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  1. Hello there~ I'm shadow of course by the time you read my name you will already know that so sorry for the repeat, Anyway. I am in search of some male partners, since I'm getting very low in partners. (To be exact I have one for sure partner and then some off and on ones with old friends) I'm pretty easy to get along with so having a friendship out of roleplay would be great. I also usually end up adding romance into the rp unless the plot says different.

    What I'm Looking for:
    • If you could possible post more than once a day it would be great. I am on 24/7 and some times I can be a little late to replying but I like people who can match my speed if not that is alright I understand people have lives outside of this.
    • Detailed, I love details I love being able to see your character or what they are doing.
    • I have a pet peeve with roleplaying some times the two biggest ones I have are that the characters you use are all the same personality wise (I love diversity and the same thing after a while gets very irritating) I also hate being corrected. Some times I make mistakes in my writing made I write: "their" instead of "There" I know the difference just some times It slips out and I don't notice it.
    What I can do:
    • I can roleplay many characters at once.
    • I have many different styles of roleplay, I could do actions in * or in - or just plain out text while the speech is in " .
    • I can play both male and female characters.
    • I'm comfortable with MXM and MXF
    • I can't do Smut or ERPs so every thing has to be pg-13 to pg-16.
    If you are interested please reply or message me, Thank you so much and have a great day, afternoon, and/or night ^-^
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  2. What's up I could be interested in an RP do you have any real plots in mind?
  3. I have many real ideas, I like to wait till I've discussed more of my partners tastes before I mention any though.
  4. I mean I'd be pretty cool with most plots, whatever you would want to do.
  5. I would enjoy some thing that takes place earlier on in time aka the 19th century involving vampires,werewolves, etc. And a Sire and his new blood.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.