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  1. Main RP:

    Plot: You've entered Aftermath, previously known as North America, a vast desert of ashes and destruction sprinkled with small Post-Apoc towns, called Posts. It is the year 2104. The survivors are tough people, with silver eyes and strong hands. Here, everybody has to work hard to survive, and life revolves around the Markets, places where Scavengers and Bringers sell their things in exchange for other things, like food and supplies. There isn't many laws other than the mutual ones agreed upon by people who just want to survive. While many kinds of technologies still exist, Internet does not, nor does telephone. All communication is down, except by handheld radios. Anything before the destruction is deemed Pre-Apoc, and anything after is Post-Apoc. Simple, yes?

    Character Roles: In Aftermath, all the people here have a job. Below are simple descriptions of each.

    Loner: Loners don't socialize much, and usually try to look out for themselves. They don't usually barter with merchants nor visit the nearest Posts. They either live on the road or have established their own stationary home somewhere.

    Scavenger: Scavengers are nomadic, and go out to explore the reaches of Aftermath to find things that they can trade at a Market. Scavengers are also hired by Posts sometimes to go to the markets and get them supplies in return for food.

    Bringer: Bringers are farmers. They bring in what little food they can harvest, and, because of their precious cargo, often are attacked on their way to the nearest Market. Oftentimes a Bringer will hire Scavengers or passing Loners to deliver their goods for them so that they can stay back and tend the farm.

    Builder: Builders build things. Hence the name. However, builders don't just build houses and repair Posts. TechBuilders often trade supplies for any technology found in Aftermath so that they can create new things out of old parts. They usually live near Posts or Markets.

    Merchant: Merchants are the ones that trade items and determine their worth. At Markets there are usually several stationed there, each with a different type of trade.

    Of course, there are many other roles a character can play, but here are the main ones.

    To Join: Simply fill in this form, and after I give the okay, jump in and start roleplaying!

    The Form:

    Name: (name of character. The population in Aftermath has been reduced so much that there is no need for last names anymore.)

    Age: (age of character.)

    Role: (Is your character a Loner, Scavenger, Bringer, Builder, or Merchant?)

    Home: (Does your character live at a Post, on the road, in a rebuilt house somewhere?)
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    Name: Clary

    Age: 21

    Role: Scavenger/Builder/Merchant (a "Jane of all trades" who collects skills the way some people collect pre-Apoc shot glasses; skills are "trade goods" bandits can't take away...)

    Home: The Wayfarer, a large, improvised land vehicle that looks like the love child of a Chinese junk and a Gypsy wagon. It is large enough to contain a (very) compact living space, workshop, aquaponics system, and storage space for Clary's stash of books, as well as salvaged goods and materials.
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  3. Awesome char! Go ahead and jump in!
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