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Welcome to ★Avalon Academy★: An OC fandom (Anime/Cartoon/Manga/TV Show) RP. (OC'S NEEDED!!)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Violette, Aug 29, 2014.

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    Welcome to Avalon Academy. A school full if Talent, Enchantment, Battle, Romance, Friendship, Learning, Betrayal, possibly Horror, and Drama.

    The idea of Avalon is that your OC's from your favorite fandom (or fandom's) is in a highschool. Avalon is like any other sort of high school, filled with Drama, Sexuality, Abusive Relationships, Relationships, Friendship. The whole thing.


    ★The main Idea is bringing your OC from your favorite Fandom here. So tell us about them!
    ★No characters from the Fandom(s) are allowed please. However, the character can be similar to the character, but make them (OC) Unique!
    ★Your OC cannot be related to the character in the fandom your OC is in.
    ★The Writing doesn't have to be super detailed. But I prefer everyone have good grammar and spelling. **The RP is also in 3rd Person, so please be aware of that.

    How to submit:

    Character they are based off of (if they are based off one.:
    Body type:
    Class they are in:
    Do they have powers?:
    Type of Highschool Stereotype?:
    History about the Character:
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  2. Uum what happens if a character is equal in power to a god?
  3. For anything that's not just one of those actual godlike level normal cases, the no gary/mary bit covers it. Of course, the real godlike cases are a little less mainstream mostly. Before anyone says it, if it is shounen, it is almost never godlike. If it is popular shounen, it is certainly not godlike.
  4. Yeah but as in actual god level power. Someone who can literally cause something to cease existing. Also, I thought mary/gary sues was referring to generic characters who are good at everything, not stupidly overpowered characters. I guess you really do learn something new every day.
  5. If its prettymuch wishing out of existence, yeah. That's definitely god level. Marys and Garys have various forms. One is the "talented at everything". Another is the "I took the abilities of all my favorite characters and crammed them all into one place. Another is "talent, dump one" where they pretend to balance the character with ineptitude at the area they like the least while making them super skilled at everything else. There's the forbidden/last episode skill at the start cramming... The list goes on and on. At its core, it is making a character based on convenience or "Wouldn't be cool if I had this, this, this, and that?" They're named ascsuch because they tend to be self inserts though I've also seen " canon carbon copy on steroids".
  6. Ah. That makes more sense. Though, I have to say, looking back I don't know if my characters count as them or not. Their base concepts were certainly based on "wouldn't it be cool to have this this and this" but I don't know if that gets overshadowed by the time the character is finished. Although tbf if I want to make a character like that I'll probably attempt to start an entire roleplay just to facilitate it.
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