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  1. Hello and welcome! This is a rwby role play, which may or may not turn out to be like the show itself. Personally, I want to see more areas in the school and around town, along with a wide range of characters. But to do that, requires the imagination of YOU! Feel free to create your character as you please. Keep close to the rules of the original show please, but I don't intend for the original characters to exist in it please be sure respect the other players. I may create an ooc it needed, but after this post, what needs to be said should be ((like this, in parenthesis)). I will leave the role play open to all skill levels as of now, and I hope that this will be fun for all of us RWBY fans!

    I will put my characters below and a character sheet if needed. It isn't mandatory and I'm not even going to fill some of the categories. The next poster is allowed to start us off in the story.

    Personality Description:
    Physical description:
    Weapon description:
    Human or what?:

    Name: Nata Green
    Grade/age: 16
    Personality Description: a more curious person. She loves talking to people and learning about all sorts of cultures. She's more open than she looks.
    Physical description: http://katrinaiceheart.deviantart.com/art/Nata-Green-557486160
    Weapon description: a vine-like whip with leaves and everything. It has two buttons on the side: one operates the handle, which turns it into a gun. The other one sets off rockets that are on the back of her converse and they also have the old wheelies wheels on them.
    Human or what?: human

    Name: Yuki Trip
    Grade/age: 16
    Personality Description: a goof, very stubborn. She can be zen sometimes.
    Physical description: http://katrinaiceheart.deviantart.com/art/Yuki-that-s-her-name-Yuki-552530114?q=gallery:KatrinaIceheart/46737304&qo=14
    Weapon description: it looks like a ninja star. Also can be a pistol.
    Human or what?: human
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  2. Name: Jett
    Age: 18
    Appearance: http://orig04.deviantart.net/237a/f/2013/268/5/f/seb_gruen__rwby_oc__by_i_am_homestuck-d6nu72f.png
    Weapon: Pocket Jets, or PJs as he calls them, are two mini jet engines the size of his forearm. They strap to his forearms with the exhaust facing forwards. When ignited, the engines blast a straight six foot stream of fire and air that burn and blow enemies away. He can also use them to fly.
    Home: Vale
    (Figured I'd just cover the basics.)

    Jett read through a book in the study hall. He had a research assignment on past hunters and their impact on the region. Soo boooring. Why read about it when he could be out there doing it. But grades are grades so he continued reading.
  3. Name: Elina Mikore
    Grade/age: Age:17 Grade: Just starting up in the school.
    Personality Description: She's quite mysterious, only talking when necessary. This doesn't mean she doesn't show hints of her personality now and again, usually when someone's in trouble, she'll take on a worried gaze from the shadows, reaching out as if to help them. Perhaps when she gets friends or a team she'll be a bit more... Open.
    Physical description: Elina has short, red hair with twin dragon horns curling off the top of her head. Her eyes are a deep orange, almost fire-like with their intensity. She wears a white tailcoat with white pants and shoes, and commonly has a hood over her head, hiding her dragonic features. She also has a dragon tail, but she usually keeps it curled around her waist under her clothes.
    Weapon description: She uses a large broadsword that splits down the middle to make a bow, the ribbon around the hilt making the line. She tends to carry arrows with has at all times, hidden in her sleeves or in her tailcoat in general.
    Human or what?: She is a Dragon Faunus.
    Home: She now resides in Beacon (I had to do a double take writing that word, it looks so much like bacon XD), but no one knows where she lived before.
    History: No one knows anything even remotely involving history about her, however... It is clear she has had a dark past.

    Elina gazed around herself calmly, her arms crossed as she leaned against a wall. It was a beautiful day, and she longed to go outside. It was study time, however, and going outside would not do. She decided to go check the library. Maybe she would take out a book from the fiction section, she'd always fancied that kind of stuff. Most of that involved dragons for her, she was interested in them. She decided this to be the best immediate course of action and began to work her way upstairs, towards the school library.
  4. Nata walked out of the fiction shelves, books up to her chin. She wore a big smile on her face, as if she had just won the lottery. The books she carried were mostly fiction with the main characters being fauneses and saving the world. It seemed like an odd thing, but those books seemed to be getting popular, with many humans accepting fauneses as equals as it should be. It made the field seem equal for both.
    She went up to the check-out, getting odd looks from onlookers and the librarian looked distressed

    Yuki had walked into the Library, coming from the courtyard. She had a calm, peaceful look upon her face, as she had just come from a yoga group she created. She laid her bag on a table and sat in a chair. She relaxed, but it was a little too much. She had fallen asleep.
  5. Elina stepped into the library and was drawn by the gazes of the onlookers towards the girl taking out books. She cleared her throat a bit, making them look at her instead, and walked over to the fiction section, making sure to stay relatively in sight. She was fine with people staring, but when they were giving weird looks to other people in the school... She liked putting a stop to that. She lifted one finger and skimmed the spines of the books, taking out any that have anything to do with dragons. I start piling them up in one arm, keeping an eye on Nata.
  6. "Do you need... help... with that?" The librarian said pausing between words to try to comprehend the pile of books.
    "No, I think I've got this..." Nata said, lifting a few of the already checked out books into her arms. She struggled for a second, trying to pile the books up by herself. Eventually the librarian just set the books on top of the pile so they didn't end up on the floor as quickly.
    When the process was finished, Nata thanked the librarian and went to Yuki's table. Nata had met her briefly before, and hoped Yuki didn't mind her intrusion. She sat the books down, which made a particularly loud "thud". This time, however, everyone knew what was going on and didn't try to find the noise. Nata smiled, looking forward to all the reading.
    Then she looked around, noticing a girl looking at her back in the shelves. Looked like a fauness. Nata waved to her and took a seat at the four person table, right in front of Yuki.
    Yuki snored away, and the librarian was prepared to kick her out of the Library.
  7. After a brief moment of hesitation Elina waved back. She only took out a total of 5-6 books, which was enough to last her a while before she memorized their information. She walked up to the desk, now trying to make herself unnoticable as she passed the books to the librarian. Elina gave her her card without saying anything, and she checked them out for Elina. She nodded to the librarian in thanks, picking up her now checked out books and looking around for a place to sit. The library was extraordinarily busy today, which confused her.
  8. Yuki was having a dream. It was all about the teams that were to be chosen for the freshmen. She was running, deep into a thick forest. Suddenly, she came face to face with her childhood enemy. Slowly, he morphed into a creature of grimm. Yuki freaked out, but in the dream, she was stuck. In the real world however, she would jerk awkwardly occasionally and mutter something along the lines of "no! Not that meanie!"

    Nata became slightly concerned. She shook Yuki a bit to wake her up. Yuri lifted her head but looked like she was still asleep.
    "Worried about the teams?" Nata asked and Yuki nodded her head.
    "Dont worry, from what I've heard it's not that bad." She smiled.
    Nata looked over her shoulder and saw the fauness who was looking at her earlier was searching for a place. Nata made a waving "come here" motion. She was offering a seat.
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  9. (You went from yuki to yuri, back to yuki, back to yuri, then to yuku XD)

    Elina's ears twitched under her hood as she spotted Nata waving her over. She took small steps towards the table, sitting down a bit awkwardly. She placed her books on the table in front of her and glanced sideways at the other two. She gave them a small wave, obviously not the most talkative.
  10. ((Its the stupid spell check on my kindle. It does this to me all the time! XD I fixed it though (i hope).))

    Nata waved back. It sort of looked like the girl didn't really want to talk. Nata wanted to talk, but if she couldn't start a discussion, she'd leave the girl be.
    She reached into the middle of the pile of books, quickly retracting the book she wanted so the pile didn't fall ('like a huge pile of Jenga!" She thought). She opened it and started to read, making the cover obvious for the girl to see. Nata hoped this might spark a conversation.

    Yuki let her head lower to the table, making a dull thud sound. She went back to her log-sawing.
  11. (Autocorrect on the log-sawing? I'm gonna read that as leg-swinging unless specified otherwise :P)

    Elina's eyes travel across towards the book Nata holds, picking up her own book.
    "Faunas, hm?" She says, her voice gentle and almost quiet, seeming more like a distant voice in a dream than anything.
  12. ((Log sawing is an old term for sleeping. I guess a few of my terms are old fashioned. But she probably would be subconsciously swinging her leg in her sleep. She'd be that type XD))

    "Yeah!" Nata said, but then realized she was in the library, and lowered her voice. "I find some of the better stories tend to be told by them and characters like that. That one is REALLY good." She mellowed a bit. "You... don't have a problem with them, do you?" She said. Sometimes fauness would object to some fauness books written by humans or just books about fauness in general. They were afraid the book would give an incorrect impression of them.
  13. (Ah ok, sorry about that XD)

    Elina shakes her head lightly.
    "No, I don't have a problem with them at all." She says, looking back to her book. She was enjoying the small talk, for once. It had been a while since she had been able to keep up anything even remotely seeming like a conversation with someone her age.
  14. ((Is fine XD)
    "Okay." Nata said, brightening back up. She took the books she had on her pile and started making smaller piles with them. At first, it didn't seem like there was a method to her piling. She inspected each book, deep in thought. she was organizing them by how much she wanted to read them. There was a whole spectrum of books.
    "Sooooo.... are you new here this year? I am."
  15. "Yeah, it's my first year." Elina answered, flipping through her books quickly. She divided them in two piles, one for a more casual read and the other for a heavier read with more information.
  16. "Ah. Are you prepared to find out who your teams are? My older sibling went through this process a while ago. Though I think there's more studying than there has been in previous years. Probably the teachers wanting us to come in with some knowledge beforehand." Nata said.
    To her, Elina seemed to know what she wanted, only having two piles of books. Nata's opinions tended to waver on occasion and she sees all sides of something. She understands why people don't like faunesses and why that is really close-minded. She sees most points of view others see in an argument. To some, it seemed like she couldn't make a commitment to anything.
    She put her books up back in order into a large pile and left it on this table.
  17. "I suppose so. I guess... It's kind of exciting." Elina admits, watching her pile her books up. "I only hope they're good people." She could tell Nata was a good person already, and very open-minded. It made her happy, knowing there were people like that here.
  18. "I'm sort of looking forward to it. I too am hoping that most of these people are good." Nata said, and took a moment to stretch out. She hadn't done any physical activity that day other than carrying the books. Even if she didn't like it, she had made a promise to her mom to run everyday.
    "I'm probably gonna try to run for a bit after I take these back to the temporary dorm they've had for a while." Apparently there was some sort of issue, causing the creation of teams to be pushed back to a further date, along with some slight renovation in the real dorms, keeping the new students in the makeshift dorm.
    "You can come with if you want." Nata offered.
  19. Elina considered this proposal for a moment. She decided to go along with it, since it was the prime time to make this girl her friend.
    "Sure thing." She says, picking up her books, one stack in each hand. "I haven't been to the temporary dorms yet anyways, so it'll be good to know where they are." She said, giving a small nod.
  20. Nata picked up her books with both hands on the bottom and her chin balancing the top. She passed Yuki, poking her face to wake her up. Nata lead Elina out of the Library, made a right-hand turn down the hall, and went past the lecture halls, to the center of the school. Now, in front of them was the common room to the dorms that was just a temporary dorm for everyone until they got teams.
    Nata lead Elina to her sleeping bag, which was in the far corner of her room by a window. she placed the books beside her pillow. She had other items strewn about her placement. It was a bit disorganized. But she had two duffle bags and a suitcase. Each looked over-packed.
    "This is where I've been in here. I can't wait to finally get to the dorms. Ill finally have a real bed!" She exclaimed.
    "Alright, so now, we have to find our way to the exit. The Gardens are an excellent place for exercise from what I've heard."
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