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  1. The Kingdom of Eidlbaen is a pretty damn nice kingdom to live in. His royal highness King Edwin for example, loves his people so much, he often meddles in to the affairs of their personal lives. His favorite way to meddle is The Knight's Ball, where he pimps his royal guard to all of the eligible singles of the Kingdom in hopes to get them married and having babies. (He believes a Knight with a family is a more loyal Knight to the Kingdom!)

    This year King Edwin is welcoming home his daughter, the Princess Ysolde, from her studies out of country. She was sent away as a young child to learn the arts of etiquette, the craft of government, and maybe a little because she was a holy terror and a horrible spoiled beast as a pug-faced child. The Princess might have returned several years sooner had the Kingdom not fell in to a short war with a neighboring land. Everyone is curious to greet their princess again for the first time in 15 long years!

    For this special occasion, The Knight's Ball is not JUST a time for King Edwin to match make his faithful knights, but it is a Welcome Home party for his daughter. Anyone and everyone has shown up for this celebration.

    Even people who are dangerous to the throne...

    WHO: Everyone is invited!

    WHAT: You will be playing an invited guest to the celebration, a knight, a member of the royal court, or even someone visiting from a neighboring kingdom. Play a good guy, play a bad guy, play whatever you like as long as it fits the traditional fantasy setting. Magic, misc races, and supernatural elements are allowed! BIOS ARE NOT REQUIRED, BUT THEY ARE ENCOURAGED.




    This is a SOCIAL ROLEPLAY WITH IMPROV GMING. That means the object of this roleplay is to interact with other characters, and from those interactions I will create a plot and story around you. The more interesting and developed your character, the more you interact, the more awesome the plot turns out!

    My roleplays are NEWBIE FRIENDLY so even if you are terrible at roleplay or have never participated in a ChaRP before, this will be easy for you to get involved in. :D Ask questions, let me know when you need help.

    As always, if you have any questions about this plot or roleplay, just ask away!
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  2. I will be making a character for this! :D

    Sir Amren of Riquebourc

    Knight | 22 Summers
    Bratty and egotistical on the outside with a squishy scared-to-death-of-his-Father on the inside. Amren is a spoiled young man who has never met a fight he couldn't win with arms, charm, or money. This will be his second time to The Knight's Ball and he has a bit of a reputation as the sort of young man a woman probably shouldn't be alone with.

    His family is very close to the King and Amren spent his time at court before being apprenticed to a knight as a squire being a holy terror much the same as Princess Ysolde. Unlike the Princess in question who -might- have grown up and out of their terribleness, Amren doesn't seem to have.

    It's easy to call Amren a mess and he'd agree with you. He'd also challenge you to a dual to the death for insulting his honor.

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  3. f7641b8871b0ec0adfc155d05b91894a.jpg
    AlexPascenko on deviantART

    Farren Stonegrove

    King's Knight | 30 summers old

    Sun-kissed skin, black wavy hair, hazel eyes, strong build, six foot two.

    Fiercely loyal to his king, despite the man's shenanigans. Farren has dodged "the hookup" for ten years running and would like to keep the streak going. It's not that he doesn't believe in love. He certainly does and quietly yearns for it. But he does not agree with the king on the matter of families and knighthood. In fact, he thinks the opposite and he is stubborn to remain promised to no one but the royal guard.

    He might be a bit of a stick in the mud at first glance but give him a few drinks and he'll loosen right up. Regardless, he has very little patience for sharp-tongued folk. He enjoys singing and as a swordsman with reputed footwork, he is a decent dancer. He grew up in the slums with his cousin Jaspar and had to work his way up to becoming a knight from a very young age. He was a squire to a knight in the guard before the princess was sent away.

    Hard worker, loyal, sooo not interested in marriage, social butterfly - just add wine.
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  4. MEMNON, Lord of the Diamond Valley (that is, of Aethiopia)


    (The above, but wearing a gaudy suit of ceremonial armor, crafted of pure gold plates, and adorned with many fine stones, diamonds and emeralds and rubies and tracings of lapis lazuli.)

    King -- about 300 Summers old

    Memnon is the king of the Aethiopians, a dark-skinned people found far to the south of Eidlbaen. He comes to the Eidlbaenian court for the first time to discuss matters of state with King Edwin, and perhaps broker a marriage between Princess Ysolde and one of his great-great-great-great-great grandsons, for the sake of their nations' new alliance. His blue skin, excess fingers, tall stature, and incredibly long lifespan stem from his being half-Titan, the Titans being a race of gigantic shape-shifting gods that once freely ruled and roamed the earth, but were driven away into hiding by the current gods. His father is the Titan, while his mother was Ethiopian royalty.

    He's rather aloof compared to his contemporaries, trusting most matters of state to his great-great-great-great grandsons (who are neither as long-lived nor as, well, great as he is), although some of the more exciting bits of business, such as foreign policy or war (basically a more violent form of foreign policy), he prefers to handle by himself. Ever keen to tell stories of his many long-done adventures, his somber face and manner is often broken by a sunny, talkative spirit, filled with the vanity of youth as filtered through the sharp cunning of experience. He has been widowed about nine times, and currently he is married to no one, but he does have a mistress who he wouldn't trade for anyone, a mistress who is more divine (literally) than he is, but could only be with him for the better three-fourths of the year.
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  5. Yeeeeesssss! I will be joining. :) I'll post a description of my character soon! I'm thinking an assassin from a neighboring country or something. :)
  6. I need to think about my character as well, but I will definitely be joining this RP!
  7. YAY! I am excited! >:3 River's character is making me laugh though. =____= I am having a hard time taking an adventure time picture seriously!
  8. Kieran Rose Doyle

    Kieran is a handmaiden for the illustrious Lady Katherine Anne Copperly, whose incredible beauty is exceeded only by her selfish desires and rage-filled tendencies. Though Lady Katherine was the one who was actually invited to the Ball, she decided at the last moment that it would be far too boring for her to waste her time among people that did not deserve to bask in her presence. So, she told Kieran to dress up in her clothes and pretend to be a proper lady. Kieran's mission is to pretend to be Katherine - though she is a poor substitute and anybody with a lick of sense won't believe the ruse for a moment - and attempt to get the Lady a husband with enough coin to fuel her materialistic ways. He must be of high social standing, of course. If all else fails, the Lady did mention she would not mind if the Princess happened to be eliminated from the picture to make room for her to step up into the noble elites.

    Kieran herself has no interest in the politics of the kingdom. She does her job well, staying quiet and getting things done promptly. Her wonderful Lady Katherine is the first employer she has had that doesn't seem to like that Kieran has no ability to read or write. Instead, the Lady uses it as fuel for mockery, but Kieran does not take offense. She knows her place and accepts everything that her Lady says as true.. which is why she's going to the Ball dressed in clothes she has never dreamed of wearing before. Now to figure out how one goes about getting a husband for a Lady who isn't in attendance..
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  9. I'll be adopting Lou Ferrigno's voice, too. xD
    But that'th if I manage to sleep early enough and wake up early enough for this. Darn timezone difference!
  10. Queen Giansee Sil Derons

    One of the most influential queens of the mysterious and far away Nasod Empire, one would expect Giansee to rule an entire country by herself, however, she is perhaps best described as an exceptionally powerful duchess. Her home is ruled by the recently appointed Varith Ianus Ther Akij, who wishes to know more about the far away lands so that he may make peace with them. Nevertheless, Giansee is one of his ambassadors who enjoys his complete protection even in this remote land. Though it is tempting to dismiss grand first emperor Varith as a tree-hugging maniac because of his sentiments, there are rumours that the Nasod Empire can field an army of millions with weapons that can bring the very heavens crashing down.

    As for Giansee herself, she is actually looking forward to this evening as a place where she can learn about the customs, traditions, character and general attitude of the people in this far away land. Though she is a queen, which shows in the way that she carries herself as well as the way she speaks, she is willing to speak with anyone even if they are a mere servant who are leagues below her. There are harsh tongues that say this is because she hails from such lowly origins herself and was made a nobility through mere circumstance, but one would be hard-pressed to find any fault with her as a member of the ruling class.

    More importantly for King Edwin, it is said that Giansee's people are immortal and though she had lived for hundreds of years, there was no one who had ever claimed her heart... or her body.
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  11. Princess Jacqueline Eneless
    Jacqueline is the eldest daughter of King Siralos Eneless, ruler of the island that is Concidon. In spite of this status, Jacqueline has proven herself to be inadequate for the throne in one important way: social prowess. She has never hosted nor attended a ball, and even when speaking to family, she rarely smiles or makes eye contact. Such a demeanor would not be too problematic for a servant, but in the king's eyes, it is unnatural for a princess to act that way. He used to let it go, figuring that in time, she would blossom into a social butterfly like her two younger sisters. But when her 20th birthday came about and no such change had occurred, the king put his foot down and ordered Jacqueline to go to one social event within the week and talk to at least five people, gathering proof that she had done so. The price for disobeying his order would be immediate disownment. Only one celebration was actually taking place during that time, as far as Jacqueline knew, so she didn't have much of a choice.

    Word of King Edwin's tactics at the Knight's Ball has reached Jacqueline's ears, and the idea is highly distasteful to her. Arranged marriage is one thing, but forced marriage is quite another. In fact, everything about the upcoming event is worrying in some way. She'll be alone in a foreign land with little knowledge of her surroundings and no way to hide her reserved nature. She might have to witness other people being pushed upon a knight by the foreign king, or even be one of those people. Worst of all, she is unable to think of a way to conclusively prove that she has talked to anyone, let alone five people. Gifts given to her could be considered stolen, letters could be forged, and testimony could be faked. Granted, she does not believe her father has any reason to distrust her, but she does not want to take the chance. She hopes to find, if not the perfect way, the best way to get through the night.
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  12. I'm almost completely certain that I won't be able to participate in this roleplay since I'll be without wifi (D:), but I'll create a character for it anyway just in case. xD Hopefully Desmond's alright, I figured there would be some kind of waiter at the event which is a perfect opening for him. ^-^

    Halmar 'Desmond' Rogier
    More Commonly Known As: Douche
    23 Years Old | Part-Time Smuggler, Part-Time Thief, Full-Time Asshole
    The Knight's Ball: Desmond's one night to spend among nobility and pretty women annually (opposed to stinking men in a cramped hut in the woods). He had made a tradition out of sneaking into the event as a server every year in order to attend the event. This is usually achieved through knocking out one of the actual servers, pouring alcohol all over him to make it appear as if the man had drunk himself to sleep, then donning the man's uniform and acting like he knew what he was doing. To date, he hasn't gotten caught. Sort of. Technically he had gotten into a bit of a scrape last year with one of the royal guard- well, what could he say, that arrogant prick had tried to go after one of the ladies Desmond had hallmarked as his own. Sure, Desmond had ended up with his face done in after that, but he had recovered over the past year. If that stuck-up knight is there again this year, Desmond is determined to settle the score.

    Desmond is wanted (dead or alive, whatever is more convenient) within King Edwin's land for theft. A lot of it. He also does his fair share of smuggling goods in and out of the kingdom - he usually makes border runs to exchange goods every month or so. However, the man does ensure that he's in town for the Knight's Ball every year. He was born in King Edwin's kingdom and it is his homeland, and therefore Desmond does prefer it there - despite the pains he has to go through to keep himself inconspicuous now that he has a small price on his head. Nothing major enough to have people actively after him, but big enough to ensure that if somebody suspected his identity he'd be shot first and asked questions later.

    As far as personalities go, Desmond appeals more to females than to males. He's your typical playboy: just a little bit poorer but with an added serving of bad-assery. Charming but rough around the edges, he knows how to get what he wants. His tactics usually irritate other men however as he doesn't try to conceal his intentions in the slightest. Desmond is extremely prideful (despite his low status) and is easily agitated, though if you have a pretty enough face he'll be more than willing to overlook a few things.
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  13. I make no guarantees, as I work on the 3rd, but
    I really hope I get to play in this ChaRP.
    It's been far too long.

    Sir Griffith of Raleigh

    Knight | 25 summers
    Friendly and honorable almost to a fault would be the best way to describe Griffith. Low-born as he was, he worked hard from boyhood to become a squire and was knighted upon the event of his Master's death; a long battle with a fever brought on by a war wound. He hadn't much money or fame to his name during his service, but was granted a small hide by his Master and uses the land to provide for himself and immediate family. He was chosen for the royal guard shortly after a tournament in which he fared well.

    Griffith has been known to be flirtatious on occasion, but never in large company and disapproves of raucous behavior as a general rule unless he becomes inebriated which is much less often than one would expect, as he has chosen his own younger brother as his squire and would like to set a good example. Parties aren't his forte but he complied on the king's (and his mother's) insistence that he find a wife, putting on a brave face for the affair (though still feels a bit uncomfortable).

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  14. So much snickering. <3

    Again, bios are NOT required, so if anyone shows up last minute, that is totally okay! 8D We just find bios highly amusing!
  16. This begins in an hour an a half! 8D
  17. How long will this be going, Diana? I'll be missing about the first hour.
  18. A few hours! :D I'll prolly run it until all the players get bored/have to leave or until we reach a "conclusion". It's usually between 4 and 6 hours.
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  19. THIS BEGINS......NOW!


    Last minute people are welcome! <3
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