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  1. This is a story about desperation, survival and romance. The year is currently 2050 and so much has happened over the past few years. Three sisters fight to survive an alien attack that happened just 10 years ago. Having to witness their parents deaths and almost their own deaths, they fight to live as well as find other possible survivors. Tara, Sarah and Emma learn much just from living on the edge while trying to keep their lives everyday. Tara, being the oldest of the three, vows to protect her sisters and find other survivors.

    New York City use to be a place that was so alive and full of people, now it is a wasteland filled with only memories and sadness. Much has happened over the past few years. Using modern technology, the girls manage to survive. Full body suits that are bullet proof with built-in weapons and helmets with night vision, the girls use these suits to protect themselves when outside. These suits are their only ways to survive when needing to go out into the world without being spot by those creatures. Even though they have never seen the faces of the creatures they call aliens because of the full body suits and helmets they wear, in their minds, these creatures are grotesque.

    Tara believes these aliens that attacked earth years ago are evil and only set on destroying the entire human race, but why is she so drawn to them? She should hate them, especially after witnessing one of them kill her parents. All Tara wants is to protect her sisters and find those who might still be alive without being seen by the aliens. One night, she leaves her hideout in order to find other humans, leaving her younger sisters behind. The thought of her sisters getting involved and possibly dying because of her is too much to bare. She vows to protect her sisters and find survivors, but she also wishes to find the truth behind these aliens. Are they truly evil? Why did they attack earth and kill so many? She wants to find the answers to these questions as soon as possible, but the only problem is, how can she find the answers without getting killed?

    Sarah is the second oldest and her only wish is to destroy these creatures whom killed her parents. She wants them dead and gone. Let's just say she wants revenge. Sarah can't get vengeance out of her mind, all she thinks about is what they did to her parents, right in front of her. Even though there are some things she wishes to forget, this isn't one of them. There had been countless times that her sister Tara told her to try loosening up and living a bit, she can't. Not until she gets her revenge because truthfully, she will not be able to get rid of these nightmares of the death of her parents until she gets her revenge.

    Emma tries her best to make things easier for her older sisters. She even makes a fool of herself just to make them liven up a little. She hates tears and bloodshed. All she wants is peace. Why must they fight? Why does death need to be involved? All she has ever seen in these past few years is death and she can't take it anymore. Emma just wants to make her sisters happy, that is all, but not by killing.

    Let's just say that in this story, these 'aliens' aren't as bad looking as people think. Even under the helmet they wear, they are like gods. The truth to why they wear such stuff is because of the air. On earth, it is foreign to them so in order to protect themselves, they wear these suits and helmets. To find out what happens to these three sisters and the aliens they so desperately wish to get revenge on, lets move on. You decide how this story ends. Will there be romance between the humans and aliens, or will there only be bloodshed?

    The only rules I want everyone to go by are:
    `Please no playing god!
    `Romance is encouraged, but keep it appropriate, meaning at the most, PG-16.
    `All characters must be approved by me, you can send me a message with your character of choice.
    `You can choose one of the characters or create your own. You are either human or alien!
    `The aliens aren't grotesque, just so everyone knows. They are quite beautiful, but can be demonic in appearance when emotionally out of control.
    `This is an adventurous, romantic, fantasy, action kind of roleplay, keep it that way.

    Listed down below are the characters I created, you may play them as well as decide their appearance!

    Tara Williams>Played by -Magical_Night_Creature-
    Sarah Williams>Played by-
    Emma Williams>Played by-

    Alien Prince
    _________>Played by-

    Alien Queen
    _________>Played by-

    Alien King
    ________>Played by-

    Alien Princess
    __________>Played by-

    None yet.
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  2. I am currently looking for aliens, Sarah and Emma. If you wish to give this a try, let me know :)
  3. Also in need of the alien prince. The guy who is in charge of the other aliens. Also the king, queen and so on. I will post the profile layout in a moment!
  4. Please fill out the below. Tell me a bit about your character. If you wish to be Sarah, Emma, the alien prince, please let me know!

    Age: (Aliens can be as old as they wish!)
    Race: (Are you human or alien?)
    Abilities: (Only for aliens)
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  5. Also, the aliens are quite lovely looking, but for a twist, they do have powers. When angered or emotionally out of control, they become more demonic in looks and animal in action.
  6. Name: Tara Williams
    Age: 22
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Tara always put on the tough and fearless face, but in reality she is the opposite. She is always fearing for her and her sisters lives. Tara likes to keep to herself, but when needed, she is always ready to fight.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Bio: Tara witnessed the death of her parents while on a stroll in the park with her two sisters, a moment that she will never forget, but odd enough, she became interested in these aliens, especially the one who took her parents lives. Is it odd to feel drawn to someone or thing that killed your parents right in front of your very own eyes? Now, after a few years, she is trying to survive as well as keep her younger sisters alive. After hearing there might be possible survivors in the area, she is determined to find out if it is true or not. Tara's only wish is to find survivors and hopefully figure out where the aliens come from and why they attacked earth. Another thing she truthfully want to find out is how do these aliens look under their helmets.
  7. I am willing to play the alien prince if nobody else has signed up yet...
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