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  1. "Sometimes in life, the outcome doesn't always go the way you wanted. That is expected of course, nobody's life is perfect. However, other people may have the shorter end of the stick.. Me? I would say, I didn't even have a stick. That is how I ended up here in this place bound to this cold bed. First time I open my eyes, everything was hazy. I could see doctor talking to my parents. I don't know what he said, but my mother started to cry into my father's chest. How did I get here again? That is right..

    My name is Micheal Goodwell. Average teenager who was about to finish his senior year until.. I never had the best of luck did I? All the things that I could have done to avoid that drive on the rainy night that led me here. Even the events that led up to it was a serious of unfortunate circumstances. The fight with my parents, the stress with school, and my broken heart. Perhaps if one of those changed, I wouldn't have driven off down a hill."

    Micheal slowly open his eyes which felt sore in the bright white light. They slowly adjusted to see the room he was in. He was at the hospital by the appearance of the room. White walls and floors, medical equipment, and it was really cold. He sat up and his hand reached up to rub his brown curly hair, his head pounding. How long has he been out? He remember seeing his parents last time he was awake.

    There was a plastic tube coming from his hand, leading up to a empty bag. The male yanked it out of his hand and let out a groan, IVs weren't his favorite. Yet again, he could only think about how cold it was wearing only a scrub and nothing beneath. He slowly got out of the bed, legs feeling weak as he took a couple steps. Micheal made his way awkwardly out to the hallway and notices the emptiness of it.

    "Hello! Anyone here?" he finally shouted when he noticed how eerie the silence was. His brown eyes scan for any signs of life, any response at all. Only the flickering of lights reply to him down the hallway. He looked both ways once more before starting to make his way down one end, close to the wall for support.
  2. Nothing was to be taken for granted, Nurnadael thought hazily. She thought the bliss of being undiscovered and free was going to last. Of course, it didn't. Nothing ever did now, did it? Her once free and light limbs were strapped down to a cold metal table. Like a lab rat. Blinding bright light filled her vision, not allowing her to see anything else. It reminded her of home, yet was so different from it. For one, home was always warm, yet here the cold was already seeping through the thin cloth she had on.

    As her eyes adjusted to the searing light, she observed the small and plain room with whitewashed walls. She could smell dried blood under the overwhelming smell of bleach and medicine. This was a hospital, she deducted easily. The smell of death was easy to detect. Nobody else was in the room. Just her and the metal door she was strapped to.

    The sound of metal being sharpened in the distance along with tortured screams alerted her sensitive ears, scaring her a bit. Even though she was a celestial being, or as they called them, Engel, she was young and her physical body could feel pain. She tried to remember what features her body had, for no other reason than to take her mind off things.

    A body like a fragile doll, easily able to break under the slightest amount of pressure. Delicately crafted facial features with soft and round curves like a baby. Short wavy hair the color of pine needles, along with golden eyes. Flawless ivory skin with no blemishes or any of the sort. Feathery wings that were tinted blue, like the sky. Wings that folded back as to be easily concealed. All these composed the vessel she used on this physical realm. She sometimes marveled at actually knowing what she looked like, for before she was simply light with no form.

    She groaned, the sound of drills fading away. A shout broke the eerie silence. She couldn't answer, of course. There would never be a time when she could answer, or talk at all. She wanted to answer, wanted to feel not so alone. But she couldn't. She could only let her feelings well up in the form of tears as she lay there. Alone. Unable to move. Let me out, the claustrophobic part of her shouted. Nobody answered.
  3. It was as if Micheal was on a boat, the hallway creeping back and forth and his feet stumbling to keep balance. He shook his head and touched his forehead. It was bandaged, he must have hit his head during the crash. The nausea and dizziness is probably from the injury and the mix of drugs he was given. "I hate hospitals.." he said out loud to himself as he continued on. Almost to the end of the wing, he thought he saw a dark figure standing by the corridor.

    Before he could even speak out, whomever that was spun around and ran through the double doors. "Hey! Wait!" Micheal cried out as he felt a rush of adrenaline in his body and took off after the person. The doors burst open as the slender boy went through them, just to freeze where he was upon the sights. There was blood all over the white hallway, hand prints dragging along the walls, trails of blood leading to rooms, and in the center was what caught his attention the most. A body hanging from the ceiling. It smiled at him and waved him over, "Come join me, I have so many things to show you.." read the lips. The voice soft yet sinister.

    Micheal didn't know what happen next, his body just collapsed and his mind faded into the darkness. This was too much for his mind to handle right now. A scream woke up him up from his unconscious state. His heart beating out of his chest when he got up and looked around. The hallway was not cover in blood, but a regular clean one. And the body was not there. 'What the hell was that.' he thought in his head. He then hears someone crying out once more from one of the rooms. It sounded like someone was trapped.

    The boy moved to the room and slowly turned the knob, not sure what he would find on the other side. His arm was trembling as it fully turned the knob and the door let out a soft groan while it opened. His bright hazel eyes looked at the girl on the table strapped down. "H-Hello? Are you alright?" he manage to say walking closer.
  4. "..." A voice followed by footsteps penetrated the long silence as someone entered the room. She could not answer. Let me out, she would shout repeatedly in her mind. It was useless, nobody could hear thoughts after all. The footsteps neared and she found herself looking at a young boy, about her age. Maybe a little older.

    A pair of soulful eyes stared up at him as he looked at her. Was it one of the doctors? No, he seemed to be one of the patients apparently. Her mouth opened and closed, in an attempt to get him to read her lips. Take off the straps. At that time she noticed her wings. Or rather, lack of them, she though in horror. There were only the bones left, along with a few dangling feathers. She wanted to scream. She really wanted to scream at that time.
  5. The buzzing noise of the lights overhead were overbearingly loud. He was closer and could see she was trying to speak but no words came out. His eyes couldn't help but to look up and down, making sure there wasn't anything he should be worried about. The lights above flickered and that was when he saw it. It looked like rotting wings that were attached to her. The surprise of the find cause Micheal to fall back on his bottom.

    He quickly pushed back to a wall, still sitting down on the floor. His eyes fixed on her now not sure how to go about this. Other then those wings, she seemed to be normal. Nothing sinister about her, but his heart was still racing. Her lips were making words that seems to be asking him to take off the straps. Chills ran down his spine.. 'Come join me.' He thought back to earlier to the hallway.

    "Who are you? W-What are you?!" he let out as he manage to get back on his feet. His back was pressed against the wall. It felt as if he left it, there would be something breathing on the back of his neck. He wasn't eager to get close to whatever that was either on the table.
  6. Who she was? That was such a question. How would she define herself, she wondered. She observed as he scrambled away in fear. She couldn't let him go without him helping. The only thing that was possible was to send out a soothing energy towards him, in a gesture to show no harm. I can help you get out of here, she mouthed silently.

    The easiest way was through the windows, but her wings were unusable right now. They had taken away almost all of it as samples for their horrible experiments. She clenched her hand so hard it bled, the crimson blood trickling over the table. She knew humans were often afraid of things they don't understand. It was understandable. But the frustration was getting to her. Take them off! she practically overloaded his mind with thoughts, hoping this time it will get through.
  7. The frustration was clearly visible on her face and Micheal soon heard it in his head. It was overwhelming and he held his head, "Ah okay! Just calm down!" He lower his arms and slowly approaches her. Could he trust her? She seems to expression emotions and seem to be lost as him. The thoughts of having a companion in this hellish place right now would be something very tempting. He took a deep breath and then decided.

    Micheal walked over to the girl and started to undo the straps. Suddenly a loud noise was heard from the other end of the hallway. It sounded like the doors being thrown open and following that was a screeching of metal. It sounded like something heavy was being dragged on the hallway. The boy's heart raced once more as he tried to undo the straps faster. His fingers fumbled a couple times but he managed.

    He took her hand and look to the rusty locker, there was enough room for the two of them. "Hurry!" he exclaimed pulling her with him. They both stuff themselves in the locker and closed it. His breath seems to be extremely loud, there was no way he wouldn't be found. There were thin slits in the locker's door allowing him to see out the room.
  8. Satisfied that he finally took the time to help her, she stopped directing the hurricane of thoughts into his head. Rubbing the places where she had been strapped down, she noticed him growing nervous. He had just noticed the screeching metal? It was present even before he came to this room.

    She let him lead her to a rusty locker in the room. What did they store in it, she wondered. Corpses? Netherless, they could hide there in moderate safety. Don't breathe, she directed those two words into his head, as a warning. If whoever or whatever it was heard him, it would've all over. The two were pressed onto each other from lack of space. She outstretched her hand and put it over his mouth, just in case he didn't understand.
  9. Taking a deep breath, the boy calmed down and obeyed the girl's words. His breathing slowed and then stopped when the door opened. What appears to be a doctor entered the room, his garments stained and shades of red. Not the kind of doctor you imagine with the fresh clean white. His lab coat swayed back and forth as he look around the room. "Oh dear, where did she run off to? How unfortunate, I was going to see what her insides look like today," he said pausing in front of the locker looking at another direction.

    Micheal's eyes couldn't leave off the man for a moment. He appeared to be a normal person besides the creepy Halloween type attire. His hair was black and parted to the side like in the 40's or some long ago era. His glasses were thin and professional appearing. The male appears to be in his late thirties perhaps. The sound was screeching metal was still coming. "Mr. Biggs! Come on it and drop them off over here. I guess I'll look at them later. We have someone to find!"

    A large muscular figure entered the room and the boy could see what was causing the sound. The figure was dragging what appears to be a large metallic type axe. It was about the size of the man carrying it! Who was already seven foot something. He work something similar to a butcher suit, his face covered with an iron mask with the likeness of a man. He couldn't help but to let a breath out in fear. Staring into the darkness of the eye holes of the mask felt like Micheal was going to lose his sanity.

    The doctor looked over to the locker for a moment, it looked like he was staring right at the boy. "We better get going," he said walking out the door. The one called Mr. Biggs threw two bodies into the room on the floor with just one hand. He then made his way out of the room, dragging the big axe.
  10. Heavy footsteps were headed towards them, echoing in the small room. She did not take much notice of the two men speaking in there, but rather focused on making sure the boy beside her did not make the slightest noise. She hoped he wasn't suffocating. She could hold her breath for as long as needed, but she wasn't sure about him.

    A small sigh of relief could be heard as they left, leaving two bodies. Two bloodied bodies with the skin torn cleanly off. The faces were distorted, with the mouth forming an O shape in a silent, never ending scream. She was not fazed. There had been worse scenes back when she dealt with the dream seeds...

    Not wanting to stay here any longer, she grabbed the boy's hand and swiftly ran out of the door, dragging him with her. She made no sound as she ran, even though she was going at full speed. If only she had the use of her wings...then they would've been able to escape through the window in the room. Sadly, her feathers had been picked clean, one by one.
  11. His eyes were on the bodies for a brief moment, he didn't want to think about what happened to the two that caused that outcome. The speed of the girl running surprised him when she took off with him. They were now back in the hallway, a trail of blood led back into the room from where the big one was dragging the bodies. He didn't want to know where that lead. Micheal looked back to the girl and gave her a nod.

    He saw the two leave the room, heading the other way... Even though he didn't really want to see where the trail led, they had no other choice. His fingers were still gripped tightly around the girls. They took off down the hallway, silent as possible. In the boy's mind, thoughts of how to get out of this mess was running through his head. 'An exit... Need to find an exit.'

    The next area seems to have been some kind of holding room. There was a row of gurneys on the side, tattered cloth material separating them. What was more disturbing was each gurney had a patient laying on it, their face covered with fabric. Micheal was glad he didn't have to see any of their faces. They were about to pass the last one when the body on the gurney sat up. In an eerie whisper the person said, "Help... me..."
  12. He was scared, she could tell. His hand was gripping hers so hard it could've turned blue and have the fingers fall off one by one. Oh well. She observed the hallway and its sights nonchalantly, having seen much worse in the past. She hoped she could regrow her feathers soon. Otherwise, she doubted any form of escape would be possible. It would be all too late then.

    She watched his reaction at arriving at the next area. He seemed sickened by the sight. His mental condition seemed to grow increasingly unstable. This couldn't do. In an attempt to reassure and comfort him, she squeezed his hand and smiled gently. Everything would be alright, she seemed to say.

    Of course, he'll have no recollection of these events once we get out..
    the thought broke the facade of a smile on her face. She would have to wipe away every memory of his that had to do with this wretched place. It would be for the best, right? Even though she reassured herself with these thoughts, she felt a slight tinge of sadness. He would forget her also. He's just a stranger you met by chance, she told herself, trying to ignore it. Her duty was not to be affected by personal feelings.

    The next area, she observed, was apparently where the doctors put their failed experiments. They were most likely dead, from the fabric on their faces. As they passed, one of the "corpses" proved her wrong. " Help...me.." it whispered. That was strange. She could not feel any life force from it, yet it could talk. Keep going and ignore it. It's not alive. She directed those thoughts into his head once more, hoping he would obey. Something was off in this so-called hospital. For one, the knowledge of her kind was something they could not have.
  13. Not taking any chances, he simply obeyed the girl and continued on. There was a sign with a picture of an elevator and starts pointing forward, that was a relief. They made it to the front desk of the floor, in front of the elevators. There was a number six posted above the elevator doors. Of course they would be up that high. The elevator wasn't responding when he pressed the button with the downward arrow, the power must have died to them a long time ago.

    Micheal walked over to a window and looked outside. The sky was a dark overcast, everything as far as he can see seemed grey and desolated. Was this even the same world he knew? Or did he die and go to some other world? Hell? He had so many questions. His attention turned back to the girl now. On her back seems to be wings, but they were in no good condition. And she seems to be able to communicate to him through his head.

    "I need some answers. Do you know where we are? What those people were doing back there? And how are you talking to me through my head?" he asked trying to figure this all out. It was like some kind of twisted nightmare. The boy took a deep breath, trying to keep calm.
  14. You don't need to know much right now. We're in a hospital that was supposed to be shut down decades ago, and they were doing exactly what you thought they were doing. I am....as you call it, an Engel. Now let's hurry. The things that called out to you from before are slowly heading towards us. She replied wordlessly, noting that they were on the 6th floor. She stared at him, waiting for his reaction.

    The 6th floor...wasn't that where they kept the bodies in normal hospitals? Or was it the basement? She wasn't sure.
  15. He try to follow what she was saying to him, Engel? Like an angel? That would have explain the wings. That really lead him to the conclusion this might be hell then. But what did he ever do to have end up here? He may have not been the most religious person, but he never committed anything deserving of this. No. He refused to be in this place. She was right, they had to hurry. Micheal took her hand once more and started to move down the stairs. There should be an exit at the first floor.

    Of course that would have been too easy. By the time they got to the fourth floor, the stairs had been destroyed by what it appears to be time. The steps broke off into a four story fall, not a good idea to try to jump. "God damn it," he said out loud realizing they had to find another way now. There was a fire axe mounted on the wall. Break In Case of An Emergency. Hah, that made him laugh. He broke the glass with his elbow and retrieve the axe. His attention turn to the Engel, "Let's go explore then shall we?" His voice more confident then before.

    He pushed door from the stairwell with great force to get it to open. A thud was heard when a man fell to the ground from the door being open. Micheal ready the axe, drawing it back to swing at the man. "W-Whoa whoa!" the man said scampering on the floor with his hands out to try to defend himself. "Who are you?" The boy asked still holding the axe in a ready posture. "I-I don't know. I woke up in one of these waiting chairs and bam, I'm in this creepy hospital. I don't remember anything, only that my name started with an M," he replied getting up on his feet.

    The man had a fair blonde hair, short and neatly cut. He was wearing a dark grey suit, appearing to have been some kind of businessmen or some sort. His green eyes were filled with confusion and nervousness. Micheal could tell that he wasn't going to cause them any harm. "Well I'm Micheal and this is..." he never got her name did he? "Uh well I'm not sure. And I guess we can just call you M if you don't mind," he suggested.
  16. Nurnadael wondered why he did not seem so surprised. Normally, people would think she was crazy. Not that she's ever told anyone, but it was what she assumed of human nature. The boy must've gone through some unbelieveable things, then. As they ventured down the stairs, her hands reached out and touched his soft hair subconsciously.

    It continued for a few minutes without her noticing, before she pulled back, feeling slightly embarrassed at her strange actions. She hoped he didn't notice. Upon reaching the fourth floor, it was impossible to go down any further. The stairs were already rotted away. What to do... The boy surprised her by finding an axe nearby.

    In no time he pushed down the door with the axe, sending a person to fall in front of him. The man seemed harmless, but who could trust someone from their looks? Ah well. All of it would end soon.

    The boy, which she now knew was named Michael, appeared to ask for her name. Nurnadael, he could now hear in his mind. It wasn't like her to give out her real name to humans, but then again, everything seemed so surreal right now.
  17. After hearing her name in his head he properly introduced her, "This is Nurnadael by the way. So how have you seen anything strange? Or know what is going on at all?" Micheal asked the man, hoping to get some kind of answers if not from the Engel. The man shook his head from side to side. "Oh nice to meet you Nurnadael, as suppose I am M," the man said giving the girl a faint smile. "I'm lost as you. I can't even remember my name at most, so I have no idea why I'm in this hospital," he replied.

    If Nurnadael could sense the life force in beings, she would be able to notice something odd about this man, M. His aura was of a human, but there was something different about it. It was a significant difference, but only a small one that could easily not been noticed.

    "Well let me just fill you in what is going on. There is some kind of mad doctor with his big Frankenstein friend doing weird shit up there. And I'm not planning on being apart of it. So we need to get out of this place. The stairs are not an option though. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do?" Micheal said having one hand holding the axe and the other around the girl's, both were comforting.
  18. She sighed a bit, a bit tired. Everything up til now had been exhausting and tiring. She honestly wished for a chance to go back to before. Before, where no insane scientists trying to dissect her internal organs and collect DNA samples from her wings. The warm, comforting feel of home was a tempting thought right now.

    Not taking much mind of the surroundings and Michael's talking, she set her sights on a nearby window. It was winter. Small, delicate flakes drifted down slowly, adding to the foot high snow piled on the ground. It was still falling steadily. She pressed her hands on the window, melting some of the ice coating it. The cold seeped into her palms, sending chills down her body. Pulling back, she turned back to them.

    Not much point going outside, eh? Unless we find some form of transport or if there was a safe place nearby. Frostbite would overtake us otherwise. There were so many problems right now, including the invetible problem of rations. She had not noticed any on their way here.
  19. The boy's hazel eyes stare out of the window once more, "Any place other then here is safer. We just need to find a way out." Micheal said replying to what Nurnadael had stated. He thought about his parents, how sad they seemed when he saw them last. What were they doing now? The hope of getting out this place and back to the reality he knew was the only thing keeping him going.

    "Well we could try to get rope or something and climb down the elevator shaft," M suggest as he took a seat. The light flickered as he pulled out a cigarette, "Man I never needed one more." A few flicks from the lighter and the flame lit the end. "So why you carrying around that axe for kiddo? Looked like you were going to slay me when I first saw you."

    Micheal turn away from the window and looked at the man in the suit. His idea sound plausible, they just need to find rope or something similar. "Let's say the staff of the hosital don't seem so friendly. You haven't ran into anyone besides us? Or anything?" M shook his head from side to side, "Nope, just you two kids. This hospital is sounding more dreadful with each passing second." He took another drag of the cigarette

    The floor sounded like it was safe for now. The boy took a seat as well and let out a deep breath, his legs were shaking from just getting out of bed and running through this hospital. "Maybe we could tie sheets or something. Nurnadael, do you know who those people were back there? And what were they doing to you?"
  20. It would be best to just know this. They somehow have knowledge of our kind, and had captured me to use as a lab rat. They wanted to test if humans could become like us, hence the dissecting, plucking of feathers and blood samples. She did not mention that when they tried injecting her blood into humans, it practically drove them insane. Nobody needed to know about that.

    The man in the suit gave a slightly, almost unnoticeable feeling that felt strange for a human. Surely it was nothing to be worried about. She simply wondered why she didn't notice before. Nurnadael noticed the sadness he gave off, and tried to reassure him in the form of a head rub. We'll get out of here, make no mistake. If I can just get in contact with my Order.