Welcome Aboard The Traveler

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    It was a nice day out sure, but a day that could easily take a quick turn as clouds began to darken and form above the Traveler. The water had been calm earlier, but it now it seemed to be getting more choppy and rough as it splashed up against the side of the boat. Just like the weather the crew on board were starting to get a little more rowdy as Fayte stared another crew member. The argument had started the other day, it was about chores and who needed to do what like usual, but this time Fayte wasn't going to hear it.

    Fayte did her chores, she loved the boat and wanted to take care of it so chores weren't the problem for her, no the problem was the crew member in front of her that was too damn lazy to do his chores and instead would rather argue about it then do it. Anger began to build up more and more in Fayte, the other crew member's could tell when things were about to go down, but today Fayte was trying hard not to fight, she was trying to persuade and explain the importance of chores instead, kind of like you would when trying to get a little kid to do their chores.

    She was in a stare down now, she had made her point very clear it was just now about getting to break his stubbornness. Fayte's deep blue eyes stared straight into his as she waited for him to say something, but instead he just turned around and walked away. Normally she would have chased after him, but today was an important day, they were traveling somewhere today and she didn't want to be fighting the whole time.


    It was time to get the ship ready for the trip, everyone was working and cleaning and hurrying to do there chores, some less thrilled about it then others. Today they would be traveling back to the 1600's, one of Captain Marshall's favorite time periods. Right now it was around eleven forty five, they always had to travel at exactly twelve o'clock or else it wouldn't and they'd have to wait another day.
  2. Jenny was helping with the sails, pulling the ropes with other people. The weather was changing, and everything had to ready for the trip. You never knew what the weather would be like they arrived. Once there had been a terrible storm and the wind had threatened to flip the ship over. It probably would had happened if they hadn't managed to pull the sails up in time, but the sail was ripped and the whole crew had to work on the pulling the ropes so everybody was exhausted . Mostly there were no troubles, but the crew had been more alert after that.

    There was someone slacking off and arguing with Fay. `Moron.`Jenny thought to herself shaking her head seeing the man just walk away. Despite her small appearance Fay was know to be someone you didn't want to mess up with. Even Jenny was getting mad seeing the man just walk away like that. She wasn't the hardest worker on the ship herself, she barely did what she had to do, but she couldn't stand people who thought they could get everything without doing anything. Sure even she skipped work sometimes, but that was when she was bored, and never when they were going to travel. Jenny had spent two years on the ship but she never got tired of travelling to other times. Even now, as the time was closing in, she felt excitement swirling around in her stomach despite the constant work to be done.
  3. He caught the man by the shirt as he begun to walk away from her acting as if he had no care in the world, Ale had enough strength to begin picking the man up off the floor. Staring him in the eyes as his two dogs came out next to him growling and snarling, Pulling down his covered mouth he spoke to the man. " What is a crew if one man is not holding his own? " He said tossing the man back down in front of Fayte. " Do your job and you stay on the boat, Other wise " he paused as he snapped his fingers and Mishka And Marcus walked slowly towards the man, teeth barring and drooling at the mouth. " You will leave...simple as that " He said whistling as the two dogs spun around in circles and walked over to ale again.

    Ale walked towards the group and began rubbing his hands together saying " Alright then....lets get this show on the road shall we? " He said grabbing onto a large box that seemed to have shifted in the rough waters, He lifted it up and brought it back over to were the other boxes were and looked around for more work had to be done for the ships preparation.
  4. Zo was feeling the familiar snake coils and butterfly flapping in her stomach as everyone worked together to prepare for their next time jump. She was practically bouncing off the masts with her contained excitement as she hurried around the ship, straightening up whatever she could. "Captain Marshall! Captain Marshall!" she called in her high voice above the ruckus. "How much longer until noon?" She knew very well how much time was left - less than a minute, but she loved hearing someone confirming it, and knowing that she was not the only one counting down the seconds.