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  1. "Welcome one and all!"​

    First things first, I want you to know what kind of roleplays I like. I like to roleplay with drama. The more the better, I also like to have a few surprises, and a few things plotted out. I like seeing that I am not the only one trying, and I like it when my partners are as active as I am, and remember to post most of the time. If you are as excited as I am, keep reading.

    A few things that put me off is for one, not posting as much as me! Seriously, if I post like 3 paragraphs, and you post a one liner, it makes me want to hurl my computer out the window, onto a wall, and have it drop down 30 stories to land on the concrete, face down. Please don't do that. Also, have some grammar please. It is really annoying when I have to put tons of effort to reading what you had read. Also, MARY AND GARRY SUES ARE A NO!!!!!!!!! I hate them, don't, pet peeve. Also, having a character that swears a lot is no problem, but cussing when they are out of character, like a lot, is not cool. Also, having a character swear every post is kind of eh. Worst thing you can do is AUTO HIT. Do not auto hit, it bugs me. If we have a plot involving fighting, my characters will most likely rely on speed, so two or three good hits would knock her out, meaning I will be doing a lot of dodging, so don't blame me if I keep dodging. With that, onto my preferences.

    For me, I like playing females. There are a few instances where I am willing to play male, though I do not have many varieties of males to play. I tend to fall short when playing males, and I prefer having females instead. Also, most of my characters had some sort of trial in their life, and most of them are more, interesting than anything. I have a wide variety of females I can play, from Mixed Martial artists to quiet writers, two outgoing girls. I also prefer to make detailed characters sheets. I also only do FemalexMale parings, no exceptions. And very last thing, NO SMUT, PERIOD. Not going that far, don't want to go that far. If we do, we fade to black. Also, I like roleplaying with all sorts of ages, so no need to fret, I don't do smut, and that is just a personal preference.

    Alright, onto pairs and plots.
    Plot A
    Character A is a woman who is married to a wealthy "kind" man who is always working. She feels a bit separated from him because they both work, and she decides to buy him flowers one day and that is when she meet's Character B, a boy around her age that has been noticing her around for a while, and realizes that she is married, and gives up hope on wooing her. But when she gets home, she finds her husband home, with another woman. Now Character A must try to escape her cheating, and abusive husband's grasp before he pulls her back under.

    Plot B
    Character A is a high staked criminal, living the life of a bachelor with only his money, a butler, and any exotic pets to accompany him. But one day, while he is out (Or doing anything else for that matter) he sees Character B, a young beautiful girl who has lived a life of being sheltered by her father, The Police Chief, and she is yearning to escape a little bit at a time. Of course, he doesn't like that she is the chief's daughter, but he is yearning to reel her in, and maybe she can help him with his next mission.

    Plot C
    Character A is a nerd. But not just any type of nerd, the Queen of the Nerds. She is smart, geeky, and she is fiery too. She isn't know to follow the rules, and she is uncoordinated, a bit awkward, and socially withdrawn from everyone but a few people. Character B is the Big Man On Campus, or the football Capitan. What happens when the Fiery Queen of Nerds sparks interest in the Football Capitan, and they have to work their way around things, and almost everything tries to stop it.

    Plot D
    Character A is a simple high school boy, who has a crush on Character B's best friend. Character A asks Character B for help, since they are obviously best friends. As Character B tries to help, her best friend falls for someone else. Attempting to help sooth the heart ache, Character B, tries to help him get over it. In the meantime, Character B starts falling for Character A

    Plot E
    (I have a character in mind for this one)
    (Fandom: Avengers)
    Fiona Stark is the daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Stark. She is normally not that social at school, but she is known for throwing the best parties. She is a wild child, and she is chaotic, and a bit Tsundere. But even that, she has, due to an old test that her father put on her, a bionic arm, that she tries hard to hide. But when Director Furry, she has to pair up. Now her and Character B, are trying to keep the streets clean, and getting along at the same time.

    Plot F
    Character A is an Angel. A strange angel at that. She wanders the street underneath a disguise as a human. Character B is (Leaving this open so you can decide). What happens when they both brush into each other and fates tangle?

    Plot G
    Character A, is a highly trained ninja, not even kidding. Her entire job, is to assassinate others, and she has just been sent after Character B, who also happens to be an assassin, and when they meet, they end up almost fighting to the death, going round and round, until one of them almost killed the other, and at the last minute, decides to save them, causing them both to fall into serious trouble.

    Plot H
    Character A is a girl with powers, which she guards fiercely by shutting herself in. She is alternative, and has piercings up in the billions, and she thought she was the only one, until she meet Character B, a person just like her, hiding themselves under a shell.

    Plot I
    (Based on The Tigers Curse)
    Character A is just a man looking for a job, and ends up getting one at a circus, where he finds a mysterious panther, who refuses to do anything above basic tricks and seems to be interested in nothing, until Character A comes along. Low and behold, this Panther is not just anyone, it is a girl put under an ancient curse, and now Character A has to help her get out of it.

    Plot J
    Ahh, summer camp. What could be more magical? Well according to Character A, anything. She is stuck out in the middle of nowhere with only a group of kids to council, and one other counselor to keep her company. How is she supposed to survive a whole summer with nothing but a goofball to keep her company.

    Plot K
    Vacation can be a blast, but when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with your mothers family friends, and this dork you can't help but having feelings for. Now Character A is falling head over heels for this goofball, but will it last?

    Plot L
    Character A is a simple girl, dating for the first time. Her boyfriend, Character B, just happens to be a huge flirt. When she sees him dancing and kissing with another girl, she dumps him on the spot. Now he has to do anything and everything in his power to get her back.

    Plot M
    Character A is a cat lover, Character B, not so much. When character B happens to move in next to this cat loving nerd, he finds one of her cats inside his house, rubbing it's fur all over his stuff. How will these two ever get along!

    Plot N
    Character A and Character B dated for a while, but Character A got fed up and now they had split. 5 years later, after collage, Character A is married, and moving in. But soon enough Character B shows back up, only to tell her that he needs her to be his secretary. How will she deal with this, that and the fact that her husband is cheating.
    (Bolded means I would prefer to play this character)
    (* Means I want this more than others)
    Large CatxLarge Cat*
    Warrior CatxWarrior Cat
    FloristxTattoo Artist
    Person with AbilitiesxPerson with Abilities
    Shy NerdxOutgoing Nerd*
    Any more you can think of, PM me​
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  2. I think Plot G would be fun
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  3. Hello! Is it possible for me to try plot A? This seems pretty interesting.
  4. Sure pm me
  5. Plot F sounds like Fun, I was thinking Angel X demon, if that's okay with you :)
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