from her eyes, grabbed the cricket bat from her desk, climbed up the rusty ladder to the outside world, opened the hatch,
    and she was out. In the Garden District.
    Right off the bat, a Wastrel was all up in her personal space. He was eyeing her up and down, not checking her out of course, but checking to see if she was on her Bliss. Jaime looked at the man with a worrisome face. His attire was tattered, dirtied, and bloodied. Never a good sign. Was that a stick in his hair? Geez, how did The Garden District turn out like this? The place was in a demolished state and because it was the way that it was, Jaime knew from the moment she was off her Bliss that she needed to get out.
    She didn't even see the wastrel pull out a rolling pin. She was hit in the face and was obviously taken back by it. With a cricket bat in her hand and four full on swings, the Wastel was out like a light.
    Close one.
    Jaime began roaming the streets of the Garden District, turning her face away from any Wastrels that stepped one step close to her. On her exploration, she spotted a water pump in a grassy area and bolted towards it, drinking the water with need. Good thing there wasn't any Bliss in the Garden District's water or she would have overdosed in an instant with the way she was drinking it. Jaime got up and decided that it was about time to escape The Garden District and enter Blissville. She has been there only once, but that was when she entered the door to escape, only to be beaten down by police, got numerous amounts of Bliss shoved down her throat, and was pushed back into the Garden District, only to overdose and somehow end up back at home.
    Never again. This time, she was going to escape. No matter what.

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  3. [​IMG]
    Time of Day: Morning
    Location: Abandoned two-story building, Garden District
    Activity: Morning Routine

    Alicia bolted herself awake to a sudden crash outside, hitting the bottom of the bed that she was under. She hissed as she rubbed her head, but soon after, she heard the faint, familiar voice of Uncle Jack.

    She shimmied out from underneath the bed, rolling over onto her back as she looked at the non-existant roof that is actually a gap with beautiful skies. Alicia squinted her eyes and yawned. Another day of.... stuff.

    Tiredly, Alicia got up and stretched, before she quickly and suspiciously looked around for anyone near. Looking at the broken window, she let out a quiet sigh of relief as she saw no one... for now. Quietly heading downstairs, jumping over the missing 5 last stairs. She took her cricket bat from its usual spot next to the foot of the stairs, making her way to the boarded up parts of the building.

    Peeking through a slim gap wide enough for her to see perfectly, she checked for any Sorrowfuls like her. After a couple of minutes or so, Alicia got bored and silently went back upstairs. She sat down on the floor, laying her cricket bat on her lap. The girl waited until she faintly heard Uncle Jack saying one of his famous lines.

    "Never forget to take your Bliss, and I guarantee your day will go as smooth as velvet." Alicia repeated, shaking her head. "Yeah, that's what you want us to believe..." She muttered.

    She clasped her hands a certain way and moved them close to her mouth. Soon, she began to make a bird song, one that she made up herself, to practice bird calling and to pass the time a bit.
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  4. Time of Day: Morning-Turning to Afternoon
    Location: Home in Blissville-Outside
    Activity: Watching T.V.-Exploring

    The little lavender haired boy, sat on the edge of his bed, watching Uncle Jack. He was blindly following every word and gesture the man said and made. The boy's name was Charlie Chanselbottom, and he was hopped up on Bliss, to him it was like breakfast, every morning he took more. He swung his feet off the edge of his bed, holding his favorite stuffed bunny, Mr. Sunshine. Charlie shook his head when Uncle Jack told everyone to never forget to take their Bliss. "Charlie will always take his Bliss...you can count on it." He saluted the television, as it went off. He went to his window, looking at the citizens of Blissville. "Hello everyone of Blissville, you wonderful people!!!!" He giggled as he ran down his stairs.

    Charlie was outside of his house, roaming the streets of Blissville. "Hello! Hi! Beautiful morning, isn't it?!" He waved at everyone, his big grin on his face. Today was a gorgeous day, prettier than yesterday. "Ummm...what to do, what to do?" Charlie was the only kid left in Blissville, so he didn't have a lot of people his age here. He saw a ladybug fly by him. "Ooh! Ladybug! Charlie wants it!" He ran after the bug, trying to grab it with his free hand. He wondered if he could stuff it, he would have a stuffed ladybug...super fun!!!!!

    The ladybug ended up getting away. Charlie was now sitting down under a tree...he was tired, he looked up at the big oak tree. "Charlie likes you, Tree, Charlie wants to be your friend!" He hugged the tree, picturing it hugging him back. It was becoming Noon now, sooner or later it would be night...and Charlie wouldn't want to be out that late. For now, he just rested under the beautiful tree...his new friend.
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  5. Charlotte Pumpernickle

    Time of Day: Morning, turning to Afternoon
    Location: Blissville Park
    Activity: Exploring

    Getting out of the phone booth as Charlotte took her daily dose of Bliss, she let out a smile as she was ready to start her day. Watching and listening to Uncle Jack early in the morning always ease her and makes her not forget to take her Bliss. She knew she should have taken it first thing in the morning, but she realized that she was running low. Good thing, there's phone booths everywhere.

    She then smiled and waved at her fellow Blissians, stopping for a moment to talk to them before heading on her way. Charlotte really doesn't have any plans today so she decided that it would be nice to take a walk in the park. Upon going to her destination, she then noticed the bridge that connects to the Garden District. She always has this urge to explore and give the Sorrowfuls some Bliss but she just doesn't have the courage. Besides, she's scared that once she's on the other side, she'll become Sorrowful in an instant. Quickly picking up her pace, she then arrived at the park and saw a boy with its bear. "How cute~" Charlotte cooed, approaching the boy hugging a tree the tree. "Aww~ so adorable! He's friends with Mr. Tree!"

    Charlotte sat next to the boy, looking at his teddy bear before speaking "Hello Mr. Teddy and hello little fella." she greeted, turning her attention to the boy with a confused gaze "What are you doing with Mr. Tree? You know that's its starting to get dark, right? Sorrowfuls might be lurking around the area." she warned, giggling a little. "Should I walk you home or do you want me to stay with you in the meantime? I couldn't let Sorrowfuls take such a young boy like you~"
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  6. [​IMG]
    Time of Day: Almost Afternoon
    Location: Garden District
    Activity: Sketching in the Garden District

    It was almost noon when the young girl, Vanna Von Sleshe, had awakened from her slumber. It was a bit late to be waking up, one of the effects she hasn't shaken off since she stopped taking her Bliss. After yawning and walking about her sewer - well her home - a bit, she grabbed a pencil and tore off the blankest part of the newspaper she had from yesterday. Of course no newspaper was blank, but there were areas with less grime and less words than others. Heading to the ladder, she climbed and exited the small little sewer she called home.

    Once outside, the sun almost blinded her. Vanna liked the sun and all,but it was a huge change to go from the more gloomy-like sewers to the brightness of the day. Once her eyes adjusted, she looked up at the sun, assuming the time to be noon, if not already in the afternoon. She was close since noon would be there any minute, however she didn't know such. Moving from flower bush to flower bush, Vanna had scoped out the area her sewer was located. Empty; perfect. Stepping out into the open, she looked left and right. Which way to go? The Garden District was fun to explore and something new seemed to happen always.
    Deciding on going right, towards a burnt and destroyed house, Vanna turned on her heels. She still held her new paper piece within her left hand - the pencil in her right. As soon as she turned, she heard some Wastrel yell at her from behind. Boy did she hate it here. It's like those Wastrels sniffed you out. Looking over her shoulder, she could tell it was a woman. She was clearly in her mid-thirties and wore some raggedy clothing. Before the lady could even ask whether or not she took her Bliss, Vanna was running down the road. She turned off of it, into ta grassier area. Her heart was racing a bit, but not like it used to. Running into people was more common than ever and Vanna has even gotten her hands bloody a few times.

    Now in the clear, away from people again, Vanna squatted a little. She set the newspaper on her thigh, atop the tattered black jeans. Eyeing a flower of purple color, her right hand started to dance over the paper, drawing it to the best of her ability. Her ability wasn't lacking, either, since she was one who drew more than a little. After all, what was a Sorrowful to do all alone everyday?
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  7. [​IMG]
    Time of Day: Afternoon.
    Location: The Garden District, in the middle of the street.
    Activity: Watching Uncle Jack, while hiding in public.

    It was the afternoon, the sun was just over the horizon. Jaime always marveled at how quick time passed in this town. One minute the sun was out and the birds were singing, speaking of birds, Jaime could have sworn she heard a bird sing so beautifully. Unfortunately, Jaime was too busy rushing over to a TV parked right in the middle of the street. It was like a God on a shrine. The TV was raised up by rubble from the blown away houses, and candles surrounded the little shrine like a prayer for Uncle Jack. The shrine was also surrounded by Wastrels, all watching the TV in wonder, as if Uncle Jack, the friendly face on TVs around town, would heal their brains by telling them to take their Bliss. Since it was the afternoon, that meant that Uncle Jack was about to do his afternoon news. Which was why she was at the shrine in the first place. To watch Uncle Jack on the telly. She was VERY cautious around this shrine due to the bunch of Wastrels surrounding it, so she put on a ridiculously huge smile, watching what Uncle Jack had to say today.

    Uncle Jack's little talks ALWAYS seem to echo throughout both sides of town. Quite impressional.

    Every now and then, you hear someone talk about Sorrowfuls.
    What is a Sorrowful? Well, a Sorrowful is someone who is simply not taking their Bliss.
    This person endangers the mental health of everyone one around by bringing them down. He or she may try to join into a conversation about long ago events, or try to convince you that their life is not happy. Or even that YOUR life is not happy.

    The moment you realize you're talking to a Sorrowful, you should stop listening to them right away.
    He or she needs help! And listening to them won't help anyone.

    Try this easy test! Are you having a conversation that's bringing you down? Then one of the people who is talking to you, is a Sorrowful. Or if, none of them is a Sorrowful, and they all seem as HAPPY as can be, then YOU might be the Sorrowful. In that case, don't worry, immediately excuse yourself, and take your Bliss right away and you'll be as right as rain in no time.
    You can never be too careful!

    The moment Uncle Jack's broadcast was over, the Wastrels began to turn around. It was time for her to get out of the situation quick. With a quick turn of her heel, Jaime was out of sight and out of mind, now roaming the streets of The Garden District with an open and inspirational mind, thinking about what Jack had said during his news hour.
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  8. @Purpisoful
    Johnathan Sweets
    Time of Day: Afternoon
    Location: Garden District (Hat Shop)
    Activity: Watching Uncle Jack

    Johnathan woke with a start but his eyes were barely open before he found himself reaching again for the ragged blanket he'd been using as a pillow. Sounds seemed too bright and the morning sun to loud. His head was throbbing and his mouth felt dry. It took him a moment to realize where he was. On the floor, in a hat shop, in the garden district, but the crackle and pops of Uncle Jack's familiar voice, as presented by a television's aging speakers, seemed to ground him and in a moment he had found the will to sit up and rub the sleep from his eyes.

    "Every now and then, you hear someone talk about Sorrowfuls. What is a Sorrowful? Well, a Sorrowful is someone who is simply not taking their Bliss. This person endangers the mental health of everyone one around by bringing them down. He or she may try to join into a conversation
    about long ago events, or try to convince you that their life is not happy. Or even that YOUR life is not happy..."

    Jack continued but Johnathan had stopped listening. Was he happy? No. Not really. The hat shop floor was cold and damp, he hadn't had a proper meal since leaving Blissville and yet.... and yet sorrowful didn't seem the right word either. Johnathan was not happy, he was not sad... how could he be? He scarcely knew what that emotion was. No. Johnathan was numb, simply moving from one thing to the other. Existing... but possibly alive.

    Suddenly the quiet of the room interrupted his thoughts. "Lolly?" He said softly, noticing her blankets were empty. "Lolly are you here?" Now slightly louder. Johnathan swore under his breathe and quickly dressed. He had hoped that Lolly's wandering antics would stop with the threat of the garden district looming around her, but that didn't seem to be the case. Taking care to hide his things and plastering on his best fake smile, Johnathan headed out into the street.
    Mealanie Sweets.png
    Lolly Sweets
    Time of Day: Afternoon
    Location: Garden District
    Activity: Exploring

    Lolly had woken early. The garden district was noisy and she was hungry. She reached into Johnny's nap-sack and took out a small loaf of bread, however when she found it stale she put it back away. "Disgusting" She hissed. But she knew that her brother had not been able to do better. He was still unsteady on his feet from Bliss withdrawal, an it was difficult to steal food when you had to stop every few meters to lean against a wall. The little girl stood up quietly and milled about the hat shop. She turned a crumpled fedora in her hands, kicked a bonnet riddled with holes.

    And then she was bored again, and still hungry. Two things she absolutely hated being.

    Lolly moved towards her brother who, having slept fitfully all night, was now in a deep slumber. "Johnathan." She whispered. The boy stirred, but did not wake. "Johnathan!" She shook his shoulder. "Johnathan wake up I'm hungryyyyyyyy." She was certain that this shrill whine would wake him but obviously that was not the case. "Fine. I'll go myself."


    By early afternoon Lolly had managed to find a half box of crackers and three small peppermints. A wastrel's, surely, by the way they were hidden in a corner but she had escaped before being seen. She hid the food in her coat pockets and headed towards the park. It occured to her for a moment that Johnathan would be worried if he woke and she wasn't there, but she continued anyway. He deserved it, in a way, she thought. He hadn't woken when she had shaken him this morning and it had been his slow wits that put them in the Garden district in the first place.

    Wastrels were everywhere. A group of them crowded around a television set and others seemed to wander aimlessly, as if searching for something. Lolly became aware of a sallow faced woman in a ragged dress watching her suspiciously. Currently unnamed, the last thing Lolly needed was an encounter with a wastrel. Skipping slightly so as not to add suspicion (a strange trick but Lolly had often found it effective) Lolly moved deeper into the park and, when she was sure no one was following her, climbed deftly into a scraggly elm tree. She settled in the nook between two branches and happily began munching on her crackers in peace.

    A few minutes later she became aware of a sound. A gentle rustling below her. Lolly looked down from the tree and saw a black haired girl crouching over a piece of paper. Lolly craned her neck to see what was on the paper and discovered that the girl was not reading the black and white print but drawing on it. Drawing a flower in fact. Lolly thought about the situation. It wasn't uncommon for Blissian's to draw or paint, but it was uncommon for them to do it alone in the street. The girl did not look like a wastrel, thought it was possible. Still, it wouldn't be smart to engage but Lolly was curious.

    In the end she threw a peppermint hard at the back of the girl's head. "You ought to be more careful." She said matter-o-factly. "You didn't even see me. What if I had been a wastrel?"
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  9. @Lackadaisical

    Time of Day: Afternoon
    Location: In the streets, Garden District
    Activity: Looking for marbles while exploring

    Alicia had gotten bored of sitting in the safety of her second floor the whole morning. Grabbing her good "collecting" pouch, she decided that once it was noon, she was going to walk around and stretch her legs, while trying to find the most amazing treasure in her honest opinion: Marbles.

    For the light pink-haired girl, marbles were rare, especially when she was one of those people who have a hard time staying in one place to look thoroughly. She was hoping that with enough marbles, she could play a game with them. Or use them as ammo for a slingshot she fashioned out of some small, sturdy tree branches.

    Alicia walked towards the streets, trying her best to smile grandly at the people passing by. As much as she had walked the streets, she can never get used to the creepy aura that she gets from the people. It felt really weird, which makes smiling and faking her way around much harder. That never stopped her though.

    Eventually she made it to the next street without many problems, other than old hags staring at her with squinty eyes. She shivered slightly, and got some of her hair out of her face before seeing a shiny, blue thing. Alicia's eyes lit up and she tried to go to it as casually as possible.

    Picking up the newly found item, she placed it in her pouch before noticing something weird. Alicia watched as a guy with glasses walked away. She noticed that the smile he had on wasn't exactly... natural, or at least, as natural as it can be when on Bliss. Alicia tilted her head, but began to walk in the general direction, not being able to resist her curiosity.

    Alicia began to whistle, trying to see if she can get the guy's attention. He looked a bit frantic, seeing how his movements weren't really smooth. Or it might've just been her. She didn't know till she could figure that out though.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Johnathan Sweets
    Time of Day: Afternoon
    Location: Garden District (In the Streets)
    Activity: Looking for Lolly

    Johnathan had checked several places looking for Lolly. The sweet shop. The abandoned movie theater. But to no avail. He was growing quite worried, a new sensation to him but one he understood better than sadness or sorrow. Still, he had to admit to himself that Lolly probably could find her way around better than he could and as he thought this his step slowed a little.

    Suddenly a whistle caught his attention and despite himself Johnathan looked around. A girl with light blonde hair seemed to be the culprit. Johnathan looked her over. She certainly didn't look like a wastrel, entirely too well kept, but at the same time the way she walked, whistling as she went, could have been Blissian. But then, something about her was different. Her movements more calculated and less rigid. He watched her out of the corner of his eye for a moment before approaching cautiously. "Good afternoon!" He said in a cheery voice. If she was a wastrel, he wanted to appear Blissful. "Lovely day for a walk!"

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  11. [​IMG]

    Time of Day: Afternoon.
    Location: On the streets of The Garden District.
    Activity: Exploring without fear.

    Unfortunately, Oliver never knows how he gets up during the day. He does know how he goes to bed, though. One minute he's getting ready for bed and then the next, he's walking on the streets for whatever reason. Perhaps it was the countless times he's overdosed on Bliss to try and not get kicked out of Blissville. That hypothesis of trying to force a brain to take medication obviously didn't work for Oliver, because he was in the Garden District, roaming around with a chipper step in case any Wastrels wanted to play Good Cop, Bad Cop. While exploring, Oliver did encounter a few close calls, but it was mostly Police beating Wastrels down to a pulp. Ever since he woke up in the Garden District he has always been wondering how it got to this state. But, the rules as addressed countless of times by Uncle Jack state that talking about past events will label a person as a Sorrowful. And he didn't want to be in more trouble than he already is.
    Oliver spent the next half hour just roaming around aimlessly, questioning how many times a butterfly's wings can flutter in a minute, why there was no Bliss in the water pumps randomly placed across this side of town, and..

    What was that noise?
    Was that.. A Wastrel?

    Oliver looked around cautiously, only to find two people conversing. One was a male with glasses adorning his face, probably the one who created the voice that startled little ol' Oliver Hyfee. The other was a female, with very blonde hair. Oliver's curiosity went through the roof. Should he try to converse with them? Maybe he should, so those strangers will not think of him as a Sorrowful. Which was always a plus to survive. But then again, they could be petty Wastrels. He certainly didn't want that. Oliver's experimental demeanor started calling out, asking, almost begging him to go and converse to see what happened.

    So, with that being thought, Oliver walked right up to the two that were conversing in the marvelous afternoon, a bright smile was worn like he had fish hooks at the corner of his mouth. Creepy, but functional.
    "Hello! It's a lovely day for it!"


    Time of Day: Afternoon.
    Location: The streets of The Garden District.
    Activity: Mission: Cautiously Roaming Streets. Failed.

    The moment she turned around right after the broadcast had ended, she began to walk around aimlessly. There was nothing to do. She could always go back to her place and just listen to some Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, but what's the fun in that? Sure, their music was well done but she needed adrenaline to keep her alive. At the least, entertained.

    Then, Jaime saw something come out of a tree.
    And a girl.


    Was that woman a Wastrel? And what was that thing that came out of a tree? There were certainly no animals around BOTH sides of town. This was peculiar, and what was peculiar was always an opportunity for exploration, and whatever was explored gave off adrenaline. At least, to Jaime it did. Then, Jaime had a very sinister thought. What if she acted like a Wastrel? Well, that could be odd, because her clothes certainly didn't look it. Maybe she could act as a Blissian? No. Her clothes were too nice, but also to ragged to be both. Why not just be herself.

    Great idea.

    When Jaime was about four feet away from the girl, she noticed that she was drawing. Also peculiar. There certainly weren't any artists around the Garden District. Maybe she's a Sorrowful? Like her..---

    A noise bellowed in the distance and Jaime craned her head to see what was the commotion.
    Wastrels. Lots, and lots of Wastrels. The majority of them had a variety of weapons out, while the minority had fists to fight with. Crap.
    Jaime inhaled, making a very loud gasp sound. That was a bad idea. The gasp gave her off as someone that was not on their medication. Jaime tried to cover her noise up with a cheery greeting but it was too late.

    A mob of Wastrels were after her. And there was a complete stranger behind her. Maybe she should say something.
    "U-uhm.. You might wanna.. Watch out!"
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  12. [​IMG]
    Time: Afternoon
    Location: Garden District Streets
    Activity: Preparing for Wastrel ambush

    Vanna has finished the drawing of the flower, catching every single last detail her eye could see. Though she was too modest to admit it, she was very talented. After giving to the drawing a good inspection, something hard pelted her head. Luckily her hair was enough to soften the pelting. Was that a rock? No, those move with more momentum and would have had her bleeding.

    Rubbing her head with the hand that held the paper, she squinted and grimaced. Snapping around, still squatted, her brown gaze trailed about the road. Empty. She then looked a bit higher and caught sight of a little girl within a tree. Now standing, she put the newspaper with the drawing away. Both hands dusted her off so she looked a little more presentable.
    In this situation, a normal Sorrowful would have lectured the childish girl, but Vanna wasn't much a talker. "You're not one, though," was all she said, in a flat and dull like voice. Boy did Vanna have horrible social skills.

    Hearing someone approach, her head turned to the right to see a woman. Upon further examination, anyone could see she wasn't a Wastrel. She was dressed differently, and aside from that, her actions seemed different. After studying the woman, the next thing Vanna saw was the crowd of Wastrels coming up on the lady. Normally Vanna wouldn't interfere, but something told her to this time. Maybe her guts were changing - or maybe withdrawal was playing with her mind again.

    Walking to the lady's side, Vanna made sure to pick up a rock on the way. She clutched it tightly and hid it behind her back,now beside the woman. No words were said; she didn't even look at the lady. Using her left hand, her free hand, she made sure her blue headband was proper and that her hair wasn't dangling over her shoulder or anything.

    The Wastrels shouted several things at the two, all of their words relating to Bliss and being out of place. "You should go take you Bliss." "Why haven't you been taking your Bliss?" The questions came shooting at the two faster than someone would even be able to reply.

    Vanna's expression became blank, seeming gloomy again, although she was truly happy. A good quarrel always got her heart racing, and with the rubble pile a little ways past the tree, she had a decent amount of rocks to toss. Sadly, she left anything of fighting use at home, fists being her choice if it came down to it. Anything was better than "dying" and forgetting, though she didn't know that happened.

    @Commander Cheesecake @Lackadaisical
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  13. @Lackadaisical @Commander Cheesecake

    Time of Day: Afternoon
    Location: In the streets, Garden District
    Activity: Taking an interesting break from exploring.

    Alicia was a bit surprised that the guy had actually turned around the first time she whistled. She watched as the boy had given her a cheery response, and she quickly thought in her mind how to approach the situation and not get caught as a Sorrowful. Her eyes lit up the second she thought of a brilliant idea.

    "Good afternoon! It is indeed a lovely day for a walk, but.... You know what could be better? If I had a pencil and some paper!" She said cheerfully. "I would like to write a poem for you, since you have taken the trouble to speak with me from your walk! What do you say?"

    Alicia had hoped that if this person wasn't a Wastrel, then he could get the hints that she did by changing the tone of her voice in a different cheery type of voice for them. She was afraid that it wouldn't work though because it's been a while since she talked to anybody, really. She was rusty at this kind of plain-sight code.

    Suddenly, she saw another boy come over, unexpectedly on her part. Maybe she was too loud? Crap! Alicia smiled brightly at the newcomer and got him into the conversation. "Hello there! It is the most loveliest day today, and I'm just enjoying it with this new acquaintance that had gone so far as to get out of his way to say hello!" She said in a joyful tone, though she was getting a bit worried as to how she had gotten attention from two guys instead of the one she had wanted to talk to.

    All she could think was: Crapcrapcrap. Please make this situation not as difficult as last time!!

    "We were just conversing amongst ourselves, so what brings you here, ol' chap?" Alicia questioned, wanting to know the reason for the newcomer's sudden entrance. Not that she didn't want the company, but she found it odd. Maybe it was just her not used to watching Blissians randomly converse with each other, but she wouldn't know. It was the first time she's been in a situation just like this type.

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  14. ☼☁Time Of Day☁☼
    Just Outside Her Home

    Christina had awoken only a few hours ago to the lovely sounds of chirping birds and the occasional cheery greeting from overly boisterous Blissian's outside her home. It was around the time Christina woke up everyday, however, today she felt slightly different; more inspired and just a tiny bit rebellious.
    She propped herself out of bed, dressing in a causal garb of white, grey, and black - her preferred colours. She bounded down the stairs of her small one bedroom apartment, feeling the breeze of her open windows catch her legs, vaguely lifting the dress she had picked out only moment ago.
    She entered the separated kitchen unit which she was all too familiar with, and in moment had herself a deluxe gourmet breakfast on the near horizon.
    Her home smelt of eggs, bacon, sausage and syrup - all things that drove the multi-tone haired girl insane. Breakfast, anytime breakfast wasn't supposed to be eaten was her favourite thing; especially dinner breakfast!
    Once the girls meal had finished and found it's way to her greedy stomach, she sighed, sitting back in her chair. It was only right after she gave off a rather loud and un-lady like burp that her face contorted into a bliss-filled smile, hearing Uncle Jacks voice ring aloud on the television in the room directly behind her.
    Christina had nothing to worry about in the contents of taking her Bliss, she always did take it, regardless of sometimes wanting to know what it felt like to be off the blasted pill. She had seen many individuals - Sorrowfuls - attempt to reel their ways back into Blissville, and distort the happy ways the rest of them had. In the process, Christina had witnessed a few go through Bliss withdrawals, and it looked rather painful if the girl could say so herself.
    Sighing with a happy and full belly, Christina rose from her seat, making her way towards her little apartments back door. Before it lay a large sketch pad, and a case of pencils and coloured markers - sitting directly beside it was the frying pan she had used for eggs earlier, however Christina rejected the idea running through her mind. Why would anyone need a weapon in Blissville? It's so... peaceful and nice here!
    With a rather giddy smile on her soft and angelic face, Christina picked up her art supplies and exited out the back door to her home. She found herself moments later, perched atop a brick fence area, surrounding one of Blissville's many topiaries. She looked forward to see the front of her house, and the main street on which she lived. There were many other Blissian's walking around, and Christina merely offered the occasional smile as to not interrupt her current goal. She took in the smell of the multitudes of flowers, inspiration clouding her mind. The girl crossed her legs, placing the large sketch pad on her lap, and with vigor and unknown need, furiously started sketching everything and anything before her.
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  15. Time of Day: Late Afternoon
    Location: Under Mr. Tree-Heading Home
    Activity: Talking-Walking

    Charlie was in his own little world, not paying attention to anything around him. He felt oddly at home under Mr. Tree, he nearly fell asleep...but then an older girl came over to him. She called Mr. Sunshine, Mr. Teddy. He smiled at her, laughing a little. "No silly, his name is Mr. Sunshine...I'm Charlie, Charlie Chanselbottom." He did his signature salute with his right hand, he was quirky that way. When she started talking about Sorrowfuls, Charlie gave a shiver of fright. He hadn't realized how dark it was getting. Blissville was known to change from day to night pretty quickly. "Yes, Charlie would love for you to walk him home." He smiled at the pretty lady.

    While Charlie waited for her to walk him home, he thought about the Sorrowfuls. Charlie will never know why someone would choose to not be happy all the time. Being happy was the best thing in the world!!!!! Uncle Jack's voice echoed throughout Blissville...he was talking about them too. If he can, one day Charlie will help all the Sorrowfuls become Blissians...they ARE the best after all. "Ready?" He turned to the woman, holding his hand out for her. "Charlie can show you his collection of stuffed animals!!!!!"

    I: @DANAsaur
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  16. @Commander Cheesecake @Seihou

    Johnathan Sweets
    Time of Day: Afternoon
    Location: Garden District (Hat Shop)
    Activity: Watching Uncle Jack

    Johnathan listened to the girls words carefully, especially the way she had emphasized the word trouble. He was looking for clues as to her identity but being cautious as well. He wondered briefly if he had ever felt able to trust someone really, in Blissville he'd never thought about the issue at all.

    Then the guy showed up. As he spoke, Johnathan surveyed the new figure cautiously. Once again, his behavior seemed neither Blissian or Wastrel and yet he couldn't be sure. The girl spoke to the newcomer but Johnathan answered. "Yes! A beautiful day!" Johnathan couldn't help but thinking the day, drizzly and overcast, was anything but. "Actually, I was just looking for my sister. A little girl you see maybe..." he held out his hand "about this tall. You haven't seen her have you? I'm actually quite worried."

    Johnathan froze at his last word. An admittance of worry was definitely not Blissian in the slightest. He needed to get out of there now. "Actually, I'd best be getting off to look for her. I'm sure she's fine but..... aargh." Johnathan clutched his head in his hand. His vision had suddenly turned to a throbbing black and white and his head felt like a small creature was trying to burrow it's way out from the inside. Withdrawal, he knew, but not well timed. "Ummm.... It was..... pleasure..... goodbye." Johnathan managed a sort of half wave then staggered away from the group, concentrating on staying upright.

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  17. @Lackadaisical @Commander Cheesecake

    Time of Day: Afternoon
    Location: In the streets, Garden District
    Activity: Talking to new "friends"

    Alicia's eyes widened as she listened to the first guy tell her about his problem. Or, he accidentally did. She frowned for a split second before she silently gasped and plastered on a smile.

    "Ah, you lost your sister while playing hide and seek?" Alicia tried to say loudly to cover up his mistake of showing his negative feelings. She was trying to help him out at least. She shook her head to show that she had not seen a little girl. "I want to help you win!" Alicia chimed happily, though she really did want to help.

    Alicia wanted to see if these guys were actually like her. She felt like they were, especially since the guy with glasses had said he was worried about his sister. As much as she wanted to tell them that she's not on Bliss or a little crazy like the Wastrels, she was smart enough to at least try to hide in plain sight. Even if it did meant to talk in code, sorta.

    She stiffled a gasp as she saw the guy wince and held his head. She knew now that he wasn't a Blissian since he had shown some symptoms of withdrawal... But how to get him to gain her trust..?

    Alicia blinked several times when she saw him begin to walk away. Instantly without thinking, she ran next to him and grabbed his arm. She figured that it'll at least help cover his headache from any prying eyes. "Heeey, friend, let me join in the game!" She said cheerfully. "We can team up and win together once we find your sister!" She said, trying her best not to show any concern for the guy.

    Alicia looked at the newcomer and smiled at him. "You can come along too if you want! We can all win together, since three heads are better than one, am I right?"
  18. [​IMG]
    Time of Day: Late LATE Afternoon.
    Location: Streets of Blissville.
    Activity: Running.


    Shitshitshitshitshitshit. This was not good. Jaime had a cricket bat in her hand, which is probably why the Wastrels came to her in the first place. Wait. Was that woman talking to someone? Jaime had just enough time to look up at the tree and notice a little girl. She frowned, not even realizing that it made matters worse no matter what. Jaime stared right into the girl's eyes, looking at her with anger and fear.
    "Are you going to help us or what?"
    Sure, she was a little kid, but if she's by herself at this time of day, she could have easily been deemed independent.

    But it was too late. There were WAY too many Wastrels and all the commotion caused the Police to arrive. Jaime grabbed the girl holding the rock with a firm grip, snapping her head to the side to look at her. Jaime simply said,
    "Run and save yourself."
    Jaime didn't even wait for the girl to follow her. She just bolted out of the situation, probably leaving the two strangers to fend for themselves. That's terrible. She stopped in her tracks, only to keep shouting at the woman to follow her. At this point, Jaime knew VERY well that those two girls she met earlier were not Wastrels.
    They were one of her.
    Before long, Jaime was feeling loads of guilt for ditching the two strangers. So she went over to grab the rock holder by her arm again and holding her other arm out for the child to come out of the tree.

    "We don't have much time guys. Come on. We gotta go. Now."


    Time of Day: Late LATE Afternoon.
    Location: Streets of Blissville.
    Activity: "Joining the fun."

    Once Oliver approached the two strangers, he rolled his eyes at the girl; once again being experimental with social interactions. The girl was way too chipper for someone in the Garden District, but he absolutely loved her efforts in trying to be as happy as can be. Oliver decided to play along, putting on his very high and mighty voice instead of telling her to cut the crap. He surely wasn't THAT rude to people on their first meet.
    "Quite! What a BEAAUUTIFUL afternoon we have today. Simply magnificent."
    Oliver smiled at the two of them before the man blew his cover. Killing two Sorrowfuls with no effort. He couldn't complain, at least he felt at ease that there were in fact people like him around this side of town. The man did seem a bit worried about his sister, and the stranger started to receive some withdrawal symptoms. Fascinating. Before long, and before the girl could ask him to join along for the ride, Oliver slung his arm around the man's neck and looked at the two strangers with a lovely smile. A genuine smile.
    "Operation: Sister Absence, commence."
    Oliver didn't know if he could trust the two of them, so he decided to keep his chipper step in his back pocket, just in case.
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  19. [​IMG]
    Lolly Sweets
    Time of Day: Afternoon
    Location: Garden District
    Activity: Running from Wastrels

    "You're not one though." The girl said flatly. Lolly's smirk turned downward in annoyance. The girl hardly seemed to care that Lolly was there and that was certainly not the reaction the young girl had been going for. She made a pouting face then turned around on the branch, letting her feet swing.

    "You're no fun." But if the girl had heard her she didn't react. Instead, she was watching another woman who had stumbled upon a small pack of wastrels. "What do you think you're...."

    The girl had moved towards the wastrels but now the wastrels were moving back towards the tree. Lolly watched as the altrection seemed to grow, raising her knees and climbing higher into the branches. At one point her foot slipped and the broken branch dropped into the fray below. The second girl fended the wastrels off, then offered her hand to Lolly. "We've got to go now."

    Lolly scrambled down the tree taking the girl's hand for only a moment. Before running with the other girls, Lolly picked up the branch that had fallen to the ground. "I know somewhere we can hide!" Lolly called back to the girls and without waiting for them to reply she made for the hat shop.
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  20. S[​IMG]
    Johnathan Sweets
    Time of Day: Afternoon
    Location: Garden District (Streets)
    Activity: Walking with Oliver and Alicia

    Suddenly, the man's arm was slung around Johnathan's shoulder in a friendly, good-natured fashion, though with a bit more force than Johnathan was comfortable with. He stumbled slightly as the man walked forward but now his vision was returning to normal, even if the splitting headache hadn't left him. "Splendid." Johnathan sputtered, instantly regretting mentioning Lolly at all. "And very true. It would be a..... pleasure.... to have your... erm... help." Johnathan tripped but caught himself, dislodging the newcomers arm momentarily. Then, after second of quiet. "I'm Johnathan, by the way."
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