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  1. Hello all and welcome to my (second!) partner request thread. How you're interested in at least one of these ideas ^-^

    Some things about me, I'm a homosexual male that loves being around people, unless it gets too crowded. I'm very protective of my friends and will do anything to stop cyber-bullying and just bullying in general. I think it's a dumb way to show dominance. Anyway, most people would actually call me sweet and caring with a big heart because I will befriend anyone, but if someone is hurt or down, I go total mama bear (even though I'm not a mom) and see what's up. So if someone or something is bugging you, just come on over and shoot me a message and we can talk.

    Alright, onto rules. A lot of people skip this part, but I seriously hope you don't.
    1. No god-modding
    2. No one-liners
    3. Be creative, I don't want to be the only one making stuff up
    4. Cussing is fine, but don't use it in every sentence or every paragraph. It gets annoying very quickly
    5. Have fun
    6. If you don't want to roleplay anymore, or you're disinterested, tell me.
    7. Message me if anything wants to be changed or anything you want me to do.

    Alright!!!! On to the roleplay ideas!! Let's start with a list of what I'm interested in:

    Supernatural Fantasy
    Werewolf x mortal
    Werewolf x vampire
    Vampire x mortal
    Demigod x mortal
    Shifter x mortal
    Chimaera x seraphim
    Ghost x mortal
    Ghost x witch
    Witch x mortal
    Chimaera x mortal
    Seraphim x mortal
    Hell hound Anthro x mortal

    Romance (mortals)
    CEO x accountant
    CEO x waitress/waiter
    CEO x dirty dancer
    Best Friends
    Love at First Sight
    Arranged Marriage
    Brother x sister
    Celebrity x waiter/waitress

    Um......(knocks head against wall to think) I can't think of anymore at the moment. Onto the plots!

    Hell's Keeper
    In a land below the earth, unbeknownst to the humans just yet, was a place called Hades. In Hades, all the most powerful demons slept and played and worked. Including the Devil himself and his best dark angel, Abaddon, the first angel to turn sides from heaven to hell. This angel, he had a job: to do all that Satan commanded and guard the gates of Hades. That is, until he was called by someone else. This someone else just so happened to be powerful, nobody else could have had the voice to call him except the Devil and God sometimes, but this creature that had called him was mysterious, and it was very powerful. (Long story short, they meet, court, fall in love, blah blah blah XD)

    The Hunter and The Huntee
    It was late autumn, and a certain creature stirred in the Alabastor Woods. It was vicious, and it was hungry. Though it felt something else, a pull. It wasn't a regular pull, it was the pull of mates. It goes, searching, lurking in the wood, tracking where the pull was located...and found food. How was this meal it's mate?

  2. I like to try please
  3. The hunter and huntee plot sounds fun, is that okay?
  4. Sure thing!!! Pm me and we can cover everything.
  5. Interested in an RP involving a crazy psycho teenager?
    No romance. The emotion of love is not known to him.
  6. @bloodbitten no romance at all? I don't think I could do that.
  7. Herro c: I want to try one of your plots that came to my interest and I always have fun doing!
  8. Of course @Annette , which one would you like to do?
  9. Bestfriends c:
  10. :) alright. Shoot me a pm and we can get started
  11. Yeah, sorry. I usually do romance but with this character I am not really sure it could work. He has schizophrenia. xD

    Sorry though!
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