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  1. "Are you afraid?"

    Those were the words the unseen man in the cell she'd been thrown in had spoken to her, he had said nothing else, and she could hear nothing, see nothing, smell nothing but the usual rank stench of decay and mildew, a scent that pervaded the entirety of the Pit.

    (A general bit of ambience to give a feel and tone for the Pit)

    The Pit was, of course, one of the worst prisons in the entirety of the Empire. The Empire has no other name, for it needs no other, why do you need a name when you control most of the world? Several continents, all under it's ironfisted rule. It throws the worst of it's undesirables, or those it just wishes to punish into Blackmoor Pit, once a deep shaft mine, now exhausted it has been converted into the tightest security prison in all of the Empire.

    There is no escape, not for anyone, the surrounding territory is the hostile wasteland of Blackmoor, land that is completely undesirable, so that even should one get out, they will likely perish to the wastelands surrounding the prison.

    You are here, for reasons entirely of your own, all you know, is that you have been thrown in here, entirely innocent of what you are accused of, by those who would wish to hide their own corruption, lies, and treachery, they have disposed of you here.

    However, despite this, perhaps to assuage some of their guilt, those who have wrongly accused you have instructed that you be given a solitary cell, with protective custody, not wishing a woman to be left to the tender mercies of the other prisoners, unfortunately due to plague in the safer, upper levels, the guards have taken you down to the deepest part of the Pit, to give you to a prisoner that will make your end quick, rumors of a monster that drinks blood, here, in this cell, there is no light.

    Tossing you in, casting nervous and fearful glances at each other, the guards lock the many doors between this cell and the rest of the prison behind them, the sounds of their retreating footsteps vanish, and with that, the only sound left...

    Is the faint drip...drip...drip of water somewhere, a faint breeze of air despite how deep this is, brushing against your skin, and of course, that question...
    "Are you afraid?"


    Hello and welcome! Let me explain the premise of this roleplay in greater detail, as mentioned in the introduction above, you are playing a woman(or teenage girl) who has been thrown into the worst prison in all of the Empire, for things she stands wrongly accused of, as mentioned, to cover up the treachery and worse of others.

    Due to a twist of fate, your cell is shared with that of a very powerful vampire, his cell is the most heavily secured location in the entirety of the prison, locked behind very thick stone walls, and with a long corridor of magically reinforced, and warded doors. The guards are assuming the vampire will drink your blood and consume you.

    He does not, and waits for your response to his question, what shall it be? The answer is ultimately, irrelevant, as he will spare your character regardless, and thus will begin a relationship, first acquaintances, then friends, and perhaps more.

    The primary goal, naturally, is to escape the prison alive.


    A few ground rules to lay down

    1. There will be in case anyone wonders, NO smut whatsoever, if there is anything sexual in this roleplay, it will either be fade to black, or just be mentioned incidentally(like, say if there's a whorehouse or something else).

    2. This is very much a high fantasy roleplay, if you are not familiar with that, that means there's lots of magic and fantasy elements, if such a thing is not in your comfort zone, this may not be for you.

    3. This is a long term roleplay, but also be aware there is no limit to how quickly or slowly you post, as I can't exactly promise any degree of regularity myself, that said both of us should try to avoid allowing it to stagnate.

    4. If you're the type that offends easily, then I am likely not the partner for you, I can be brusque and curt, something I have warned people of before, but they never seem to get the memo and get pissy with me even when I meant no offense(you know who you are).

    This does not mean I dislike you, or that I mean to be rude, it's just how I am sometimes.

    5. Furthermore, in regards to rule number four, if you're not capable of talking things out in case a disagreement or whatever does come up, in a REASONABLE, and mature fashion, then again, I am likely not the partner for you.

    I think that about covers it all, I look forward to your interest!

    OH actually, one last thing!

    This isn't really a 'rule' thing, not everything in this setting or roleplay is fleshed out, so we'll have to brainstorm things together, I really don't want to come up with all the ideas by myself.​
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  2. Hi Hunter. I'm fascinated by this idea. It's right up my alley. I'm new to the community but not new to role play. I've done a few and am looking to do more. I haven't completed my profile yet but feel free to check it out. Hope we can work together on this.
  3. Hey! If you wanted to try this out with more than one partner to branch out in more directions, I love the idea. I'm fairly new as well, but I'm eager to try things out. I hope we get to create a story together.
  4. Still looking for partners
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