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    1789 Days Without Work Injury


    It was another night at Beta-Lab. The environmental lighting dimmed at it's usual time which signified the changing time. At first it was a very cool feature, but over time became redundant and even a little bit despairing. It made most workers feel homesick, and eager to complete their time at Beta-Lab. There were ways to treat the homesick feeling. It was called Hyperbindron, and it came in a very neat little pill pen for easy use.

    Even though it was technically night in Beta-Lab, that didn't stop most people from working. Everyone was assigned a certain schedule for hours they could sleep. If you got more sleep, chances were you were less important to the the higher ups, but who could say no to 13 hours of uninterrupted sleep? You and 300 other workers were assigned to ST1. Sleep time one. During those times you were asked politely to head down to the Civilian sector to get some rest and relaxation. Which is where you all began. More specifically, you were all in the Quarters department in your rooms, or in your office.

    The Quarters was a very open space. The ceiling was high, and the pathways to different blocks of rooms were very wide. Holotech water fountains, plants, and billboards lit up most of the walkways with their digital glow. The newly installed Sensetech made it possible to smell the plants, and hear the trickle of the virtual water. Some benches sat on the side of the walkway for people to sit by and admire the spectacles.

    But like most 'incredible' Beta-Lab breakthroughs, it seemed to get boring after a while. Assuredly the newest, greatest gadget would burst through the doors in not time.


    The PA system announced with the same automated female voice. Even it sounded like it was tired. About an hour into the ST1, the chatter of people in their rooms and the walking of people outside soon silenced, and it was relatively silent in the Quarters. A couple hours passed, and then the clock hit 2:17 AM.

    You were disrupted from your sound sleep by the sound of the emergency alarm.

    Not too long after that, the power in your room failed along with the lights outside in the walkways. Even the alarm system silenced, and you were left alone in the eerie dark.

    The red emergency lights slowly turned on in your room, barely illuminating anything. You could hear people in the rooms close by talking, and you could also hear metallic doors sliding open. At first, it was just quiet talking. People grumbling about the power being out, and how it'd never happen before. A second passes, and a loud scream shattered the mumbling. More screams and shouts followed, and before you knew it, chaos seemed to be right outside your door.

    "Oh shit! Betas!" A man yelled. It sounded stressed, almost like something grappling him.

    "Get out of here! Beth-" Another man screamed. Though something silenced it prematurely.

    In the midst of the struggle outside, the PA system seemed to turn on for a second, but you only heard a static crackle emit from the speakers in your room. The noise outside got louder, and eventually you couldn't hear the PA at all.

    This is where you began.

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  2. The alarm blared briefly, shocking Merrick into an awakened state. His REM sleep had just begun as the alarm thrust him out of it. After suffering from a few moments of sleep paralysis he sits up sluggishly on to his elbows, the thin sheets of his bed covering him from the waist down. The room was lit barely by a dim, red light and it was impossible to see anything in his immediate area. Muscle memory guided him towards his headset as it sat docked on top of a stainless steel nightstand next to his bed. The loss of power in the facility interrupted it's charging state and it had powered on ready for use, casting a faint blue light around it. Merrick placed it over his head and the usual readings displayed in front of his eyes. His pulse was a little fluctuated but surely because of the sudden awakening.

    A piercing screaming emits through the door on the other side of the room, accompanied by additional shouts of frenzy and alarm. Merrick throws the sheets off of him and puts his feet to the floor. The floor is freezing as the automated temperature control has no power and he scavenges for his clothes. He stumbles across the room to a medium-sized locker and inputs the password to open it. Inside are his work related belongings and his usual outfit. He shrugs off his assigned sleep-time clothing and puts on the clothes from the locker,taking along his work-related items that he always keeps on his person.

    Outside of the room the crashing of objects and bodies can be heard. He runs his finger along his computer and plunges the switch just to make sure. Of course, no power. He shudders violently and walks toward the entrance of his room. Against both his better judgement and his crushing Hyperbindron induced migraine, he slams the button to open the door.
  3. Josh grunts as he jolts up in his bed hitting his head on the metal shelf above his bed. "Fucking shit that hurts." He says holding his head realizing that the alarms where blaring, realizing that this had never happened before he jolts up getting dressed quickly. He grabs his key opening his locker which held his gear, chances were a few beta's had escaped and it was his job to catch them again. Unfolding his rifle he loads his shots into it and grabs the rest of his gear slipping on his normal uniform. He rushes out the door grabbing his key card as he looks around.
  4. Standing up and letting a quiet string of expletives that shall not be repeated here, John gathers up his courage, and possessions, and makes for the door, listening to make sure nothing was outside, his breathing picking up as he thought about the risk of crowding from the people evacuating, then he remembers his life is in danger, he lets out a heavy sigh before opening the door and darting down the corridor, toward the lifts
    "The betas escaped...Damn it"
  5. Merrick slams his hand against the automated door switch again, to no avail. The door is unresponsive, it doesn't budge in slightest.
    "I suppose the power really is out, how is this possible?" Merrick thought to himself.
    Reaching his fingers into the small space between the door and the wall he grunts and attempts to pull the door open. It moves slightly, the sound of grating metal comes from the floor as the door scraps against it. There is a small opening now giving a slight view into the hallway outside of his room. Merrick peers out for a moment and strains to see anything he could against the dim emergency lights.

    The wall perpendicular to his room was splashed with a deep,red liquid. Muted, shadowy silhouettes lay strewn across the hallway floor, the bodies of some of the neighboring workers. One of them, laying on the ground in pain, snaps his head around to look towards Merrick's room, alerted from the scraping noise. It is a male manufacturing worker, his uniform ripped open in the front revealing a large gash from which blood was seeping out. His eyes went wide as he tried to mouth something to Merrick. No sound escapes his mouth, he reaches up with his right arm towards Merrick's room.

    Merrick moans and spins around, slamming his back to the door. He slides down to the floor and puts his head on his knees. The sound of people yelling outside and running past his door can be heard.
    "What could have happened?..Only a few hours ago everything was fine. I bet is was the damn security slacking off again, god fucking damn it."

    A male voice is heard yelling through the slit in the door frame.
    "Hey! If there is someone in here hurry the fuck up and grab the other side of the door so we can get you loose." the Man yelled "We only have a short time before they get back here, they seemed to have traveled to other sectors for now."

    Merrick looked towards the voice and slowly rose to his feet holding his head. Peeking out he sees the source of the voice and gives a slight nod. Bracing himself against the wall he gets his fingers in the crevice again and then counts off to three. They both pull and the door gives up, groaning and shooting up sparks from both the top and bottom. Merrick squeezes through the opening and turns to shake the workers hand in gratitude. The guy grabs Merrick's hand and gives it a quick shake before slapping him on the back and running down the hall.

    "Better start moving before those fuckers get back here. I doubt security can do anything at this point." he yells back to Merrick before disappearing down another hallway.

    Merrick looked around at the absolute chaos in the hallway. The red emergency lights only serve to make it look more like the hell it is.
  6. Collin awoke sitting up quickly, his heart seem to skip a beat but he knew what he had to do. He got up and with a slight limp from the one fake leg he walked to the door punching the button with his fist. The door didn't seem to open he sighed softly then examined the door knowing how it worked he walked over to his desk picking up a pair of pliers then walked back over to the door.

    He followed the wires to a place he could reach they were coated all nicely but with a matter of seconds Collen stripped the coating and pried them slightly off the wall. With one quick snip of a red wire the door popped open he put the pliers in his pocket whispering to his self

    "Might need those tonight." He walked out of the room into the busy hallway he looked around seeing Merrick he walked over. "Come on we'd better get out of here." Collin said over the noise.
  7. [Nick]

    The power to your door seemingly worked, and you stepped out into the chaotic hallways. After clipping your key card to your belt, you scanned the hallways for the Betas. Blood was splattered on the wall, and you could see a few limbs lying about. A few bodies were crumpled on the ground in pools of blood. No mystery what happened to them.

    Chompers were most likely. From your debriefing on the failed experiment, you learned that those bastards could sever a whole limb in one bite. In once specific case, the Chomper was able to bite the neck and decapitate a lab assitant. They were quick, dangerous, and deathly pale. They made it clear that these were not 'real human' test subjects, but artificial humans. With the things you knew about Beta-Lab, that was probably a load of crap.

    Despite the poor lighting in the hall, you spotted a man down the hall helping another person out of their room. The doors didn't seem to budge. Power must've be cut out during the alarm. Fortunately your room door had it's very own back up generator in case this were to ever happen. Beta-Lab was mostly on top of things.

    After helping the man get out of his room, he took off down the hallway. A woman also got out of her room... Perhaps they knew where the Chompers were, because they sure weren't here.


    Your door slid open, and you booked it down the hallway and didn't pay attention to anything. Blocking out the chaos around you, you pushed people out of your way and jumped over fallen bodies. Down the hall, the path turned left. Leading to some elevators. You tried to ignore the puddles of blood on the ground and walls, and you did your best not to trip over legs.

    You turned that corner with immense speed, but nearly toppled over when you saw what was down the hall. A group of people were running straight for the elevators, but they were being tagged along by something.

    A woman, lab assistant or something, tripped over her high heels, and the papers in her hand went flying up into the air. She reached out her arms for someone to grab her, but everyone simply moved around her and denied her help.

    Running after the was a pale, humanoid thing. Within a second, it jumped on top of the helpless girl. Though it was a distance away, you could hear the woman shouting for help, and yelling at the others. The monster grabbed one of her arms, and pulled it dangerously close to it's face. The group ahead of them made it to the elevators, and they started slamming on the door.

    The creature examined the flailing appendage, and then bit right into it. You saw the girl's hand plop to the ground. Liquid sprayed from the wound and the woman wailed in agony.

    "AH, HELP ME!!! D-DON'T LEAVE ME!" She cried out as she tried to kick away from the monster on top of her. The monster spat out the chunk of flesh and turned it's head around. Even from all the way down the hall, you could see the monster's black eyes stare at you. It stood up slowly, and the girl pulled her bleeding hand to her gut.

    After a moment of staring you down, the monster started running after you! As a lab assistant, no one ever told you about this kind of shit! You knew there were some freaky monsters, but lab assistants hardly ever got a piece of the action when it came to knowing what the monsters were!

    [Collin & Merrick]

    Down the hall, you both heard a woman shouting for help. Though you weren't sure what she was exactly saying. You both turned your heads in that direction, and saw the Beta-Containment officer standing in the hall. In his hand was a Stun Rifle! You'd never seen one get unfolded before. There was never a need to use it! It pulsed blue, and you could tell the gun was fully loaded.

    Some people brushed past you as they ran down the hall.

    "We have to get to the Cafeteria! I heard that's where Joey and Ryan are!" A woman said as she pulled her friend along. The friend was unresponsive, and she was limping with her step.

    The room door to your left flew upward, and someone stepped out from the dark room. Her face looked calm as she stared at you both. "What's going on?" She said with a very serious look. Her eyes looked around at the bloodied limbs and papers on the ground. The girl pulled her silver hair behind her ear. It looked silver in the lighting, anyways.
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  8. It took less than ten seconds for Fatima to shoot straight up in her bed and start fumbling around for her shoes and equipment. It was quite fortunate that she was a light sleeper or she would have died without knowing what the hell was going on. As she grabbed her key card, cryoclamp, and tazer, she halted for a moment to listen to what people were yelling out in the hallway. Her right eyebrow curved upwards slowly and she pursed her lips.

    So the betas were loose? She could only wonder who's fault that was. But she didn't have time to dwell on that fact for long. She needed to get out there and intercept the containment officer before he screwed something up. She had poured the majority of her life into those betas and she was not about to let her hardwork be destroyed by some glorified security guard.

    Gripping her tazer in her hand, she started toward the door.
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  9. [Fatima]

    You pressed your ear to the cold iron door...

    "We have to get to the Cafeteria! I heard that's where Joey and Ryan are!" A woman said, not too far away either. You could hear their footsteps pass right by your room. It was then silent for a moment, but it was only a moment before more screams came from down the hall.

    The sound of a door sliding open grabbed your attention.

    "What's going on?" A voice said. It captured your interest. Despite the struggle going on, it sounded so calm and acepting. Like she already knew. You pressed your door button, and it slid right up. You saw two people standing by some doors that seemed to have been pried open. Infront of them was the other voice.

    Strange, you'd never seen her before... You could've sworn someone else lived there. You didn't let it phase you for too long, instead you diverted your attention to the mess around. Pools of blood, severed limbs, fallen bodies. You thought you saw a leg twitch.

    Your Chompers were at work. You were sure of it.

    Then, you caught sight of the Beta-Containment officer. Right out side of his door. It was very fortunate that he lived two doors down.

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  10. "Fuck" John thinks for an instant, before acting on instinct and rushing at the beta, aiming to tackle the beat in the stomach, letting out a cry of anger
    Hopefully it'll back down...hopefully
  11. Josh steels his resolve a part of him...almost giddy. The betas had never broken out before it was all so exciting. He begins to head in the direction that the people he helped ran in at a brisk but steady pace. He kept his eyes out for chompers hoping to subdue a few to minimize the damage. The hall did make him a bit sick however, he had seen similar horrors in bombings and attacks while he was in the army but he knew a lot of these people....rage began to boil in him as he continued down the hall expertly keeping his weapon trained forward and scanning for Chompers.
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  12. "The betas are loose we need to get out of here." Collin said calm and collected he looked at the two then around watching the man with the stun gun, that's when he realized it was bad. He ran back into his room more like fast walking since his limp slowed him. He knew every system up and down like the back of his hand he took out another tool from his desk and attempted to get a vent hatch opened once it popped loose he peaked back into the hall waving for the girl and boy to follow. "Come on follow me I know a quicker way out... and safer." he said over the loud sounds that echoed throughout the hall.
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  13. [John][7] VS [9 + 1][Chomper] - You darted down the hall and headed straight for the Chomper. It didn't seem to back away, infact it seemed to be even more eagar to bite your limbs off. As you got closer, it bared it's hands and you could see bone sticking out through the finger tips. In no time, you were about 10 feet away and at the last second you tried to dodge it. The Beta lunged, and it swiped at your chest. You heard your lab coat rip as the boney claws ripped through your flesh. Warm blood trickled from the wound, and you could tell this wasn't good.

    You fell over to the side and rolled over on the ground. The new cut already ached and blood drenched your clothing. You lifted your gaze to the Chomper. It slowed down and turned around. It's eyes stared at you. You felt like pray in the eyes of the Beta. Horror filled you as the Chomper unhinged it's jaw, and you watched as it drooped down all the way to the thin monster's collar bone. The mouth seemed almost like a black hole. Silver, sharp teeth lined the top of the mouth, and you could clearly see blood coating them even in the red lighting.

    It stepped forward slowly and brandished its claws.

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  14. The thought of the unfamiliar yet oh so familiar woman was pushed to the back of her mind when she saw the containment officer start moving. Unfortunately his pace was a lot quicker than hers and so she had to push herself so that she could at least keep him in sight. The bodies lining the hallway didn't faze her psychologically but the heavy metallic smell of copious amounts of blood did. She felt bile rise in her throat but she pushed it back down. She couldn't afford to falter now or she'd lose sight of the officer. She hoped that she wouldn't have to taze him, after all the thing was really meant for betas and other far from human threats. Even though the guy was a threat to her work, he would prove useful in the long run, if this crisis wasn't averted. Fatima knew she wasn't the most athletic or physically resourceful woman in the world, and she would need an attack dog on her side.

    With a final burst of energy, Fatima managed to catch up to the containment officer. Placing her hand on his shoulder and leaning backward a bit so if he got startled he wouldn't pistol whip her in the face or something of the like.

    Foregoing pleasantries and reassurances, the scientist got right down to it. "Officer, when you see one of the betas, what exactly do you plan to do?"
  15. Nick was a bit startled by the hand grabbing his shoulder if only because it broke his daydreaming, he spins around quickly pointing the weapon at the woman for a moment before lowering it. "I'll give you some free advice, dont sneak up on the guy with a gun." Nick stares at her for some time as she speaks thinking a bit. The few screams from the halls didnt even seem to phase him. He was calm and cool it was almost scary. "Well if I'm being honest I'd probably just try to shoot it with a stun round, that should keep it down for a good long time enough for another member to come in and recapture it. If worst comes to worst I can always lock them in rooms." He says still looking at her almost kind of annoyed.
  16. [Collin]

    The mysterious woman stepped into your room as you finished undoing the vent frame. "Perhaps you should let me go first. I think I could get us to the Cafeteria with no problem. Unless you know the vents better than I." She leaned against the frame. It was so... casual. Which came off a bit odd. The girl didn't even seem phased by the fact she was standing in a small puddle of blood. No, instead she pushed her hair to the side, and looked at you for your response.
  17. Ignoring his tidbit, Fatima grinned wide. "Oh lovely, now here's a bit of my own advice, aim for the spinal cord. A good shock to that area might put them in a state of paralysis. Well, except for the Contorts, their spines are pretty much disconnected. I suppose hitting them with something heavy might bring them down for a little while before they squeeze underneath the obstruction." She brought a finger to her lips and tapped them softly, thinking of any other harmless advice she could give the man.

    She briefly wondered if that...thing, had been released as well. Even though she always wondered what it would do in a scenario such as this, she dreaded the fact that it could be on the loose. The research on that one was still ongoing and at the moment Fatima didn't know of any weaknesses that it had.

    Oh well. The woman thought. One step at a time, I suppose.

    "Well in all of this panic and chaos I can't think of any other weaknesses at the moment, but allow me to tag along, and I'll provide you with all of my knowledge on the Betas." She said, with a smile.
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  18. He turned his head and looked over at the male who emerged from the nearby room. The man beckoned him to follow and then made his way back into the room he first came from. Another worker was nearby now, one unfamiliar to Merrick. A girl he has never seen before yet she came from a room that was close to his. His eyes followed her and she followed the male back into his room, probably capitalizing on the offer he gave when he first appeared. Merrick walked slowly over to the opening of the guy's room, carefully stepping over the bits of bodies that littered the hallway. He grimaced at the foul smell of decay and placed his arm up to his nose. He looked into the room and noticed the male working on a vent hatch with a pair of pliers. He seemed quite capable and soon after the hatch popped off, revealing a means of escape. The unknown female talked low and calm, directing the male slightly.

    "I don't know if you two had heard but we were advised to head towards the cafeteria. I'm not too trusting of the security so I'd really like to be able to travel if you two, if that's alright."

    Merrick made way into the room and stood a few feet away from them waiting for a response. A few mingled sounds could be heard out in the hallway but there seemed to be more controlled instances than all out chaos at this point.

    "The Betas are all a mystery to me really, I deal with robotics and the most of see of the Betas are the subdued ones being transported between sectors." Merrick laughed shyly and looked away. "Well to be honest, they actually really scare me"
  19. Collin stared at the girl "I know theses vents like the back of my hand it's part if what I do. My names Collin I'm an engineer." then looked at the boy with an encougraging smile "Of course you can, I'll go first and for the love of god keep quiet if one of those... Things gets in there with us then we're screwed." he got out his bed and climbed into the vent turning to help the two up.
  20. "Sounds like a plan, just stay behind me. Let me know if I'm missing any telltale signs of a beta." He spins around and continues his brisk pace...though it seems to have slowed to let her keep up with her. He keeps heading the direction he was going his weapon held up and trained, he had shot his rifle at the range frequently but had never actually used it in a real incident.
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