Welcome Home, Beautiful (F for M)

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  1. I've been in another state for years. You and I had a thing when we were young, pre-teens. We thought it was the real thing, it was my longest relationship to date, but not yours. I never fell out of love with you because we never lost touch. Texting, Skype calls, phone calls until you began going to college for Technical Design and started work on your own video game. The phone calls dwindled to a stop, and texting only happened every other week if I was lucky. My heart broke, but every time we did talk, I fell right back in love because of just how sweet and caring and supportive you were for me...

    But now, I'm coming back. Coming into town for a visit, but I may decide to stay if I love the area as much as I remember...

    What will happen? Will our dying flame reignite? Will we meet and realize it was never right?

    Who knows?
  2. I like this idea
  3. Yeah? You wanna do it then?
  4. Yes please
  5. Okay, would you like to have it in a forum or a private message? And do you want Character Sheets?
  6. Pm would be good and yes I would like character sheets.
  7. Alrighty, I'll PM you my basic character sheet
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.