Welcome Back to the Guild [continuation]

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  1. “Yeah, so, um… yeah.” Muse continued nodding to the village folk as she awkwardly led the roleplayers out of the underground complex. Not a single guard stopped them on their way out, in fact it seemed that a few of them even gestured towards the exit, just to make sure they were could find the correct tunnel.

    “Well then… that was something, eh?” Muse commented as they traveled through the mushroom-lit path, shaking her hair to return it to its original, short look. “Augh, girls, how do you even walk with these?” he asked as he rubbed his chest, watching his breast flatten out as he morphed back into his usual, masculine form. “I felt so… top-heavy.” he continued to ramble as usual pants, shirt and leather jacket replaced what was left of his disguise. Reaching the end of the tunnel, Muse spotted daylight poking through from the foliage on the ceiling above him. “Ah-hah…” he hummed as he pushed the entrance “door” out of his way, and proceeded to climb up and out of the… “Oh.” he spoke. “Well that’s interesting…”

    He stood next to the hole in the ground, his feet standing on what tiny patch of forest floor still remained as the others made their way out. “Soo…” he spoke up, looking out at the blackness in front of him. “How exactly did we get here, again…?” he asked. The hole in the ground opened up to a patch of forest floor no greater in size than the average suburban backyard, as all other space around them, on all sides, had been replaced with void.
  2. Callum hummed to the song as he waited, somethings looking at MK-Ultra as the elevator went down. As the doors opened Callum smiled, "There you go! Finally, I get a bit impatient in elevators after a while, I mean...not that-" Callum turned around to see MK-Ultra looking around for something. Or doing some crazy head exercise.

    He bent down to MK-Ultra, flinching as the flaming wreck of the previous elevator flashed in his eyes. "What is it? GM? Giant monster? Normal people?" Callum looked around just like MK-Ultra was doing. This was getting Callum worried. "Danger? Or what?"
  3. "Hey I'm basically flat chested so I wouldn't know." Books said crossing her thin, shaking arms. She stopped when she saw the black void. "Well there used to be ground..." She said with her wide blue eyes staring at the void surrounding them. "Um Muse just a question. What the heck happens if we are to fall into the void?" She asked a cold wind pirecing through her thin clothes. Her frail body was racketed with shiver, she was still so tired after using so much energy.
  4. Rae chuckled at Muse "girls just naturally have superior balancing abilities" as they walked she started to regain some of her energy and finally she was walking with her normal stride. then they were out and the void was around them. she looked a little confused "i've walked through this stuff before," she reached out into the void, explaining as she went "when i first showed up i was in a dying roleplay, i could barely see something on the other side of the black abyss, so i started walking, well running, and i got through with no problems, i mean i felt a little light headed, but i had just run full-tilt for a solid minute, so it might have been that" she looked around "we originally came from that way" pointing, "i can still see Muse's foot-prints, see?" she knelt at the very edge of the ground to point at a depressed spot on the edge. "what should we do?"
  5. And that was death... How many now? The third, fourth, fifth? Leon sort of lost count. Of course, most people don't need to keep count, so there's that...
    Ironically, it was that very same bout of violence that would end up cutting Leon's chains. In what could probably be best described as percussive maintenance, Leon's brain ended up in a better state than it was a few minutes ago. Although it was still far from a perfect 20/20, he was at least stable enough to see that staying around GM would be a very bad idea. Seriously, if he stayed around GM, these violent outbursts were only going to get worse. As Leon knew deep down -- a knowledge that slowly raised towards the surface --, violent streaks like these tend to get worse the more resistance the victim shows. Which meant that he needed to get away, ASAP. Of course, that still left the problem of getting away in the first place.
    ...Wait a minute. He was sort of immortal at the moment, right? And he always respawned somewhere near the spot of his most recent demise, as has been proven that time he fell off the other Basilix's back (another kill that could be chalked up to GM's streak). So maybe if he could find an opportunity to quite literally jump ship, he could get away from GM! Besides, what was the worst thing that could happen, a permanent death? That would still be better than his current situation; living in a constant fear of being violently murdered. Luckily for Leon, GM didn't seem to be in Pissy Boss Mode anymore at the moment, meaning he would at least get a chance to escape. The young man decided that it would be for the best to keep his big mouth shut for now, lest he'd anger his nemesis again and be maimed in a horribly violent fashion yet again.
    As soon as GM turned back to his PC, Leon slowly walked over to the exit, making sure to make it look like he was just looking around. Only a bit closer... Almost there...Okay, now! Squeezing his eyes shut, Leon leaped out of the opening, down towards whatever form of freedom would lie below...
  6. As they were all leaving it seemed apparent that village wanted Gwazi and the others gone, probably still shaken by the whole monster killed in their city thing.
    But just as Muse seemed to leave he stopped, Gwazi stepped up to see what was going on and then saw the hole below them. Though before he could say anything he noticed Rae had already gone out and was walking on the... nothing. He'd say walking on air, but he wasn't even sure if there was air here. Cautious, Gwazi pulled out the small throwing knife from the last fight with the ratbug, and casually tossed it about 2 feet infront of him, checking to see if the knife stayed afloat, or if it would plummet for eternity.
  7. At first, the air seemed to be calm, and no apparent danger or reason for alarm seemed to be in Callum and MK’s vicinity. But then, MK’s gaze finally landed straight up. And then, very shortly after, the cat quickly scurried out of the way as a falling body became visible. MK Ultra hid behind Callum’s legs as Leon’s corpse landed on the ground with a splat.

    Hard to say where he fell from when no platform was visible above them, though. Ah well, wibbly-wobbly spacey-wacey.


    “Oh, damn… this RP’s dying fast, then.” Muse commented. “GM’s probably manipulating the site again, bringing more downtime, choking off the roleplays that remain…” He let out a long sigh. “What a shame. This place had potential…” he shook his head. “Anywho! As for the void,” he brought his attention to the roleplayers’ questions. “Well um… if a character stepped into the void, they’d probably, er, dissipate.” he told them, trying to find a nicer word to use than ‘die’. “But we’re different from characters, so it’s um… hard to say.” he continued. Rae then told them about how she made it through the void once before. “See, it can have sort of… unpredictable effects on us.” he continued. “Rae made it through ok, but I remember a group of RPers and I got sort of sucked into a void once. Some of us made it through just fine; some just sort of… vanished.” he explained awkwardly.

    Gwazi then tossed one of his knives into the void, and once it hit the darkness, its momentum quickly tapered off as the knife stopped falling and instead just… floated, in the air, moving slowly as if it had been thrown into some invisible dense liquid. “Physics are weird here, too.” Muse commented. “Things just kind of work how you expect them to, rather than how the rules of the universe say that they should. So um… if you try to go out there, don’t think about falling. Cuz um… you’ll probably fall.”
  8. GM watched as Leon made his way towards the exit. He kept his eyebrow raised ever so slightly, fairly certain that the kid was trying to make an escape, despite his attempts to act casual about it. When Leon finally made the jump, GM placed one foot on the floor, looking like he was about to get up… and then, he stopped himself. “Why do I even care?” he mumbled to himself, realizing that he really didn’t need Leon around anyway. It’s not like the kid was a very good minion in the first place. “I should probably turn his respawn off, though…” he told himself, before shrugging, deciding to put it off for later.

    He then looked back at his computer screen, scrolling down the page with his left eye glowing, squinting as if he could use that eye to see things that most people could not. After a while, something caught his attention. He leaned in closer to the screen. “Ooh, that’s interesting…” he mused. “Hehe, the perfect godmod, and he’s… still usable!!” he chirped, leaping onto his swivel chair as he perched on top of the seat. “Haha, this is great! I’ll have to go after him.” he told himself, leaping down from his chair and heading towards the door. He looked out at the open air in front of him. “Hey Bas-” he started to call, before stopping himself, realizing that he suddenly wasn’t in the mood for dragon-riding. “…I guess I’ll just fly solo.” he told himself, before growing a pair of large, feathered wings of a deep purple color. “Yeah, this’ll work!” he chirped, kicking off with his feet as he flew out of his lair.


    He traveled for a while, his left eye glowing intensely. He flew over multiple RP settings, navigating efficiently as if led by invisible markers. Eventually, he was led to a deep void area, and dove in without hesitation. He soon traveled deep enough inside that he only saw blackness on all sides of him, and only then did he seem to doubt his sense of direction, but only slightly. “Now then, it’s around here somewhere…” he spoke, closing his eyes for a moment and concentrating. Soon enough, he snapped them open again. “There it is!!” he called out, pointing into the darkness. Once he flew for a little while longer, though, a “chamber of fun and death” started to come into view.

    “Hey!” he called out. “Hey Rey… Riba… Ribo… fuck! Forgot the name already!” he spat in confusion. “Hey… demon-dragon guy!” he called out, flying between the floating towers. “Yo green skin and dragon wings, you around here somewhere?”
  9. Callum looked at Mk-Ultra confused, "What's going on?" He waited for Mk-Ultra to do something, but all he did was look up. Which, Callum proceeded to do. There was nothing there......until a small speck in the sky appeared. "What........issssss...............that-" The ever increasing spot in the sky then landed on the ground with a splat. Covering Callum with blood and if Callum looked what was probably a bit of brain. Callum closed his eyes and stood there. Not breathing, not doing anything. Slowly he raised one of his eyes....and looked at the mess. This has happened before If Callum bothered to remember. He looked at the mangled corpse for a few moments before suddenly screaming as loud as he could.



    For a while it seemed that nothing was happening, but deep inside one of these floating towers there were trembles. As soon as The GM had entered the Rp the process had started. Someone powerful...

    A sudden burst of black mist burst through the tower, before a light. A light so bright yet was still the colour of the night sky. It shone until it imploded upon itself, taking the tower with it. Though nothing was left aside from a few pieces of rubble defying gravity just like the towers. As if the moment wasn't over yet, all the towers that were left started to glow red. A beam shot from each one to where the destroyed tower was. Creating a ball, which after a few moments of growing to a tremendous size. Two things pointed out from each side, which looked like wings. It flapped once, before the ball dissipated. Leaving only a humanoid figure. dressed in beggars clothes.

    "That was......" It looked around for a few seconds, quickly spotting the GM, "Ah...." Suddenly The Lizard man's body twisted and snapped. His limb moving in a unnatural way. before fixing itself, but this time looking a lot more human. He had curly brown hair, and pale skin. The ragged clothes he was wearing were more torn from the transformation. The only thing that defined him from a human was that his eyes had small slits for pupils.

    "It....has been.....long"
  10. "So basically... if I think about floating then I'll float? But if I think about dying I'd die?" Gwazi asked Muse. "Or is it really unpredictable and you have no idea what will happen?" he added on, he wasn't about to just step into nothingness with no clue as to the potential outcomes.
  11. Rae stepped back onto the little island, she had only been a step or 2 into the void in the first place. she looked back at it "really, it's not that scary, but caution is a good idea" she looked around at them "any ideas what to do now?"
  12. Unlike Callum, Leon's first thoughts upon respawning weren't a sheer blind panic. Rathir, he wondered what the odds were for landing right in front of someone, not once, but twice -- doubly so for it being the same person twice. Probably not high. Then again, this place was obviously not based on logic at all, considering everything that was going on. So maybe he was drawn towards Callum through some kind im importance magnetism or whatever. Sort of like the idea that there has to be someone to hear a tree fall in order to make sound. Meh, whatever, that wasn't important right now. What was important was getting the guy who was screaming his lungs out at the moment to stop doing exactly that.

    "Shh!," Leon hissed. "You'll lure him right to us!" who 'him' was was not explained, although the context didn't make it all that much of a conundrum. With a somewhat panicked look, the young man looked up into the sky. Luckily for him, it didn't look like GM was following him at the moment. Maybe Leon had managed to get away unseen? God, please, let that be the case... Still though, he really didn't want to stay in one place for too long if he could help it, just in case his prayers turned out to be baseless. "Seriously, stop screaming! Even if GM won't hear you, something else might!" In a probably counterproductive attempt at getting the other guy to calm down, Leon tried to grab Callum's hands or wrists, whichever one would be more easily accessable.
  13. Callum wasn't exactly at the most......clear moment of his life. He hadn't stopped screaming and running around like a lunatic.
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!" Callum kept wiping his hands all over his body. He was soaking wet with the water pouring over him. "WHY IS THERE BLOOD....EVEYRWHERE....ALL OVER IT WON'T STOP IT WON'T STOP!" Callum cried as he ran in a random direction.

    When something grabbed his wrist Callum freaked out, at that point his instincts told him that something was going to kill him. So without thinking or even looking a sword appeared in Callum's other hand, he swung it wildly in the direction Callum thought the being was that was grabbing his wrist. Callum saw his mistake, but it was too late. The sword swung into the side of Leon's head. It clearly went sliced through one of Leon's eyes before stopping half way. This Killed Leon quickly, but his body seemed to stand there. Blood pouring out, along with Eye juices and liquefied bit of brain by the force of the impact. Callum stood there Horrified as Leon'd body slid it self off the sword, before landing with a thud and a bit of a squishy sound.

    "No....." Callum was shaking so much that the bloodied sword drop to the ground, "No..."


    Suddenly sharp sword like crystals start spurting out of the ground as Callum was slowly covered in ice.

  14. "I don't know what would help." Books said staring out at the black void. "Maybe I could make a earth path across the void?" She suggested, even if she was tired she wasn't going to give up yet. Her blue eyes scanned the area for any other possible way out of there.
  15. Luckily for Leon, his fifth (or was it his sixth?) death was mostly painless, especially compared to some of his other fatal encounters with sharp things. Still, the fact that someone other than GM was killing him just as readily wasn't really helping his feeling of security. On the plus side, he respawned again, which meant that either GM didn't find out about him trying to escape or couldn't care less about it. Of course, this could also mean that GM was able to simply summon him to his side whenever he felt like it, which would make trying yo get away completely useless. Eh, no need to get all worked up over it when there's also a possible positive explanation: GM simply didn't care enough to take away his phoenix-like immortality, possibly because he had more important things to do at the moment. Plus, Leon himself had some things to do himself too; namely, getting Callum to coll down a bit.
    Oh, wait, it looks like Callum was cooling down on his own already. Well, either that, or he hated Leon's body so much that he wanted to tear it to shreds with all the ice pillars shooting out of the ground. The currently living version of Leon, meanwhile, could barely avoid getting skewered himself, barely avoiding a seventh (sixth?) death.
    "That was really cold, Callum," Leon grumbled, rubbing the side of his heat that was cleaved open moments ago. "You could've killed me! Well, technicaly you did, but I meant in a more permanent way... Anyway, I'm not planning to kill you, okay? Unlike GM, who may or may not be heading this way as we're speaking. Which means we want to get away from 'this way', and not turn ourselves into human popsickles. Also, where did you find this kitty?" An actual smile appeared on Leon's face upon seeing the adorable cuteness that is MK Ultra. "Hey, kitty, how are you doing?," he asked, his voice raising several octaves due to the effects of Cuteness Proximity.
  16. "I....." Callum was covered my giant ice shards, the only thing MK-ultra and Leon could hear was a echo of Callum. "This...."
    The ice shards suddenly burst into many little crystals which floated with the wind. "I think...I may have gone crazy...Since I'm quiet right now..." Callum twisted his head towards Leon. "You would know that wouldn't you?" Callum grimaced as he walked towards Leon...rather....murderously.

    "You......You were with the GM!...Don't try to fool me! Where is he!?" Many shards of ice started to appear around Callum now, all pointing very sharply at Leon. "Tell me! Your still with him! I know it...He thinks he can play mindgames!? What does he want with MK-Ultra? GET AWAY FROM HIM....Tell me! TELL ME OR DIE....and....die again....you can live forever....So there is no reason for me to beat around the bush..." Suddenly a ice shard suddenly shot into's Leon's stomach. "Tell me everything you know...and why he sent you to me!?"
  17. A smile spread across GM’s face as he watched the chaos happening in the tower, watching the destruction spread. Looks like I’ve found my guy… he mused, hovering a safe distance away as he waited for a clear view of the creature responsible. Upon seeing the lizard-creature, a manic smile lit up on his face for just a second, though his expression quickly grew confused again as the being almost immediately changed himself into a more human form. Eyes narrowed skeptically, GM flew in closer, leaving himself only a foot or so away from the creature. “Hey… you…” he spoke, looking him over closely. “I thought you were a lizard-thing that loves power and destruction. Now you just look like a human-thing that loves power and destruction.” he told him. “I mean I suppose a human-thing would still work, but, man, I was really looking for a lizard-guy… that would’ve been perfect.”
  18. The being seemed to squint at the GM, as if struggling to see him. He sighed heavily at the GM, as if wondering if this was worth his time.
    "I am....a Lizard....I am many things...I am this because from far off you looked human...but now....you are everything but....well...mostly...." the being grinned as he changed back to his previous form. As the GM said...."Lizard-guy"

    "Now...what do you want...non-human? Back in the ages I would of said How dare you....but, Times have changed....For one, I'm no longer imprisoned...For the reason I was put there...." The being smiled once again as he sprouted wings.

    "What do you want with the Night king?"
  19. Muse nodded in response to Gwazi. “Both, sort of.” he answered. “I mean… it’s probably going to do what you expect it to do, but, really, nothing’s for sure…” he explained. “It’s uh… a really weird place.” Then, Books suggested an earth path. “An Earth path! Yes!” he exclaimed. “Good place to start! That’ll probably keep us stable while we make our way through.”


    MK Ultra had stayed quiet throughout most of the exchange between Leon and Callum. The roleplayer’s reactions to the whole thing had become so panicked and crazy that the cat really couldn’t think of much to do in response, and so he mostly just stayed out of Callum’s way.

    Once Leon respawned for the second time, though, MK was rather happy to walk up to the boy in response to his high-pitched greeting, his head rubbing itself up against Leon’s hand the way that cats do… until Callum decided to attack him again, and the cat decided to take a few steps back, away from the battle.
  20. For the first few seconds, all Leon could think of was the giant chunk of ice launched into his abdomen that had slammed all the air out of his lungs. Gasping for air, the young man sunk to his knees, clutching the heavily bleeding wound. "No... He didn't send me...", he whispered, fighting to get enough air to speak. "I -.-.-" Leon struggled to get the right tone out, his tongue no longer agreeing with him. Finally, his last word came out of his lips. "Ran."
    Moments after, the shine of life faded from his eyes, leaving just another empty husk behind.
    Of course, with Leon being Leon, this death too didn't last.
    Okay, new problem. Callum really doesn't like me, and who could blame him? I won't, that's for sure, Leon thought after his most recent revival. He slowly took a few steps backward, trying his best not to provoke the man in front of him into another kill -- as useless as it might be with his infinite respawning, it still hurted like hell. "I ran. He didn't send me to do anything, I ran. Really, Callum, I''m not lying! I never wanted to help him, but he forced me to. Please, you have to believe me," Leon begged, falling to his knees. "You were there that night! He was going to kill us all if I didn't do as he said. I didn't want to, but... It hurts, you know? It still hurts. I might not die, but I can still feel pain... He used me for his purposes, to create new weapons. Oh, God, I've helped him to make them too! What have I done..." In between being released from GM's grip -- even if only for a fleeting moment -- and finally getting someone to use to talk to, reality was quickly catching up to Leon. Although his confession was still very chaotic and confusing to most people, his tone had shifted from a somewhat defensive to a more depressive one.
    ".. And I left Rose behind too, Oh, God,Rose! Callum, I need to go back for Rose! He said that he wouldn't do anything to her as long as I did what he wanted. But now... " At this point, Leon was quite literally trembling; a single tear trickling down his right cheek was swiftly accompanied by one at the other side.