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  1. The sun was warm, the wind playful. Funny, how quickly the weather could change once the leviathan had been disposed of. It was a pity, such creatures normally kept to the depths undisturbed but when they exposed themselves it was up to them to maintain the order and balance in this world.

    In the wake of battle he relaxed, stretched out among a field of wildflowers, not to be disturbed. Beside him curled and basking on a small flat stone rested a bluegray lizard of sorts though Gods and Devils save the person who called his companion a mere lizard. Thankfully Svell was more than happy to rest and bask after yesterday’s encounter. The wind, teased his dark hair and storm gray eyes briefly opened, looking up into the peaceful blue skies. Hard to believe that only a mere day prior storm clouds and dangerously high waves threatened even their coastal buildings.

    Still, the battle was won and for now, Atlantis could rule itself. “Prince Liam!” Or not. Sighing he wondered if he could just pretend not to hear, would the attendant go away or just remain? Certainly he wouldn’t force a prince to do anything but he supposed the attendant could get rather annoying if he didn’t respond. Ah well. Sitting up he glanced over at the younger male who respectfully bowed, beside him Svell didn’t bother opening black eyes. “Prince Liam, apologies for disturbing you, however the guards have found someone.”

    He frowned, he didn’t like being bothered and really didn’t like being bothered with nonsense, “What do you mean found someone? All were accounted for last night.” After the battle, to ensure none had fallen victim or those who had, we’re recovered.

    There was nervousness to his voice, clearly picking up on the royalty’s unhappiness, “Yes sire, that is why I was sent. Someone washed ashore.” Gray eyes narrowed at that, no one ‘washed ashore’ on Atlantis, that meant wards were failing and that was not good. “They’ve taken him to restricted quarters, I was fetched to inform you.”

    “Svell.” He gave, half listening to the youth as he called his companion who huffed but uncurled to climb up an offered arm. A proper description of the creature crawling up his blue and black hamaka would be similar to a eastern dragon in body style, long and thin with for clawed limbs though the head was more distinctly waster with a pointed snort and two small horns. Of course none of that could truly be seen as Svell made his way up to curl around Liam’s neck much as a snake might constrict around prey, horned head buried somewhere under raven hair. Svell was kind enough not to choke his companion, thankfully, for now. “Explain.” He ordered, even as he took the lead, Atlantis didn’t have jails, no prisons, restricted quarters were the closest they had, crime was low and while not completely eliminate the threat of exile was enough to ensure the population remained good for the most part.

    That being said restricted quarters were merely rooms with posted guards and barred windows, they were still furnished as most of the island with bed and chair, sinks for washing and the likes. Compared to the rest of the world their basic ‘prison’ rooms were fit for kings. The attendant explained that the stranger had been found washed ashore, not awake but certainly not dead. Healers had tended to him and now posted guards waited for the stranger to wake. If he woke before Liam arrived and attempted to leave guards would be sure to keep him in place though the language barrier would be clear instantly. Wherever this stranger was, the language spoken would be unfamiliar.
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  2. The man studied the skies with his emerald green eyes. It was grey. A dark, bland, boring grey that predicted their usual forecast. Rain and lots of it. He sighed and frowned, his shoulders falling. All of his plans for tonight were going to be risky with the eminent rainfall. Times were not well in England. In fact, life was difficult for most everyone. But for him in particular. Alden had never had any sort of luxury in all of his days. In fact, most days, most years, he barely got by. Having been on his own for as long as he could remember, he had, had to get by somehow. And that somehow was by taking what he needed, without having the money for it. It was risky. The royals didn't take well to thieves. But he didn't see anyway to survive without this necessary evil. In fact, he really didn't think too much of it. Work was hard to come by anyways, and pay was very poor. Even those who worked, barely had what they needed. Alden even knew some that slaved all day in various places around England to make a sum they could not get by on. Besides, They had so much. The royals and the rich that sat in their extravagant stone castles and houses surely wouldn't miss a loaf of bread here and there. Or perhaps when he got lucky some meat and vegetables. But those were more difficult to take without being caught and having one of his hands lopped off.

    Tonight he was planning on going down to the docks and stealing onto trade ship. There was one coming in, and it would be tethered to the docks before nightfall. And after nightfall, late into the night, the dock workers would be gone and only a few look outs would be left. But with the rain, the decks would be slippery and the docks would prove even more treacherous. If he ended up needing to make a quick get away, running on the docks in his shabby, torn shoes would prove dangerous. Even in bare feet, it would not change his situation. Stealing from open food markets with crowds of people was suicide,so tonight was his only option. He had to do it. As it got late, he pulled on the shabby hooded clock he had stolen, and set out into the streets from where he typically stayed. An, abandoned house with a very leaky roof. The house was tiny and ramshackle but he didn't mind. It was all he had. It had already began to rain, the dirt streets beginning to get muddy and cake his worn, pathetic excuse for shoes in a layer of thick filth.

    Making his way though the dark streets, he made it down to the dock. But the rain was getting heavier, and the winds starting to pick up. In the distance, there seemed to be even darker clouds, heavy with more rain to be spilled down upon the residents of London. He had to make this quick and not be picky about his selections for his next couple of meals. When the look outs were busy checking ships on the other end of the docks, he slipped aboard a trade ship. A very big trade ship that was used to bring supplies from the far away countries they had traded with. But something seemed off tonight. There seemed to be more look outs and there was still crew men running about with dock workers...even this late into the night? They had never stayed this late before, based on his observations from several nights before. Even when a trade ship came in, what couldn't be unloaded was left on the ship and guarded until the workers would return early the next morning to slave away though the entire day. Something in him doubted the plan, but he shook his head, standing on the deck now. It was too late to go back, he just needed to slip into the cargo hold and get this over with. Finding his way into the lower level of the ship, his smile widened to see all the supplies just sitting there. They were clearly extravagant things, things fit for the finest king. As he approached them and started to pick though the supplies, he heard foot falls on the deck. It wasn't just one person either, it was many....a whole crew. His heart stopped and he heard commands to cast off, shouting about how if they didn't hurry and get out of port tonight they wouldn't make it out the next morning to meet royals from another country to arrange a trade. Some of those men, also made their way into the cargo hold to grab things they needed to set sail.

    Alden quickly, looking around, had shimmied himself between a space between all of the crates, hidden from out of view. It wasn't log before he felt the ship lurch forwards and begin their rough journey out into the vast sea. The trip was loud and rough. The golden haired man felt sick from all the waves the ship was doing it's best to navigate. He just wanted it to be over, and time seemed to drag on forever. Not sure about how much time had passed, he wondered how long it would be before they made land fall again. Until then, he would have to sit tight, out of sight from the many crew members and captain. Alden had hoped the waves would shake the ship less and less,the further they got out into sea. But it was the opposite, it only got worse and soon he could hear men screaming in terror as the ship shook more and more. Not being able to take it anymore, he slipped out of his hiding spot and made his way up to the deck. It was raining furiously, the docks were flooded in water, and waves, bigger than he had ever seen in his life, crashed down on the wooden bobble in the vast ocean. Men were being swept away into the depths of the sea and the captain had joined them. Alden was one of the few left on the deck. He looked around. There had to be someway out without getting himself killed. But in his search, he was also swept away into the sea, along with the remaining of the men.

    He struggled to stay on the surface, gasping for air as the salt water rushed into his nose and mouth, threatening to strangle him with small walls of water. But soon the struggle became futile and he sank beheath the water, unable to fight any longer. As he did, he closed his eyes and blacked out, sinking into the deep oblivion. So when he opened his eyes again...he was in shock. He gasped, taking in a deep breath of the freshest air he had ever breathed in his entire life. From his position of where he was now laying, he looked around. There was light, so he assumed it was day...but it didn't seem to be coming from outside and it wasn't fire. Sitting up very slowly, he continued to look around. The room looked very expensive, bright, with so many things he did not recognize. And what he was laying on? His emerald irises were directed to the bed. He had never slept in a bed before. Alden got to his feet, his cotten woven cream colored shirt clung to his frame, and basic brown trousers hung at his hips. The man's blonde hair as a bit shaggy and his lovely green eyes full of confusion. It seemed to be a castle of some sort, even the king of England didn't seem to have possessions of this caliber. However, there were bars on the windows which led him to think he might be in some sort of prison. Walking towards the guards at the door, he knocked on it to get their attention.

    "'Ello?" he asked, his accent a bit thick. They didn't seem to respond so he knocked harder. "'Ello?! Where Am I?" he asked.

    This time they glanced back at him and then spoke to each other in a language he didn't recognize. They then turned and opened the door, ushering him away from it. He heard more foot steps coming towards the room. What was going on here? Last he remembered, the ship was sinking. Now he was in some foreign land, locked up in some prison. Did they know he was a thief? His heart was racing. What was going to happen to him?A look of panic mixed with the confusion already in his eyes.
  3. “Who knows about this?” He questioned as they walked, with purpose but not rushed, never rushed. He remained in control at all times, showing weakness, fear or other such emotions would unsettle the population and could not be allowed.

    “Beta squad sire. They located him and were the ones guarding him when I was sent to alert you.”

    “Keep it that way. Inform squad leaders. I do not want to deal with council members regarding this before we’ve had the chance to assess the situation.” The attendant nodded in understanding, “Go.” And with that the Prince was left to his own devices as they entered one of the outer complexes at the heart of Atlantis. While the stranger did have a barred window to glance out of he’d find himself on ground level with a few of gardens, beautiful and lush no mud, no filth, pristine and colorful. Beyond those gardens buildings surrounded but did not crowd, no feeling of being swallowed up or trapped but rather carefully planned and artfully built.

    In the direction he could not view from his window the true palace existed, while stunning in it’s creation it was also very modest, smaller than the stone brick castles of England and yet made of cool marble and laced with gemstone accents. The room Alden occupied was naturally better than anything he’d seen in his life so far, and yet was modest compared to all that Atlantis had to offer.

    “My Prince.” Was given in greeting as he was met outside the building by the Beta squad leader. Details were shared once more, confirming what the attendant had offered up.

    “Spread the word. I want my rank and not title used until otherwise deemed appropriate.” He gave as they walked down the hallway, a silver and black wolf trailing after the pair dutifully, stopping short as the squad leader did.

    “As you wish Captain.” Turning to fill the order as Liam approached the guarded door.

    A single hand raised stopped the pair from addressing him inappropriately, “I am on duty.” All the warning they needed to pick the correct way to address the raven haired male.

    “Captain.” One guard greeted, wearing garb more traditional to the countries they were currently near, “He is awake, speaking English I believe.”

    “Have you spoken with him?” Was wondered, gray eyes passive.

    “No sir. We thought it was best to wait for you.”

    His similarly dressed companion added, “Besides, neither of us are very good with languages.” A fault he did not judge them on, languages were not his strong suit either, ah well, they’d find a way to work around this.

    “Wait for me outside.” A look was exchanged, currently the guest was the only one in the restricted quarters and there was only one exit at the end of the hall. His lips twitched in a slight frown at their hesitance. “Your loyalty is to be respected, however I am certain I can handle one washed ashore male.” To this, Svell lifted his head to blink at the pair, said head was little bigger than the size of his thumb but the reminder worked and had the two guards offering their respects before relocating.

    That managed, Svell buried his head back along Liam’s neck, hidden once more and wrapped around his neck much as a necklace might though considerably thicker than most jewelry. Opening the door (as they were doors and rooms and not cells with iron bars save for the window of course) his gray eyes took on the room and the occupant, slowly stepping in as he observed the other for several minutes, listening to whatever was said but responding to none. Moving carefully he took a seat on the only chair in the room, leaving the bed the only other perch, silently motioning for the other to do the same. “Do you understand me?” He questioned, slowly, repeating it several times in a language entirely foreign to English. Sighing when it became clear that the language barrier would remain pulled a small parry knife from the pants of his outfit, movements slow to avoid threatening behavior.

    Ever so slowly he brought the knife to his palm, unflinching as he made a small cut that welled up with fresh blood, showing the stranger his actions before offering the hit end of the small blade out, motioning for a similar act. Whether Liam expected the other to simply follow his direction without question or was assured that the other was no threat even with the small blade was unclear.
  4. Alden had taken to pacing the length of the room at such a pace he at one point looked down to see if his trail had been etched into the floor. But it wasn't, and it wouldn't be because the floors were solid. So much unlike the flooring in the ramshackle London house. His pacing and racing thoughts didn't stop until he heard the door click open again. Stopping at the end of the room furthest away from the door, he turned and saw another man come in. His clothing was very strange to him. Not in a bad way..but everything in London was so dull, muddy, covered in filth and dirt. His part of London anyways. And everything here was so pristine and clean...extravagant and expensive looking. Alden felt slightly out of place. The strange had dark colored hair and grey eyes, along with an air of importance around him. Something about this man set him on edge. Back home, he didn't associate with any people of any rank of importance. They were all like him, the working class...peasants so to speak. The blonde haired male didn't know what to do, so he just spoke and looked at him.

    "Where are we?" he asked, swallowing a lump in his throat. But even after he had repeated it, there was no response from the man that had just entered the room. He just walked over to the chair and sat down. Alden, however shook his head when the dark haired man motioned for him to sit down on the bed. All this made him very uneasy, he couldn't bring himself to relax, so sitting down was out of the question. But as the grey eyed man spoke, he looked baffled. The language sounded nothing like his own and he had no idea what was being asked or said. He wasn't even sure if it was a question or a statement. Either way, it was clear that this slightly frustrated the man in the chair as a sigh escaped his lips. But as that sigh escaped, he quickly caught sight of the knife and he tensed, scrambling backwards a few steps, even though the gesture was clearly non-threatening.

    But he watched the knife like a hawk and seemed even more surprised as the man drew the sharp side across his palm. The red life essence pooled around the fresh wound. Alden just wanted some clarity, but everything that was happening just confused him more. Then the knife was offered to him and he tensed more, putting his hands out in front of him, shaking his head.

    "Um, No thanks?" he said. "I'd much like to keep all of my blood inside me. Don't want to do that." he said not understanding the man's intentions. "And I have one of my own. Not as good as that one but it will do."

    He reached down to feel around his waist, but felt the small dagger was gone. "Or not, But I'm fine thanks you very much."

    He stepped back more, making it very clear he wasn't comfortable or happy with this situation.

    "I just want you to tell me where we are, how I got here, and why I'm here... "
  5. Another sigh, this sandy haired stranger was rambling. He didn’t need to understand the language to know that the other was rambling. He hoped it was merely a result of the unusual circumstances because he honestly couldn’t deal with such prattling constantly.

    His movements remained slow and cautious as he made the mark on his palm, slower still in offering out the blade. An ever present frown tugged at his features as the other seemed to back pedal, reaching for a blade that had either been lost to the sea or taken by the guards. Neither male in the room currently knew the truth to that. “Please stop talking.” Was given with a sigh, while others might be intrigued by the stranger, excited or even fearful, he was just annoyed.

    The stranger continued to ramble, backing away all while Liam remained seated, blade still offered out. “Take it.” Was offered in a thick accent but in English no less. Spirits save him his tutors would be appalled by his lack of knowledge about the languages of the world they were hidden from. Until now he’d never seen the point to learning them. At the same time the temperature in the room dropped considerably, frost appearing on the barred window behind the blond though he was not currently facing in a direction to see it.

    Svell rumbled, a near silent sound due to his small size but Liam could feel it and inwardly asked his companion to be calm, forget the world and sleep, lazy thing.
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  6. Alden tended to do that when face with situations to which he was not accustomed. He was so used to having to talk his way out of situations that the words that fell past his lips now, were not words he would have naturally chosen. It was an uncomfortable, awkward situation in a strange place. But he could tell from the look on the man's face and reading the rest of his body language, along with the sigh..there was only one emotion there. Annoyance. And as more words were spoken with that sigh, the British man was at a complete loss. Pressing his lips closed, it was clear the man didn't understand him either so talking at him would no him no good. And it would also do him no good to struggle and cause problems for the man who seemed to be trying his best to be civil. Civil...an unfamiliar concept to him. He knew what it was, but the violent streets of London never offered him anyone or anything who knew the concept. So when he spoke again, two words of English in a very heavy accent, Alden decided to obey this time.

    He stepped forwards, forcing himself to push away some of the tension and relax his lean frame a bit more. When he was within a reasonable distance, not wanting to get too close and aggravate the situation even further, he reached out and took the knife with a pale hand. As he did, the room got colder than the streets of his home city on a winter's night. He shivered and glanced around, now noticing the frost on the window directly behind him. Turning back to the man in the chair, he didn't say anything but gave him a questioning look. Holding out his hand, he looked down at it then to the blade, wondering if possibly, he wanted him to do the same. Either way, Alden figured he should just do it anyways. He didn't want to but would do it for the sake of keeping the peace in the room, not sure what would happen if he didn't. So he took the blade and pressed it to his palm and drew it quickly across his skin, putting pressure on the hilt. When he pull it away, a small pool of blood welled around his wound. Biting back his wince, he turned the blade and offered it back to the man. What would happen next? He had no clue, but waited to find out, the other man assuming the charge here. It seemed it would do him best to just do as he was asked for now. Until he was filled in on the situation he was in at least.
  7. Liam waited. The chill remained, only to disappear immediately the moment the blade was taken by the stranger. The blonde was like a skittish wild animal trapped in a cage and Liam would treat him as such. Show he was no threat but also that there was no question about who was in control of the situation. Alden may have the blade but Liam was the one in charge.

    There was a slight nod of approval as the other reasoned out what was wanted and Liam accepted the blade back with a “Thank you.” Placing it on small table next to the chair as he moved to stand. His hand, a few drops of blood falling to the floor, raised, offered out for the similar one the blonde now sported. Another silent nod, requesting the similar gesture-not so different from a blood pact that one might swear.

    He’d wait, patiently, blood dripping for the blond to complete the motion, it would last only a few moments, long enough for the sticky liquid to smear between their hands. Once completed he pulled away, slow motions towards the sink the tap was twisted, allowing water to free fall from the faucet and he rinsed his hand, reaching for one of the small clothes meant for drying one’s hands before motioning for the other to again follow his lead as he applied pressure to stop the bleeding. They were small, shallow cuts and it wouldn’t take long.

    “Can you understand me?” He questioned as the other moved about, “Lore states that blood recognizes blood and since you are not a citizen that means either our barriers have fallen or your blood sings with Atlantian blood.” He didn’t expect an immediate result, it wasn’t like this happened all the time, or ever really. “Can you understand me?” He questioned again, turning off the tap once the other was done.
  8. Alden had caught the man's nod of approval, and in turn relaxed a bit more. He wasn't trying to be annoying, he just wanted to know what was going on and more importantly, where he was at, why he was there. After the blade was accepted back his emerald eyes followed him as he went to stand and then again as he offered him, his hand. This, he understood. Reaching out, he took his hand too and felt the warm, thick blood slather between the two hands clasped together. When the other hand was drawn back, Alden looked down at his own hand. He had to admit it stung. Frowning softly, his gaze went towards the sink as he saw something unfamiliar. Water was flowing through the head of the contraption. His eyes widened a bit and he walked over a bit cautiously to investigate. London didn't have this, water running though a tap. He looked to him and back to the sink.

    But at his motioning, the blonde followed lead. The sensation of the water flowing over his cut was pleasant, and he watched as the blood washed away off his hand. What a revolutionary idea. Running water would change a lot of cities, most of all London. Just then, he heard the same voice. But this time, he understood what was being said. Turning his gaze, he blinked in amazement. Just a few moments ago, he had no idea what the other was saying. Listening to him, he bit his lip, unsure how to answer that. But as the first question was asked again he nodded.

    "I do now." he said. "And I think it is probably your barrier because , I'm pretty sure I'm of English decent. Not Atlantian..? Whatever that might be. I don't know who my parents are, but I was born and grew up in London...England." he said, giving his answers and decided it was probably okay to ask a few of his own. "Where are we? How did I get here?"

    He was doing his best to stay calm, proud that his words were not shaky. Looking him in the eyes, he waited for some answers and possibly some more questions on the other man's behalf. But it was then, that his eye caught the creature curled up around the strangers neck...A lizard? If it was, it was a very big one. The only animals he saw on a daily basis were rats, mice, cats, occasionally some dogs, and dead fish, in the market.
  9. Well, at least that was one issue address. Breaking down the language barrier would go a long way to making this…whatever this situation was, easier. Whether the stranger realized it or not he was speaking Atlantian, a smooth language and granted the other had a bit of an accent to his words, he was speaking it no less. It has been a bit of a long shot really, knowing what he did of his world and of his people and he was pleased it had paid off, even if such emotions didn’t reach the surface.

    “That remains to be seen.” That the other could speak the language was a clear sign of his heritage but no need to get ahead of themselves, it was at least good to know their barriers were not failing.

    He moved once more to sit, small cloth clenched in his fist to put pressure on the wound though it merely took a cool sensation to know his wound was no longer bleeding freely. Where was he? Had the sea done more damage than first assumed? Had they not just covered that bit of information? Perhaps the other hadn’t understood fully, “You are on Atlantis. The realm between worlds.” He was aware that the world, both sides to be honest, knew little of their existence, apologies could be given later-it was rare that someone simply washed ashore, in fact Alden’s arrival would probably go down in history books.

    “How you arrived is mostly a mystery. A patrol located you washed ashore sometime last night. There were…storms yesterday. Do you remember how you found us?” Or leading up to it or anything?

    Svell of course, would be preening if he had insight to Alden’s mind, why yes, he was a big lizard-even if the ‘l’ term upset him he was always welcoming of praise. Sadly the only mind Svell could connect with was Liam’s and so he remained indifferent and dozing- his head and tail curled against the back of Liam's neck while his long body wrapped around the front, possibly a decorative piece save for the rthymic breathing.
  10. The man's words caught his attention. Blinking, it thought it over. What remained to be seen? He was sure where he came from, where he struggled to survive everyday, he even remembered some of the people who he had pick pocketed from in the market. The vendors who wouldn't let him anywhere near their booth because he had stolen from them before...or they at least suspected it. But besides that point, it was his first time hearing the word 'Atlantians' so he couldn't make the connection to where he was at. Looking over at the man as he sat down in the chair once more, he listened to his words. So he was on Atlantis...a place so different from the city of his birth. When he said he had no idea how he got there, he frowned and looked at him. So even the seemingly important man didn't know what brought him to the strange land of Atlantis. From here, he really had no idea what was out there, just how big Atlantis was, or what was out there for him to discover for the first time. At the question he thought about what parts to leave out and then continued.

    "Trade ships arrived in the London Harbor Yesterday and I got aboard one as they were getting ready to leave again. They thought they could beat the storm but it was bigger than expected and the ship went down and every man on board with it..." he said. "And that is all I remember. "

    He clenched his hand that had the cut on it, sufficing for that, and it did mostly stop the bleeding. Alden was quite accustomed to doing without and that included when caring for his wounds. All he had was dirty rags and that would do no good to press to a open wound. His eyes went back to the lizard, unable to keep them away for long. The blonde didn't want to pry too much but, his curiosity was eating at him.

    "And...is that a Lizard?" he asked. "Around your neck? I've...never seen anything quite as big. Save for horses from time to time..."

    He wasn't aware of the "L" word offense, not knowing it would bother him, he freely used the term.
  11. Liam had to admit this stranger was taking everything in stride, then again he wasn’t sure how the other was supposed to react, it wasn’t like he’d done this before or they ever had shocks as great as this one. He maintained his cool exterior as the other explained his best guess at how he’d wound up on the island. He was familiar with the ships that had been lost. Unfortunate of course, but that was the trouble with being the realm between worlds, maintaining the balance.

    “I am sorry.” Was all he could offer to the horrors the other must have faced, ship tossed as a child would a toy in the wake of a storm brewed by no other than a leviathan. No need to go into this details now.

    “I am Liam, Captain of the guard.” Which was true, it was his rank and not his title though the two were closely linked. He didn’t know much of the outside world, that was for others to be mindful of, but he knew the connotations associated with royalty would probably make this encounter far more difficult.

    Or saying the “L” word, that was a good way to take things from neutral to bad. A hissing came immediately, the lanky body scrambling as a pointed snout stuck out from behind the seated male’s neck, blue slitted eyes were narrowed on Alden two horns spiking back off the top of his head and following the direction of a stretched neck, tail wrapping tight around Liam’s neck and long body stretching so he could put little claws against Liam’s shoulder and puff up. Inwardly Liam tried to appease him. Little white puffs that glittered on the air like tiny snowflakes were snorted out adorable if the setting were different given Svell was perhaps a foot and a half in length if he truly stretched from snout to tail and no thicker around than perhaps two fingers side by side. “This, is Svell, my companion, you’ve insulted him.” But Svell was too lazy of a thing to do much more than he currently was (unless baited further with insults) so Liam focused on something else entirely. “Where is your companion?” He questioned, features pulling in with confusion.
  12. From what Alden could gather, this man didn't show much in the way of emotions. He seemed stern, authoritative and it only added to his suspicion that the man held some grand title in this land of Atlantis. But at his words, Alden nodded a silent thanks, but truthfully had not known one soul aboard that ship. No friend of his had perished. It was an unfortunate and sad situation for the other men and those who loved them, but he was not in that position and for that he was thankful. As his eye's met the pair of grey ones looking back at him, the man's name and rank were revealed. And with that his suspicions were satisfied.

    He did hold a rank of some authority and his given name was Liam. But before he could disclose his own name, the last question had slipped off his tongue and the creature about Liam's neck looked none too pleased with his selection of the 'Lizard' word. It narrowed little blue eyes at him and puffed up, wrapping his tail around the Atlantian Captain's neck. As this all occurred, Alden noticed the creature snort out what looked to him like snowflakes. His eyes met with the man's again as he was informed that the creature, Svell, had been insulted by that word, like he suspected. He would be sure to keep the "L" word to himself from now on when the creature was around. But when the last question fell off his lips, he smiled a bit and shook his head.

    "I don't have one. I barely got by as it was. A pet...companion, as it is called here I guess, would have been a luxury I couldn't afford. They cost too much back in London and any of the stay ones you don't want. Rat's, Mice, or an Alley Cat would have been my options back in London and I'm not too fond of any of those so...I've never had one. Why...? Should I have a Companion?" he asked. He then looked to the scaled beast on Liam's shoulder and sighed, smiling a bit softly. "My apologies Svell. Didn't mean to be upsetting you." The truth was, he was quite fond of animals. Once, he had held a puppy as a child, until the rich owner came around and retrieved it. And it wasn't unlike him to stop and offer assistance to a suffering or trapped animal. But it was a side of himself he couldn't afford to show. He had, had to be tough on the streets. They were brutal and unforgiving. Moving his eyes back up to the Captain's face he then offered up his name.

    "And my name is Alden."
  13. Liam stared at Alden, it seemed their roles were briefly the reverse of what an observer would assume. Here Alden was in a land spoken of only in myth and legend, presented with strange features and culture and creatures and yet he seemed to be taking it all in stride. Liam on the other hand was trying to process what he was hearing; Svell had no issues with hearing, hissing with hackles raised as the term ‘pet’ was tossed out, clawed digits stamping against Liam’s shoulder as the insults continued. Was this stranger indicating he could be bought? He was no one’s pet!

    That the little lizard seemed to react to and more importantly understand the words spoken was just as unusual as his existence.

    Shaking his head slowly Liam processed what he was hearing, speaking slowly, cautiously with carefully chosen words. “You seem to be taking this all rather well. Being told that you are on Atlantis. This place is still spoken of as myth and legend correct?” He never left the island but others ventured out for various reasons, what they knew of the rest of the world came from these trips.

    “There is much you do not know, cannot yet understand.” So he didn’t take offense to the other’s words, neither should Svell. To that thought the small creature puffed out another white cloud before circling Liam’s neck, much as a cat might before settling down. This time Svell did not hide behind Liam’s neck and instead his head peaked out over Liam’s left shoulder, blue eyes fixed on Alden. “Companions are not pets or beasts of burden or…” Whatever else Alden was thinking, “They are equals, ones we Atlantian’s share a special bond with. I would advise you to take care and refrain from words that could be offensive.” He was still puzzling over the notion that Alden did not have a companion, he was certain the other shared their blood and so a bond had to exist, trying to imagine life without Svell was unsettling.

    Still, one issue at a time. “I must speak with her majesty regarding your appearance here. I will have fresh clothes and food supplied while I am away.” He moved then to stand, “I will return, is there anything further you need?” Besides fresh clothing and food of course.
  14. It was strange to him, as he met the little creature's eyes again, it's hackles raised and hissing at him when he used the word pet. So he didn't like that term either? It seemed as if the lizard understand what he was saying, the concept of people buying and selling animals as if they would food or other supplies. To be owned and not treated as exactly an equals. It's not that he intentionally saw the companion creature as below him, but back in London, he had bigger things to worry about. Like where he was going to get his next meal. But now that he was here, perhaps he would have time for his own companion, if he didn't have to worry about surviving here like he did in the world above them. He was brought back to attention when Liam spoke again and listened. Alden sighed and relaxed more, shrugging as the man finished his words.

    "If it is myth and legend, then It's not any I've ever heard of. Up there, the more fortunate, the wealthy hear different stories than us peasants did. Me? I Mostly heard tales of people who didn't pay their dues and ended up hung for it. I know I have a lot to see here, but this room here is the most Luxury I've ever known. My last house had a leaking roof, dirt floors, and I slept on the ground with one torn to shreds blanket. I didn't have parents to care for me So I've always taken care of myself. So If I'm here now, instead of up there, then I certainly will not complain. Anywhere is better than where I grew up..." he said and trailed off, letting the man in front of him continue and as he did, he explained that he needed to be careful in choosing his words around these creatures because they were supposedly everywhere around Atlantis. He explained, every Atlantian shared a bond with a creature they considered their equal. It sounded pleasant to be honest and he toyed with the idea in his head. Wondering just how that worked. If he had a chance, he would have to ask more about the companion animal, wondering just how one found such a special bond. If it was by chance, or if the creature had been there since the Atlantian's birth.

    When Liam spoke his next words however, he tensed up again. Her majesty? There was Royalty here too. It concerned him and made him wonder just what the social classes were like here. But he nodded at the rest of the phrase and then shook his head in gratitude. It would be a very pleasant thing to not have to hunt down his next meal, because he was starving.

    "That will be plenty, thank you..." the words felt foreign coming across his tongue. He had never had to thank anyone for anything before. But now he had because this captain was being understanding and generous..so it only seemed fitting.
  15. Understanding and generous. There would be laughter if those thoughts had been spoken aloud. While he wasn’t disliked by the people of Atlantis, those words were not usually the first terms to be applied to him. Fair and honest were perhaps more appropriate.

    He didn’t lack generosity more so the concept was foreign here. They did not want for food or drink, the division of classes were ones of respect not power and control.

    The Queen was the Queen because she had earned the love, respect and trust of the people. To maintain her post she ensured the wellbeing of all. Both of their positions in fact were ones that served the population and while they used the same terms as the rest of the world, the concept of royalty here was vastly different. They ruled with the mindset of what was best for the majority while protecting the individual, after all there was no point calling yourself Queen if there was no one left to rule over now was there?

    These things Alden had no knowledge of and day by day his understanding of this new world would grow, for now Liam believed it best to keep him in the restricted rooms, at least until he consulted the Queen.

    The idea of how Alden lived was as foreign to him as his life was to the other man, even the most humble member of society here had a home, had furnishings. The concept of wealth and poverty were unknown to him so that most of the world lived and struggled with such things made no sense. He’d have to question it further later.

    “Very well.” He offered simply enough with a nod, “Sun Yen and Jacob will keep post at the end of the hall, should they be relieved of duty others will introduce themselves to you. I am unsure when I will be able to return, personally, however I will leave you in their care. Please remember what I have mentioned.” About trying not to insult people or their companions. With that he took his leave.

    The guards mentioned would be pleasant enough, now that the language barrier was removed they introduced themselves properly, hardly seemed to be actual ‘guards’ as they were nice enough. One had a black and silver dog of sorts-wolf, at his side and the other an exotic looking parrot. Food and clothing were fetched and Sun Yen, a burnette male older in appearance than Alden and Liam suggested eating and then they’d show him to the showers so he could clean and dress in the fresh clothing that had been provided. Thankfully said clothing was close enough to the garb of England so there wouldn’t be any confusion there, though the showers would prove to be another learning experience all together.
  16. When Liam took his leave, the man frowned a bit and again felt uneasy once more. He had said he was unsure when he would be able to return, so that also meant he did not know how long he would be confined and escorted by guards. They had introduced themselves, and seemed nice enough, but He was going to go stir- crazy soon. Being confined to one room or area, didn't suit him well at all. And didn't much fancy having someone looking over his shoulder at all times, limiting his activities. For their fairness he was thankful. But from wandering the streets of London on a daily basis, spanning miles an miles to this felt a bit constricting. He hoped that all would go well with the queen. Alden also hoped for Liam's hasty return. Having been the first person he met, he was more comfortable around him than these two.

    But at the suggestion, when the food was brought to him, he decided to eat. That being said, he didn't know half of what he was eating. The food was strange to him as well. There was nothing like this back in England. But beggars could not be choosers and he had never been one to complain so he ate, trying the things he had never seen before. After he had, had his fill he turned to them as they were going to take him to the showers.

    "Showers?" he questioned. "What is a..showers? Is it like a bath?"

    Most of the technology they had here, if not all of it, was and would be very unfamiliar to him. It baffled him how they got running water and light inside without use of fire or sunlight. Surely, he had a lot to learn. The prospect of learning it all seemed daunting, but he would need to, to get around in this world. On the way to the showers, he held the clothing he had been given and thought about what would be come of him. What the Captain could possibly be discussing with the queen, about him. He was just one person, and didn't see himself of anyone of great importance. Not like prince or a Lord, or captain...he was just an ordinary man from England who had happened to wash up on the shores of Atlantis. To him, it had been a lucky break, a coincidence. He didn't think that he had Atlantian blood running though his veins though. So perhaps, the queen would make him leave. He had no idea, so he would just do as he was told for now.
  17. “How very interesting.” The sandy haired woman spoke, offering up bits of bread and jam to a yellow cockatiel and she and Liam talked over an early dinner. It took no time for him to meet with the Queen, even if it were not for his position the situation called for it. Even a common citizen, a farmer or blacksmith could meet with her in similar fashion though unless the situation called for it those meetings were planned in advance.

    Svell had migrated to the table, helping himself to bits of meat. Liam had just finished providing all information, both the facts he was sure of as well as the information he could only speculate on. In addition he made sure she knew the oddity of his situation- Liam was positive the other was Atlantian, their language was impossible to learn, it could not be taught which is why they were often the ones learning other languages. Still, an Atlantian without a companion? Unheard of. Besides, where he’d come from? Hardly fit for a human let alone an Atlantian from how Alden described it and Liam believed he was sincere.

    “So we offer him a choice. It will not be easy, we will show him our world and ask that he decide, commit and pledge loyalty to Atlantis, or we return him to the world he came from.” Little did they realize how easy a choice this might be, they were loyal to their homeland and leaving it would be hard. “We will not be in a position to offer this choice long. He will have one day. Have the hall of records consulted as well. See what they can teach us, if he is to remain, if he is Atlantian, we should aide him in discovering his companion.” Because that was unsettling.

    “I’ll have it seen to.” Liam offered with a nod, blinking as the older woman raised her hand to pause him.

    “See to him yourself.” His gaze questioned her and her tone remained polite, “Do not challenge me on this Liam. If he is as you stated I want someone I trust completely to ensure this is handled. Besides,” She smiled, “Unless another Leviathan comes up you’ll be bored for a while yet.” He frowned at her.

    “Then I would request my title not be used, rank instead. It is my understanding that our titles might cause him concern. See to it. My Queen.” He gave with a nod, less than amused with her but respectful none the less; she agreed and would spread the word. The evening guards who replaced Sun Yen and Jacob forewarned Alden that Captain Liam would be returning in the morning, something about showing him around and best to get some shut eye.

    Fresh clothing would be waiting for him in the morning, along with a selection of meats, cheeses, bread and fruit-some recognizable others not. He would be again allowed to eat, clean and dress without incident and upon completion Liam knocked before allowing himself in, “Good morning Alden. I trust the food and accommodations were to your liking?”
  18. The shower was an interesting experience in and of itself. It was very much different from the baths to which he was accustomed to back in England. But he decided half way though his shower, he rather liked this set up...and running water. After finishing up, he dressed in the clothing in which he was given and was returned to his limited quarters. Something with which he wasn't too pleased with, but didn't let it show. Soon enough, the guards were replaced. The new ones informed him that the Captain would be back in the morning to show him around. A relief settled over him, he would be getting out and about tomorrow. The quarters were wonderful, but he hated being restrained. After awhile, he settled down for the evening and laid back on the bed, his mind now wandering as he stared up at the ceiling. His skin felt cleaner than it had in a very long time. Everything in London seemed to be covered with a layer of grime and filth. Until one hit the wealthier parts of the city, then it was abundantly clear that their king was no king at all. He didn't care about those who lived and died, slaving away under his thumb. Perhaps, this place would be different. And if he had the option, though he didn't know much yet, he would most certainly stay.

    Whatever he had to do in order to remain, he would do it. That place, above them, was not worth returning too. Further yet, he had no one to miss him. From the time he could pick pocket, the man had been on his own. As an infant he was cared for by an inn keeper and as soon as he was moderately independent, he was booted from the broom closet he was stationed in and left to his own devices. At four years old, he was left to wander the streets and take care of himself. Just who were his parents? He didn't know, that was a very good question. And one he wanted an answer to. Perhaps they were not as ordinary as he once imagined them to be. How would have his childhood have been different if he had grown up under their loving protection? He could only speculate, since he didn't even know their names or what they had looked like...what kind of people they were. Most of all he wanted to know why he ended up on his own. No parents, no one to care for him and give him a childhood that every child deserved. Where did they go? Did something happen? Or did they just not want him? Either way, he figured it didn't matter much. There seemed to be no way of knowing that...ever. As he gathered his rouge thoughts, he dozed off, getting the best sleep he could ever remember having.

    Once he woke and saw the spread of meats, cheeses, bread, and fruit...his spirit soared. Never in all his years had he seen so much food in one place. After changing into the clean clothes left for him, he splurged, not wanting to take the food for granted. Again, he went for some of the more indistinguishable foods. He was always up for trying something new, and this time he discovered he really liked most of the foods he had tried since arriving here. Just as he was finishing up eating, he heard a knock at his door. Swallowing what was in his mouth, he turned as the Captain returned. At his question, he smiled and nodded.

    "Top notch, thank you." he said and relaxed, just pleased that the person he was most comfortable with, to date, had come back for him.
  19. “Glad to hear it.” He offered, Svell lazily curled around his neck, a familiar place it seemed. “I would, if you will join me, like to show you Atlantis. I cannot speak directly for you but I for one do not like confinement.” He kept silent on other items he and the Queen had discussed the night before, if they wanted the other’s sincere opinion it was best not to bog him down with a question he couldn’t accurately know the answer to.

    Time was short however. Atlantis was far from a stationary island, if it was it would have probably been discovered by now, besides it wasn’t like the world they managed saw fit to always act up right where they were. They followed the threads, the traces of magic around the globe.

    They would not be near England long.

    “I will be honest Alden. It is believed that you carry our blood. Whether by way of your parents, or grandparents. If that were not the case the barriers would have refused you entry, you would not be able to speak our language and surely you too would have perished, lost to the sea.” The barriers had been checked already and no faults had been found.

    “We feel it appropriate to show you the world that is yours by blood.” There was no mention of the other staying or leaving, that they could discuss later or if Alden brought it up. “Please remember what we spoke of yesterday and know that it is impolite to touch another’s companion without permission-until you can tell the difference between a common animal and a companion I suggest not reaching for any.” With that he motioned, taking the lead out of the room and passed the guards as they left the small building that opened into a beautiful courtyard. While most of London was drab grays and painted brown by mud and dirt, Atlantis was bright, whites and silvers. The courtyard was alive with flora, greenery and flowers of all shapes and colors. In the distance the palace of white marble and gemstones was visible, a mountain capped with white in another direction, buildings spaced out around them.

    “What was your profession in London?” Liam questioned, ‘thief’ hadn’t exactly been made clear and even if the other had a meager lifestyle Liam assumed, based on the world he was raised in, that Liam had some job or task. Everyone did.
  20. When he spoke of joining him, so that he may be shown around Atlantis, he was on his feet quicker than he had ever been. It was like the Captain had just read his mind. Then the topic came up again, the one he had been pondering for quite sometime last night. And now, Liam was vocalizing it. They seemed to be certain that either his parents or grandparents had been Atlantians themselves. He wondered which it was, and why they had decided to leave these privileges behind for the world he had come from. Down here, it seemed bright and wonderful. And up there...it was dark, harsh, and uncaring. His thoughts corralled themselves as he moved onto a different topic, the topic of companions again. He remembered that the dark haired captain had told him to watch his tongue around the companions, and now a new piece of information. By his words, he speculated that there was normal animals like what they had in the above world, and special companion creatures that were somehow different from the other typical animals and that he shouldn't touch either of them. That he would have to come to learn the difference between the two.

    The last thing he would want to do would be offend another companion, more certainly if they were much bigger than Svell, which some seemed to me. Like the wolf creature companion one of the guards had yesterday. So he would keep his hands to himself and watch his tongue. There was no need to be acting up here or mouthing off....to anyone or any companion. Following Liam's lead, they left the building and it opened up to colors he had never seen before. His eyes widened, and truthfully hurt a bit as they adjusted to how bright Atlantis seemed to be. There was many flowers and other plants also foreign to him, but they were quite a sight to see. And The buildings off towards the distance were equally as spectacular. He had paused to take it all in. There was so much....only the other man's question pulled him back. It made him a bit uneasy, but he figured that lying to Liam would not help his case in the least.

    "I...didn't really have a job." he said. "I watched the people who worked for less money than they could get by on. Children worked from the time they were able to walk, and everyone in the family did too. Jobs were hard to come by...so I did what I had to do in order to survive. I'm not proud of it, and I wanted to avoid speaking of it if possible, but I got quite good at taking the things I needed....without the money for it. I stole..." he said, trailing off a bit. "In fact...the trade ship I got onto, the one that sunk, I was there to take a few things I needed. That in mind...I only took the things I needed to get by. I've never stolen anything that I didn't need to keep breathing and to keep from starving to death. Most everyone did, everyone who couldn't find work anyways. London is in...a deplorable state. So for most everyone...it is just how life is..."

    He was being honest here and he hoped it would pay off. Being around a thief would make anyone wary so that was why he was hesitant to bring it up. But knowing it might arise in the future, it was better to tell him now rather than deceive him.