Welcome Back to the Guild [continuation]

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  1. GM’s Note: This is essentially a part 2 of a sequel to an RP. To be more exact, this is the third arc of Welcome to the Guild, a roleplay that was running when the Guild crashed, was continued on newGuild (after working Guildfall into the plot), and eventually migrated here. Below is all the background you'll need;

    From the Beginning until Guildfall:

    This RP began in a realm that formed as a result of the roleplays on Roleplayer Guild. During the course of its seven years, the realm expanded into a massive world where RP settings lied next to each other in an extensive, conglomerate landscape. Characters existed there, too – playing out their stories in their own pieces of the world, but with somewhat of a consciousness of their own. The world was fueled by the minds of the roleplayers – ever unaware of the existence of the realm – as living roleplays secured for themselves a place in that land, expanding as the roleplayers added to it, but dead roleplays soon faded from existence as roleplayers no longer regularly thought of them. Roleplays could only continue to exist so long as the players kept it in their minds. But, new roleplays would always be made to replace them. Thus, the system never fell out of balance.

    Overall, the Guild remained peaceful for years as the conflicts of roleplays stayed within their boundaries. However, things changed. The trouble began when characters started to be controlled by an unnatural force – they weren’t silently guided by their owners, but rather forcefully moved where they shouldn’t have been by a creature no one could identify. They called him the Godmodder. Not long after, roleplayers themselves started to get sucked into the roleplay world – clicking a suspicious link in their inboxes that wound up transporting them body and mind into the realm. A mysterious character named Muse showed himself to help them survive in the roleplay world, but he didn’t have much time to spend with them before the Godmodder chose to tear apart their reality. The event seemed to happen all in a few seconds inside the Guild, but on the outside, the hiatus he triggered stretched on for week after week as roleplayers were forced to abandon their RP’s and, for some, even the entire website – the inactivity strangling nearly every roleplay on the site. And as potentially hundreds of worlds crumbled all at once, the realm became unstable, left with voids of nothingness in-between RP worlds as the previously maintained balance was destroyed all at once. This event came to be known as Guildfall.

    From Guildfall to the Great Migration:

    But it was not over yet. As the Guild slowly rebuilded, the Godmodder gathered new “players” to the realm, sucking in more and more roleplayers. And while the shapeshifting Muse was able to help the first batch of roleplayers through some of the challenges of living in the old Guild, a whole new mess of challenges were in store for the new group as the Godmodder expanded his control over the world. Monsters that were sealed in the void by roleplayers were released, entire roleplays were corrupted and twisted into new forms... The new, unexperienced roleplayers simply weren't able to withstand the Godmodder's power. The vast majority of them were picked off one by one by the Godmodder and his pets, others were lost to an unknown fate, and one even had the horrible bad luck to be ‘recruited’ by GM to be used as a guinea pig to pit against his creations. The few that have managed to survive up until now are left in shambles, in desperate need for some rest and other means of recovery.

    Meanwhile, the Godmodder’s constant manipulation and editing of the roleplay worlds caused the real-world version of the Guild to be affected too, causing ever-increasing downtime on the site. As the process went on and on, more and more roleplayers left the site, taking the roleplay worlds that weren't corrupted too much yet with them; an event known as the Great Migration. This event would have many consequences for our characters. For one, each removed roleplay world left a huge chunk of Void in its wake, just waiting to swallow hapless victims. Second, due to how a large amount of the roleplays were taken to a very specific other realm, the Guild and this new realm slowly started to blend together...
    This other realm is called… Iwaku. Slightly different in build compared to the Guild, Iwaku consists of about a dozen sectors rather than one giant sprawling world. These sectors all seem to have a theme; for example, one sector is filled with machines, giant metropolises and other futuristic things. Another one is closer to nature, being very low on the technology scale and instead being more focused on magic and such, and so on and so forth. Each sector consists of countless roleplay worlds that seamlessly merge into one another, and the sectors themselves are connected by giant bridges and portals; recently though, there have been reports of the portals leading to other places than where they're supposed to lead and the bridges being damaged. Why this happens, nobody knows. Yet...


    You are a roleplayer; either a loyal member of Iwaku, or someone who came here from RPG sometime in the past. Regardless, you like it here and are in several roleplays at the moment.
    One day, you find a suspicious PM in your inbox, offering you a “whole new roleplaying experience”. The message appears to be from an adbot, but upon loading the page, you cannot close out of it. Your other browser tabs will still function, but you cannot leave the PM in any way; not even closing the entire browser seems to work. Eventually, you click the link…

    Welcome Back to the Guild (or Iwaku).

    CS Skeleton:
    Note that while parts of this introduction may imply that you’re playing as yourself, that is optional. Your CS can either reflect you as you see yourself or a roleplayer character that you designed; the choice is entirely yours.

    RP Realm History*:

    *This field is optional depending on whether you want to start the RP immediately after entering the RP realm, or start after your character has already been there for a while.

    • Please try to include, in every post, something that other characters can react to; something to keep the interactions going.
    • There is no official turn order. That said, don’t wait for more people than you need to in order to post. Only wait for people whose characters you were interacting with, and not people that have nothing to do with you.
    • If at any point you start to consider dropping out, please refer to this guide for what to do next. Tl;dr — don’t hesitate to tell me if you plan on leaving, and don’t put off telling me for any longer than you need to. Silent/prolonged drop-outs can really bring an RP to a standstill.
    • Alternatively, if you feel lost in the RP but still have some level of interest, STILL CONTACT ME! I can help put you back where the action is and get you back into the groove of the RP.
    • Also, contact me with any doubts or questions you have. I really don’t mind questions.
    • If you’re going to be unable to post for an extended period of time, please notify me and, if you know that you’ll be busy ahead of time, try to write your character out of the spotlight beforehand.
    • I will add more rules as I think of them.

    Roleplay powers, how do they work?
    Show Spoiler
    The “abilities” that RPers inherit in the RP realm are what are collectively known as “RP powers”, and while they can take on the form of virtually any ability, they all pretty much run on the same engine, so to speak.

    Here’s how that engine works, with a concise explanation courtesy of Neo;
    So, if you plan on starting the RP with your character having only just entered the RP realm, you probably wouldn’t really be able to use these powers, since it would take a bit of convincing to know that you even have them. If you plan on saying that you’ve been in the RP realm for a while, though, then you’d have reason to say that you’ve already figured some of this out.
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  2. What is this, What is that, WHAT IS IN THE AIR?

    So Cool I need a name change,

    Cal Is confused
  3. I HAVE BEEN AWAKEN!!! *cough* Sorry I've just wanted to say that for some reason. But I made an account....you thought I didn't reply as often over on the guild, just you watch me rarely reply....
  4. i already had a account here i'd just never taken the time to join anything
    guess now i might
  5. Hey since Books is basically me (well she IS me just a little less openly hostile) is it possible we could figure out a way to see the time outside of the Guild and then they all learn that it's just passed Christmas and Books realizes that it's almost her birthday....cause she's me and my birthday is tommrow too.....
  6. So... As you guys may or may not know, there's a second Daycare in the Battle Resort in Pokémon ORAS. In addition, there's a path that allows for non-stop cycling by just holding up (similiar to the circular path in XY's Lumiose City's center), and a NPC that allows you to switch music. Including to things like unique battle themes. Combine all this, and you get the most epic breeding spot in Pokémon history XD
  7. Shhhh, I just finished the third gym, taking it slow....No using the Exp share cause I'm original

    Seriously though, all my pokemon have shite natures
  8. I have arrived, and with a decent pokemon team currently taking a rest so I can play Fire Emblem. :P
  9. And here I'm over in the corner raging at Final Fantasy VI becauss I have yet to get to the video game shop that I found due to online research. YAY INTERNET!!
  10. So, does anyone have a Swoobat for trade? For some reason, my Woobat refuses to evolve even though his Friendship is completely maxed out (People refuse to massage him, and if I try to use EV berries on her, the game says that Woobat adres me/it won't have any effect). It's not holding an Everstone or anything like that either...
    In return, I have pretty much anything you could ever ask for aside from legendaries.

    EDIT: Never mind; I bred a new Woobat, fed it a crapton of EV Berries and gave it a Rare Candy. Poof, instant evolution. I still don't know why the previous one refused to evolve under the same circumstances, but whatever >_>.

    (Also, I'll put up a post later today.)
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  11. :/ I'm honestly not sure how we would make that happen... though I'm open to suggestions if you can think of something.


    Seeing as how almost all of these are fandom RP's, it seems fairly easy to use any of the fandom settings without needing to refer to a specific RP. We could easily use any one of these settings, though I kind of like the void thing that I've got going for now, so we'll work with that for a bit before making our way to another RP setting.
  12. Welp, there's a thing. Now, who gets the honour of being splattered with Leon's blood? >=D
  13. Callum probably needs something to do more than anyone else.
  14. Callum still hasn't completely cleaned off the birds blood off....

    Also, For the Christmas thing? I've kinda forgotten but is the site still going on outside?...Cause perhaps they can wander into a fandom Rp Of a movie or something that hasn't come out/ will not come out till after that Christmas....or whatever.
  15. Okay just to point out the finding out the time outside of the Guild was a midnight/one in the morning idea so yea...also has anyone watched 'The Carbonaro Effecf'?
  16. (Just notices now that RP OP was Kaga's post/continuation of the RP and not just an intro post... Derp. :/)
  17. So uhm, is there anyone here who has one or more of the following Pokes for trade?

    - Gliscor
    - Aromatisse
    - Slurpuff
    - Honchcrow
    - Florges
    - Togekiss

    In return, I can offer pretty much anything you can think of, as long as it's not a legendary. If it requires a trade evolution item (such ach Scizor), it might take me a bit of time to actually get it, but that can be arranged too.
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  18. Well... the title does say "continuation". What did you think that was?

    I'm pretty sure I have at least some of those.

    I'll check later.
  19. I'm tempted to turn ad-blocker back on just because, as a graphic design major, some of these RP banners hurt. ;_;
  20. Wait, you turned AdBlock off? Stupid question, but why did you do that?

    (Also, I managed to get a Florges from the GTS. Only 5 Pokes to go until my Pokédex is complete! :D