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    • Hello and welcome! This is a rwby role play, which may or may not turn out to be like the show itself. Personally, I want to see more areas in the school and around town, along with a wide range of characters. But to do that, requires the imagination of YOU! Feel free to create your character as you please. Keep close to the rules of the original show please, but I don't intend for the original characters to exist in it please be sure respect the other players. I may create an ooc it needed, but after this post, what needs to be said should be ((like this, in parenthesis)). I will leave the role play open to all skill levels as of now, and I hope that this will be fun for all of us RWBY fans!

      I will put my characters below and a character sheet if needed. It isn't mandatory and I'm not even going to fill some of the categories. The next poster is allowed to start us off in the story.

      Personality Description:
      Physical description:
      Weapon description:
      Human or what?:

      Name: Nata Green
      Grade/age: 16
      Personality Description: a more curious person. She loves talking to people and learning about all sorts of cultures. She's more open than she looks.
      Physical description: Nata Green
      Weapon description: a vine-like whip with leaves and everything. It has two buttons on the side: one operates the handle, which turns it into a gun. The other one sets off rockets that are on the back of her converse and they also have the old wheelies wheels on them.
      Human or what?: human

      Name: Yuki Trip
      Grade/age: 16
      Personality Description: a goof, very stubborn. She can be zen sometimes.
      Physical description: http://katrinaiceheart.deviantart.com/art/Yuki-that-s-her-name-Yuki-552530114?q=gallery:KatrinaIceheart/46737304&qo=14
      Weapon description: it looks like a ninja star. Also can be a pistol.
      Human or what?: human

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  1. Please, feel free to start off the rp next person :)
  2. Me and my friend might want to. What would the name of our team be if we joined?
  3. Yes is there an age limit
  4. I'm not totally sure. I normally tend to do names on the fly. The character i have, her name starts with an N. I think anyone can team with anyone else as they come in. They could also pre-plan names and have others join. I will leave the name up to you :)

    and pardon, age limit? :3
  5. I believe she means for the character. So the team name doesn't have to corespond with the name of its members? Ok. I will make my characters I will make two so we have a four person team. Unless you want to use your other character.
  6. Nah, it's cool. the other character is still in the works the and isn't totally ready to be used yet.
  7. OK I will get a character up tomorrow then.
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  8. Name: Ebony Gallheart
    Grade/age: 15, First Year
    Personality Description: Ebony is a timid shy girl with little confidence. She speaks in matters and has a hard time making friends. Despite this she is a good fighter, having mastered her semblance of Raw Dust Manipulation. She is kind but can be very clumsy when nervous
    Physical description: Ebony has a short stature about 5.5 and short curly dirty blonde hair. She has small breasts and soft, cute facial features topped with a pair of cat ears on top of her head. Ebony also has a cat tail.
    Weapon description: Orchid Clever
    Human or what?: Faunus
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