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  1. WE ARE SO SORRY THAT TOOK LONGER THAN EXPECTED. O______O With updates as large as these, sometimes the update takes longer than planned. In this case we worked 17 hours before desperately needing sleep, and then continued the next day.

    And now you can see just WHY it took sooooo looooong to get everything done!

    Here are a few of the updates we can remember happened:

    Our new STYLE. We currently have "Light", "Medium", and "Dark". These are temp titles and YES. THERE WILL BE MORE COLOR OPTIONS LATER. For now we just wanted to get the site open and make sure there was a light and dark version. There's a lot of little things that might be messed up and need fixing. You can report STYLE COLOR ERRORS, VISIBILITY, AND OTHER VIEWING PROBLEMS in the new thread.

    If you take a look at the FORUMs we have them rearranged! No more five million forums on the index page. We organized things by TYPES of roleplay. Groups, One on Ones, Chats, and Universes.

    In GROUP roleplay we have added Historical Roleplays and Dice Roleplays. We were only meaning to add Historical this time around, but the Dice roleplay forum got such good feedback that we went ahead and added it too. <3 We have also added LIBERTINE GROUPS as their own separate forum, since group roleplays in Libertine seem to be so popular. You now don't have to sift through all those private roleplays to find the groups.

    In ONE ON ONE roleplay, we've added some basic genre sections! You can go straight to the kind of story you're interested in for posting your partner requests or just post a big general request in the main request forum. Our Libertine one on one sections are also in here.

    In CHAT roleplay, you can schedule charp events and see a listing of our Roleplay chat rooms. We've added a NEW "Bleachers" chat room for our Under 18 members! No adults allowed.

    And of course the UNIVERSE roleplay section is for large scale roleplay projects. For right now there is only Ilium, but we may just be preparing for something special in the future! *hinthint*

    To go with our updated roleplay forums we WE UPDATED THE PREFIXES. There's a million freaking prefixes for all kinds of genres.

    DO YOU NEED A THREAD MOVED? We now have a FORM for requesting a thread moved. Now threads can be attended to much faster by whichever volunteer or staffer is online at the time. With all our new forum updates, you might need a move request right now!

    Elsewhere on the forum you'll notice some other organizing changes. Writing and Art Museum got an update. Our Community Hub is now the Help Desk and links to our FAQ section. We changed where the Chat Rooms are linked.

    There are lots and lots of updates, but this is all I can remember right now.

    So I am gonna wrap this post up with a screencap of USEFUL COOL TOOLS.

    This picture shows two new little buttons. One HIDES the sidebar! Which is AWESOME on small screens, and ESPECIALLY when viewing your conversations. The second button gives you a SITE MAP with all of the forums linked and a few other handy links. SUPER USEFUL!


    FINALLY. THERE IS PROLLY GOING TO BE BUGS. PLEASE REPORT ALL BUGS IN THE BUG THREAD LINKED HERE. Don't send convo messages. Don't go bothering Jared. Or poking people on skype. And only ask on Facebook or by the contact form if you are completely unable to post. If you ask anywhere else, you help request will get LOST and we may not get your problem fixed.
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  2. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!
  3. Shiny new things! 0-0
  4. Thank you for the hard work! The site looks beautiful!
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  5. So shiny! So new! :D
  6. Yea, I like the new update. And thanks for the timely matter it was gave. Working 17+ hours, and all. I mean a update like this normally would take much longer than a day or two. Most people only work like eight hours a day after all.
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    so much too explore now XD
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  8. New stuff! :D
  9. Ohhhhhh....Ahhhhhhh *w* SHINY!!!!! (tries out everything.)
  10. I'm excited for the color options! The site looks great.
  11. 030 *gives all who worked on it cookies* You guys did an excellent job!!
  12. Pretty! GOOD JOB IWAKU!! ♥
  13. I love the new layout. Thank you for all the hard work
  14. Everything looks fucking magical! So new and shiny and nice. Rather pleasing to the eyes in my opinion.

    Thank you so much for these amazing edits.
  15. Pretty. *.*
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  17. Just to mirror what everyone else has already stated, thanks a bunch for all your hard work and dedication for improving the site. If I could, I'd give you guys some cookies. Or a bottle of Rum.

    >.> Preferably a bottle of Rum.

    But you'd have to drink it with me.
  18. I've been waiting for what seems like forever.... BUT IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY BAD ASS!
  19. General Projects for is going downwards instead of across like everything else on mobile