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Weisenhart's World of Animu and Coding Hell. Oh my!

Discussion in 'THE TEST CHAMBERS' started by Weisenhart, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    A visitor? Ah shite, I haven't taken a shower.

    Sit down there for a moment. Oh, uh... Here's a nice music to listen to as you settle down.

    Now, I know this is a sudden request, but I would like to ask you to just observe and not make your affairs in my quarters.



    My army shall see to it that you will be guided to the exit... and not in a pretty manner.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Yura Yukitani (Kokoro Connect)

    KOKORO RECONNECT RP Character Progress: 95% (Missing: Second half of Yura's History)

    "Doesn't it get stale? The fact that everyone's actions lack flavor, I mean. The standards of this world today is shitty. You have to be part of the norm. If you aren't, you are considered "weird". Since when did the world decree it as a law? Normalcy is boring."

    "Tsk. I knew that would happen. How uninteresting."

    "Hey, hey. Don't blame me if I'm talented unlike you shitstains. Its not all fun and games. I worked my ass off to get to where I am now, y'know?"

    • [​IMG]

      "Waking up everyday and reliving your life through the same habitual routine over-and-over narrows your perception. This world has stopped evolving because it lacks the motivation to advance. Long story short, life is just too damn predictable. Boring. Dull. Repetitive. Monotonous. Tedious."

      Name: Yura Yukitani

      Nickname: None

      Gender: Male

      Age: 18

      Birthday: September 7

      Grade: Class 3-B (Senior)

      Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

      Zodiac Sign: Virgo

      Sexual Orientation: Heteroromantic Asexual (despite his dislike of girls and romance, he is only attracted to those who befriend him)

      Speech Color: Medium Gray

    • [​IMG]
      Height: 5'6''
      Weight: 149 lbs.
      Hair Color: Black
      Eye Color: Red
      Blood Type: B

      Yura, despite his disdain of stereotypes, has the unfortunate irony of having the appearance of a generic character. He has red eyes with shadows underneath them and black hair with an ahoge on the top of his head. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform, but sometimes he wears his casual clothes which consist of a black sweatshirt with stripes on the side and black trousers. He has a lean build, yet is a bit short for his age. Yura has an attractive face which is what makes him popular amongst the female students, describing him as an "ikemen".

      Don't let his frail and fragile appearance fool you; he is athletic. He is a frequent practitioner of Judo, having achieved a 6th degree (Godan) black belt in ranking, showing his competence and skill in martial arts. He isn't sickly and is pretty much in peak physical condition, capable of climbing trees with minor difficulty.

    • [​IMG]

      "Show me something interesting, for once."

      Yura Yukitani is an extremely apathetic individual, showing boredom or disinterest in most things. This is due to his belief that life is predictable. He is dangerously savvy about the things occurring around him, thinking of outcomes from different angles due to the predictability of it. Due to this, he is mainly an observer, preferring to just watch rather than act. Yura rarely gets outcomes that he doesn't expect, but when he does, he gets fully absorbed. As Yura is groomed to be part of the elite, he has done most things a high school student his age could do.

      Yura always exposes a bored facial expression, as well as an affable and calm, yet condescending and rude tone, especially when challenged or threatened. He has a tendency to boast from time-to-time, but this is mostly reserved to people who challenge him. He is borderline deadpan. He has no inhibitions in being blunt, stating the obvious even if his words can hurt anyone. When he is confessed to by other girls, he abruptly rejects them, telling them that:

      "You have no right to fall in love with me when you know next-to-nothing about me. All you see in me are just my grades. Besides, this futile romance only ends one way or another: me breaking your heart or you breaking mine."

      He is prone to doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants, due to his own admission that his body is his own property to begin with. He tends to be solitary, finding comfort in reading books on top or on the trunk of trees. Yura is often described as someone who is "good in most aspects except being social".

      Yura is an intellectual and analytic young man, as evidenced by him being an honors student in a cream-of-the-crop university in Japan. He excels in most, if not all of his subjects, granting him his title as an honors student. Beneath his stepford smile lies a mischievous and crafty mind who can and will formulate plans to "destroy" his enemies, at least socially. Once Yura gets pissed off enough to warrant undivided attention from him, he is sure to find a way to make them be humiliated in public fashion.

      While all of this summarizes Yura's personality to be a haughty jerkass, he isn't heartless. You could say that his personality varies depending on his interactions. He can be genuinely kind to those whom he deems worthy of attention (which unfortunately, is barely anyone, due to his apathetic personality), and can pretty much have a casual chat with anyone who doesn't discriminate him. He is also selfless when needed. As an example; Yura helped Imari's family through hard times, and it was his own decision to do so.

      Also, while he does boast about his achievements when winning against someone, Yura never once boasted about his wealth or high-standing in society. In fact, he never bragged about his ranking in the academy, and even points out that he hates the ranking system because it "biases the potential" of students.

      + Anomalies
      + Anything Interesting
      + Being challenged
      + Books (including Manga)
      + Trees
      + Mystery (especially plot twists)
      + The unexpected
      + Loneliness

      - Stereotypes/Normalcy
      - Status Quo
      - Ranking system
      - Anything predictable
      - Drama
      - Romance
      - Company
      - Bullies
      - Clingy Girls

      . Lollipop
      . Coffee
      . Coco Jelly
      . Apples

    • Family and Household:

      Arata Yukitani and Juzo Yukitani - Yura and Chisa's parents. Owners of the Yukitani Corporation. They groomed both Chisa and Yura to be someone worthy of their status. They don't get to see them often, due to being loaded with work. Surprisingly enough for a family like them, they don't mind giving their children leeway with life as long as they don't embarrass the Yukitani name. They also helped Imari's grandfather and her family, by Yura's request.

      Chisa Yukitani - Yura's elder sister, entitled to inherit the family business. She is Yura's sparring partner in Judo, as she herself is a practitioner. She often teases her about not getting a girlfriend, despite his talents, much to his chagrin. She keeps pushing him and Imari together, shipping them. Despite this, she cares for him like a loving big sister would. Chisa is Yura's sparring partner in Judo, and often gets his ass handed to him by her. As he grew, Yura eventually defeated her in a straight fight.

      While Yura barely communicates with anyone due to his mediocre social skills, Chisa is a social butterfly, interacting with everyone as if she were just catching fishes.

      Imari Urara - youngest maid of the Yukitani household. Aged 17. She was given her job by Yura. She came from a poor background, living on the outskirts of Tokyo along with her family. Her grandfather had Osteoarthritis, and they were rejected by the hospital due to lack of funds. Yura and his family helped them and got him treated. Yura also offered her a job as a maid of the Yukitani household, to which she accepts.

      She is deeply indebted to Yura, and shows loyalty and admiration for him due to his actions in saving their family. Yura knows this, though he is surprised that while Imari is a girl who shows how much she likes him, she never once confessed her feelings to him. This is a good thing for him, because of his current disinterest in romance. They became close as time passed by, and she was always there for him whenever he felt down, acting as his confidant. While Yura is fine with being called "Master" by the other servants, he feels a bit uncomfortable whenever Imari herself calls him that.

      Yura trusts him enough to make her his personal chaperone in his stay at the isle of Sora-no-Woto.

      Kuwabara Academy:

      Gakuto Togashima - Ranked No. 1 of the Sophomores in Kuwabara Academy, and class 2-A's president. Gakuto is in a relationship with Mizuki Mitsunohara. He absolutely loathes Yura, looking at every opportunity to make him miserable. Unfortunately for him, Yura only thinks of him as a nuisance not even worth giving attention. He is also the leader of a group of delinquents.

      Mizuki Mitsunohara - Class President of 2-B, and Yura's classmate. One of the most popular female students in the academy, Mizuki used to be ranked second among the Sophomores, until Yura took the ranking from her, making her third. She is in a relationship with Gakuto Togashima.

      Yamaboshi Academy:

      To be determined.

    • Indeed, he is considered to be "The Ace". He is smart, talented, and pretty much has a good future ahead of him. However, his outward personality tends to repel most people, or worse, make them his enemies. While Yura thinks having enemies is good, the unexpected may happen in a way that puts his life in actual danger. Case in point, he is only an 18-year old boy. Being talented doesn't make his reaction to physical or mental pain different from others.

    • Yura Yukitani was born-and-raised in Tokyo, Japan. He comes from a wealthy background, with his father and mother being CEO and secretary (respectively) of the Yukitani Corporation, a major steel manufacturing company in Japan. He has an elder sister two years older than him, Chisa Yukitani, who is bound to inherit the corporation from their parents' hands. In his early childhood, he had already started practicing martial arts, like his sister.

      Before his first year of high school, Yura meets a girl named Imari Urara, and her sickly grandfather. He had osteoarthritis, a condition in the joints. They were outside the hospital, rejected since they lacked the funds to pay for her grandfather's joint replacement surgery. Without a second thought, Yura called his family and requested to pay for the treatment of Imari's grandfather. They did so, resulting in the improvement of his joints. Imari and her family were deeply grateful towards Yura and his family for helping her grandfather. Learning that they were from a poor background, the family hires Imari as a maid in their household. They didn't even ask any form of repayment for her grandfather's surgery; but this was Yura's way of wanting to help her and her family from their financial troubles.

      During his first two years of high school, he attended Kuwabara Academy, one of the most prestigious and well-known educational institutions in Japan. His virtue in being studious has garnered him his standing as the one of the Top 10 students of his year (Sophomores), ranked second. He becomes popular amongst the female students, and of course, hated by the males due to his status. Yura found this in itself as something typical of a high school setting. Despite all of this, he maintained his "lone-wolf" persona, spending most of his time at school alone. He would usually go on top of one of the trees in the campus, wasting his time by reading books. He rarely associates with anyone, even the professors. This is why he was treated with disdain despite his high standing.

      One day, he was approached by Mizuki Mitsunohara, president of class 2-B (Yura's class) and ranked third of the Sophomores. She was the most popular girl amongst the school due to her academic ability and good looks. She was Yura's classmate, but this was the first time they interacted. Mizuki offered to be Yura's study partner, to which he reluctantly agreed. They spent a whole two hours, discussing about the lecture topics for the upcoming exams. Of course, he had his suspicions about her actions; an abrupt invitation to a duo study when that moment was the first time they talked? Seems too shady. However, Yura completely forgot about it since he was having fun competing with her; a rare moment for him to experience.

      Then it turned out Yura was right to be suspicious. Mizuki offered him to walk home together, which he accepted. He realized it too late when she was bringing him somewhere secluded, and all of a sudden, he was ganged up by a group of delinquents lead by Gakuto Togashima, the best student among the second-years.


      Yura, along with Imari as his personal chaperone, transferred to the Isle of Sora-no-Woto, off the coast of Western Japan. One of their branch companies resided in the Eastern/Industrial District of the island, and thus there was no problem in terms of picking a place to stay. He has a luxury room in the company building all for himself as well as another room next to his for his maid Imari's.

      Since it was the only school in the isle, Yura had enrolled to Yamaboshi Academy, a normal high school institution. He was immediately sent an invitation to enroll by the higher-ups of the academy when word of the son of the Yukitani Corporation as well as an honors student at the prestiged Kuwabara Academy arriving in the isle got out.

      He really wasn't expecting much from a school of its caliber when he had already attended and partially finished at one of the best schools in Japan. Little did he know... of the mysterious experiment that was being played out in that institution...

    • Face Claim: A-ya from the manga series, Shuuen no Shiori


      Voice Actor: Natsuki Hanae

      Banner (made my own :P):


    Yura Yukitani (Hisakawa Koukou)
    Relationship Roll

    Name: Yukitani, Yura
    Age: 17
    Gender: M
    Romantic Rolls: 1
    Same Sex Relationships: N
    Trope Relationships: Y

    Yura Yukitani
    [ Core Information Section ]

    "Everyone seems to be on edge again... *sigh* Why can't we all just get along?"


    General Information


    Full Name:
    Yura Yukitani


    Date of Birth:
    March 18


    Character Color Code:
    #FFD700 (Gold; found on the color palette)

    Face Claim:
    Haru from the anime Tsuritama!

    Physical Appearance


    Height: 165cm | Weight: 52kg | Blood Type: A

    Yura has magenta eyes and long lashes. His hair is light beige with a sprig at the top. He has a childish, effeminate visage, and is often equipped with a stepford and gentle smile. His plain white student uniform is accompanied by a pink tie.

    Yura's Nature


    "Would you like to be my friend?"
    • Outgoing - Yura is by default one of the friendliest members of his class, and is the easiest to approach. He generally tries to get along with everyone, even the most recluse of individuals in his class.
    • Calm - Another trait accompanied with Yura's friendly demeanor. It would certainly be out-of-character for him to shout angrily, as the air of tranquility surrounding him is quite relaxing, as some would attest.
    • Laidback - Yura seems relaxed most of the time, with nothing worrying him in the slightest. In fact, it appears as if he was tackling much of his school life with much joy and no concern.
    • Childish - He has a tendency to become juvenile whenever he gets excited, playful, or when topics of interest are brought to the table.
    • Gentleman - Yura is considered chivalrous by many, helped by his serene attitude and courtesy. He is the type of individual to go out, doing deeds like helping the elderly cross the street, all with a beaming formality.t of his actions during

    Most Relevant Sin: Sloth
    Most Relevant Virtue: Kindness
    Most Relevant Ideology: Order

    Delving Deeper

    • Bodies of Water - Since he lived his childhood on the riverside, Yura would often go out and play on the river. He has grown into loving oceans, lakes, rivers; basically any waterbody. He would often state the vast seas as the "most beautiful image" he'd cast his gaze upon.
    • Marine life/ecology - In conjunction with his admiration for the deep blue, he also delves deep into the creatures of the sea. For this reason, he loves to visit aquariums, indulging in his fascination of aquatic animals. At times, he would often quote pointless trivia about the animals that he tends to study. As his dad jokingly implies: "If only Yura focused more on his actual studies rather than studying on aquatic animals, then he has a shot for being a valedictorian." In retrospect, this is quite the irony when you figure out that he is a fisherman like his dad. Yura knows full well that the fish he lures, baits and catches are for consumption. He admits that it is such a shame, but "it can't be helped"; that is just the way life goes. He compares them to beautiful trees that needed to be cut down for building structures, and making way for free land.
    • Coffee/Tea - CASE IS CLOSED on which among the two beverages he likes better. He apparently likes them 50-50. His favorite type of coffee is the Coffee Latte. Jasmine tea for tea. He would often prepare some in his spare time, sharing them with others if need be.
    • Social Activities - Being a social butterfly and an avid self-proclaimed "explorer of the world", Yura loves social gatherings and field trips. He enjoys the experiences he'd make by meeting new people, befriending them, and witnessing the flora, fauna, culture and tradition of Japan.
    • Music - Yura plays a "bamboo flute" as his primary musical instrument. It was carved for him by his mother. When he's alone, Yura would often settle down, drink a cup of coffee or tea, and then play a tune or two.

    • Bullying - While Yura isn't picky on whom to socialize with, he is most definitely annoyed when he sees someone getting bullied. He is the vice-president of an "Anti-Bully Campaign" at school. It turns out that his disdain for bullies came from his past, despising himself for what he had done back then.
    • Spicy food - The one thing that Yura wouldn't cook ever again are these. The first time he had tasted spicy food, he described the moment as if he were "gasping for breath".
    • Pollution - As the type of guy who takes in everything he sees, breathes or feels, Yura is peeved by contamination of any kind. Especially water pollution. Oh, that's a big step beyond the boundaries for his tolerance.
    • Sexual advances - Yura likes a slow, sure and honest relationship. He doesn't mind being in a intimate relationship, but sexual innuendo at an early age is a no-no for him. He would dodge any such related advances by bluntly saying "There is a right time for everything."

    • Fishing - The Yukitani household business primarily focuses on fishing. So obviously, this was his calling. Yura is an expert at looking for spots where fishes normally lurk, as well as luring them into his fishing rod's hook. He often goes out with his father on weekends, spending some quality time with him while challenging each other on who gets the bigger catch by the end of the day.
    • Socializing - Yura Yukitani is quite the social butterfly; you would often see him interacting with anyone. He tends to avoid the more dangerous elements like delinquents, but can approach them when he feels comfortable around them. He also lets people open up to him about certain personal topics and keeping secrets.
    • Cooking - Yura is an excellent cook, as evidenced by his parents always looking forward to the meals that he prepares for them. His style involves testing out different ingredients as a trial-and-error basis until he finds the perfect recipe. This is also applied to his preparing of tea and coffee, crafting his own sweet blend.
    • Preparing tea/coffee - Yura has a reserved tea set at school, and usually prepares various blends of tea and/or coffee for himself and for others, even during classes. He also memorizes each one of his friends' favorite blends.
    • Playing the flute - Another of his hobbies, usually done whenever he has no one to talk to/is by himself. Years of self-practice had him hone his skills, to the point wherein he was actually scouted one time by an agent of a musical production.

    • Conflict - Stemming from an event that had occurred in his past, Yura Yukitani is really averse to the idea of dispute; either between him and other people or just witnessing it in general.
    • Making people upset/Gaining enemies - Either directly or indirectly, Yura has a guilt complex originating from his past fallout with a fellow classmate. He abhors making mistakes that would cause a squabble, and panics when he does. It just tends to silently break him when he finds out that somebody is harboring an ill will towards him.

    A vast majority of people in Yura's circle of friends would unanimously agree that he is one of the friendliest and calmest students around. There are times that his naivete stands out, partly in due to his outgoing tendencies. He is also considered to be a talented flute player, as his listener's applause would attest. Most would admit to keeping him company just to hear him play and have a sip of his special blend of tea or coffee.

    While he himself doesn't notice it since they aren't vocal about the topic, the students who detest Yura (mostly jealous guys and introverted students) perceive him as some "Mr. Perfect, goody two-shoes" and a tryhard.

    The rest of the student body who hasn't been approached by the extroverted Yura would see him as "that calm yet cheerful guy who plays the flute and is always holding a teacup". Few female students admit to having a crush on him, due to his talent, personality and a "cute girlish face". Yura is pretty much an average student when it comes to academics, yet he is prominent due to his quirks.



    "If you're here to listen to an interesting background, sadly, I am not the right guy to approach. I've pretty much lived my life with normalcy. I guess you could say that I'm lucky to have such an accustomed upbringing. However, that doesn't mean I can't tell a tale or two. So why don't you sit down, since you're already here? I've made jasmine tea to help you settle down. They say that jasmine reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

    I'm just another guy whose had his fair share of mistakes in the past. You might not believe it, but the Yura Yukitani you see and know today is a result of his self-reflection. I used to be quite the rowdy kid, you see. And I joined the wrong crowd. The result? I got a taste of my own medicine. And it hurt me real bad. It was at that exact moment when I realized that hurting people... hurts me.

    Since then, I changed my ways. What I regretted most was the fact that I wasn't able to apologize to that person. When I see him once more, I shall definitely tell him "I'm sorry" and "Thank you". He pulled me away from the darkness, despite showing his hatred for me. I fully felt the pain that I dealt upon him, and I shall shoulder that pain as punishment.

    Hmmm, that turned quite dark, didn't it? Ah! How did the jasmine taste? Was it too bitter?"
    Associated Themes

    Character Theme:

    Yura's Flute Composition:

    (Particularly the piece from the beginning and at 5:01 onwards)

    Character Battle Theme:

    Character Voice Actor:
    Natsuki Hanae

    [ Virtu-Ava Section ]

    "Satte... Hajimemashou ka?"
    ("Well then... Shall we get started?")



    Yura's Virtu-Ava is pretty much a carbon copy of his actual appearance. The only difference is that his Virtu-Ava has a glowing triangular halo on top of his head, and a multitude of majestic and well-trimmed fox-tails.

    UNARMED, but he uses an array of light spells as his primary form of attack and defense.

    [ Battle Actions ]

    Skill 1

    [ Halo Barrier ]
    Yura raises both his index and middle fingers while clenching the others. This action summons a light magic barrier in front of him, reflecting thin attacks and pushing back opponents. Its downside is that it is impotent, which means heavy-hitting attacks would eventually break it.

    Skill 2

    [ Heavenly Pillar ]
    Yura clasps his palms together. A wide magic circle would then appear in a targeted area, and summons forth a gargantuan amount of light energy around the Area-of-Effect, surging up to a height of 100 meters in the form of a pillar.

    Skill 3

    [ Astral Body ]
    Yura closes his eyes for a moment, enchanting his body to increase his mobility tenfold. He then rushes directly toward the opponent at an immense speed before piercing through the opponent's torso with the light generated from his palm.

    Skill 4

    [ Ragnarok ]
    Yura swipes both of his arms in a circular motion until the bottom of his hands meet. The hand on top has the index and middle fingers pointing upwards, while the other hand has the little and index fingers pointing downwards. Once this action is completed, swords, axes, and other bladed weaponry starts materializing one-by-one from the sky, reaching up to more than a hundred. His hands then meet, causing the weapons from the sky to fall down at a tremendous speed towards a target area.

    Skill 5

    [ Illusion Phase ]
    Yura waits for his opponent to come into contact with his physical form (actually an illusion). Once the opponent makes contact, his body slowly dissipates into thin air before materializing behind the opponent, hitting them through the back with light energy.

    [ Relationships Section ]

    The World

    Positive / Acceptance

    "Life is indeed amazing, y'know? If only there were no conflict or strife between people, this world would have been perfect. But hey... A man can dream, can he?"

    Sagawa Mizunohara

    Positive / Acquainted

    "Mizunohara-san and I were classmates since last year. And I gotta say... Color me impressed! She has quite the talent and know-how in regards to technology! I'll be quite frank... I'm a bit vacuous when it comes to such topics. Turns out, Mizunohara-san was the perfect person to approach. She tutors me every now and then on how the Virtu-Ava system works. For a cheap price of meat buns and a cup of tea! Quite the bargain, if you'd ask me."
    Kira Oshiro

    Positive / Acquainted

    "Ah, a fellow kindred who is fascinated with the ways of music! It's such a shame that the booming rock and metal music that she adores is incompatible with the more tranquil flute that I practice. Well, who knows? Maybe we can actually pull something off. It won't hurt to try, right?"

    Lisa Yamagawa

    Romance / Arranged Romance

    "Ah, Lisa-chan. The love of my life. Ahahaha! Well... technically, she is the love of my life. *sigh* I still wonder to this day why our parents arranged both of us to get married. It was just so out-of-place. My mom and Mrs. Yamagawa seemingly plotted us to get together, for some reason. It's probably because we're looking more and more like an actual couple to them. Ah, I don't know." *shrugs*

    "Lisa Yamagawa. I pretty much just call her Lisa-chan. She and I first met when my dad and I were fishing at one of our favorite river spots. Plenty of hunting spots and all that. As we were having a hearty conversation about me getting a girlfriend, this girl was suddenly screaming "Help!" all of a sudden. She seemed to have ended up in the middle of the river. Apparently, she is that bad at swimming. On a man's instinct, I immediately dived into the water and saved her from drowning."

    "After that, we took her and her mom who was with her, Mrs. Yamagawa, back home. After a nice cup of tea and a little chat, we grew close as friends. She would visit me from time-to-time, and we would often hang out like an actual couple. Maybe that's what sparked our parents' desire to hook us both together."

    "Well.. to be honest, I really don't mind this kind of scenario. Of course, I was a bit shocked at first when they just threw that proposition into the table without our consent. And I could tell from Lisa-chan's eyes that she REALLY doesn't want to go through with this. But... now that I think about it, at the end of the day, us hanging out often, having a good time and a hearty laugh makes it obvious that we look like a couple, indeed."

    "I promised myself that I would only find my one true love once I finish school, but I never expected a development like this. Well, who am I to complain? She is a truly charming girl. Other guys would kill me just being with someone like her. I do admit that her mannerisms had tugged my heartstrings a couple of times already."

    "Still, I wonder how she feels about me. Considering she really doesn't like intimate relationships, I try my best to give that "close friend" vibe, and maybe our parents would stop joking around eventually."
    Yuuki Iwasawa

    Positive / Middle School Friends

    "I'll be perfectly honest... When we became classmates during middle school, my first impression on Iwasawa-kun is that he was an attractive young lady. Oh boy, how me and the class were proven wrong on that day. Ahahahaha! I was so stupid back then that I got my heartstrings almost pulled from time-to-time whenever we'd hang out, only to be pushed back when my obliviousness fades."

    Misheru Tachibana

    Negative / Irrelevant Friendship

    "Tachibana-san was quite the tomboyish redhead with a hidden girly side. She has a colorful personality, to boot! Needless to say, she was adorable. Don't tell her, though. She'll kill me! Ahahaha!"

    "Nowadays though, we just seem to hang out less and less. I suspected that there was something going on between Lisa-chan and her, so maybe that was part of why. While I do want to know what went on between them and maybe find a way for a resolution, I did not want to be too much of a bother to both of them... so I just ignored it."

    Yuuki Kimura

    Positive / Middle School Friends

    "Ahhhh... Kimura-kun. I remembered how quiet and withdrawn he was back then. And all it took to bring him out of his hermit life was inviting him often during our middle school field trips. He had no choice but to agree. After all, once I've had my sights on an anomaly in the class, I'd force them to mingle with life in any way I can!"

    "Then I learned during our time together that he was quite the pervert. Kimura-kun tends to pull me into his salacious antics. Despite my resistance, he has put me into a situation where I was almost caught along with him. *sigh* Really, that guy..."

    "Regardless though, we hung out a lot more than I expected from him. His scooter was quite a rad ride. And he loves it as much as he loves peeping on women."

    Abe Kuroya

    Positive / Middle School Friends

    "This long-haired pretty boy is a fellow brethren of mine who loves his tea. Needless to say, we get along really well. Whenever we hang out, he would always be expecting for a humble cup without even asking for it. I'm really glad that he likes the blend I make for him! He's my tea connoisseur, that's for sure."

    Noxi Keoni

    Positive / Childhood Friends

    "Keoni-kun and I are long time compatriots. Not as long as I have been with Rei and Michi, but it was still quite a while. He's got smarts that I couldn't hope to surpass. He's usually the class representative, thanks to his idealism and intelligence, and is commended by the whole class; myself included. Keoni-kun... He's the spitting image of what I want to be in the future. Worthy of respect, my friend. Worthy of respect."

    Iori Nishimura

    Negative / Irrelevant Friendship

    "Ah, Nishimura-san. We were acquainted during the eighth grade, as classmates. I haven't forgotten about her, I swear! It's just... We seem to have drifted apart and lost contact after that. I guess this is the drawback of being so overly outgoing that I couldn't fit everyone in my circle of friends... Thankfully, we meet once more here in Hisakawa. I should probably say hi, now that were classmates yet again."

    Chiyo Imada

    Positive / Amiable Classmates

    "We really haven't spoken much yet, since she has her own circle of friends. But I do see the extroverted energy beneath her seemingly shy advances, so I see no doubt in us getting along well."

    Rei Saionji and Michio Kamijou

    Positive / Childhood Friends

    "Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday. Rei and Michi were my first few friends after that incident... No one would talk to me much back then, after being branded as a bully. It was to be expected, so I just had to endure their cold shoulders. The first two people to accept my kindness from redemption were Rei and Michi. I was so happy back then, I couldn't hold back my tears. Ahahaha...! That moment was truly eventful for me, even if they don't see it themselves, as it made me realize how morally satisfying it is to be a good person. Rei, Michi and I would often hang out in the playground, having a childhood blast."

    "Now, however... the two of them became reserved individuals who seem to not enjoy each other's company anymore. They seem to be hiding something from me... I wonder what's wrong...?"

    Mika Tsubasa

    Positive / Acquainted

    "Tsubasa-san, the heavy sleeper. Oh, how our bonds strengthened on a good start! You see, she and I first interacted when our teacher paired the two of us for an after-school chore of bringing some supplies from the stock room. The things were quite heavy, and I'm not a very built person. And so is she, for having a small stature and an indolent motivation. Needless to say, by the time we were finished with the torturous labor, we both fell asleep on our desks and woken up by a passing student. We just laughed it off by the end of the day."

    Narita Taigi

    Positive / Acquainted

    "The guy looks quiet, stern and serious most of the time, plus he usually keeps to himself... so I can't really read his emotions. We've conversed a number of times already, so I reckon we're pretty solid. I do get this "I don't want to talk to people" vibe from him, so I just tend to leave him alone."
    Leo Kane

    Negative / Mutually Annoyed

    "... *sigh* Kane-kun is a bit... much for me to interact with. I believe Lisa-chan would agree with me on this. I'm not optimistic on the fact that we could get along, but.. he'd be a decent person if he'd just tone down his cocky bravado."

    Hugo Helbram (DWC)


    "After all, for a man to prove that he is the best, he must make all the others look inferior by comparison. ... You know where I'm getting at, right?"

    Benedict Arkhamm / Hugo Helbram

    A teen prodigy who seeks two things: challenge and retribution.
    Forged from a grandiose name and a horrible event,
    he bares his fangs against the modern age.
    His sharp tongue that is matched by his fabled prowess

    finally comes out of the shadows as a remnant out for revenge
    against those who had stolen everything from the palm of his hand.

    His Encore

    "MY NAME IS HUGO HELBRAM! SO, YOU PUNKS THOUGHT YOU'VE PUT DOWN THE FAMED HELBRAM FAMILY, EH?? Well, let me tell you a little something something. I'M STILL STANDING, MOTHERFUCKERS! I dare all of you to put me down. I FUCKIN' DARE YA! HYAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    Anari Hakozaki / Fenrir (Ragnarok Girls)


    "My body's gotten a little chilly after being chained these past few milleniums... Perhaps it's only fair that we get to have our little fun now, right?"

    • "Do you hear that? The sound of the blistering wind... The howling wails of the wolves... Ragnarok is nigh. We have fulfilled that woman's wishes, and now... our sweet revenge awaits. Those impertinent Aesir won't fool me twice."


      Vana / Anari Hakozaki

      "I am denominated as Vana by my dear younger brother. However, you may call me Anari."

      True Name:

      Fenrir / Fenrisulfr / Vanagandr / Hroovitnir

      "Oh, dear. These legends are quite the nuisance, aren't they? I probably have more names than I have sisters. Just call me Anari, alright?"

      Physical Age:


      "I may not look it, but I am pretty well-developed. Please perish the thought that I have been living for eons."



      "... Did your dull-witted question need an answer?"

    • To the eye, Vana, or Anari, is a superficially polite and affable young lady, soothing or pleasing her acquaintances with the perpetual smile planted on her lips. She is proper and mature which is fitting for her age. As a foreigner, Vana is thoroughly fascinated with Japanese culture, quickly becoming accustomed with life there and pretty much letting herself be assimilated into an ideal Japanese woman. Being calm and gentle in nature, and as soft-spoken as her little sister Hel, one would know that something is amiss when she raises her tone. She says "Quite" quite often, to the point of the singular word being her catchphrase. Well-mannered and sophisticated is the primary focus of her dictionary.

      As the eldest of the three adoptive sisters, Anari plays the role of the level-headed adult, though she doesn't seem to mind her more eccentric siblings' mischievous antics, apologizing on their behalf and letting them do as they please. She is in charge of majority of the Hakozaki household chores, up to and including cooking meals for the family. In addition, she volunteers as a caretaker at the local daycare center, which shows her willingness to help out in the community. Of course, the children absolutely love her.

      Of course, as with Hel and Jormun, this persona is merely a well-crafted front. Vana, or Fenrir, held deep resentment towards Odin and the other Æsir for separating her and her sisters and even tricking and confining them with prejudice. She would love nothing more than to finish off the Norse gods that have put them in this misery. However, since the woman hero named Cu Chulainn had saved them, she was deeply indebted to her, and chose to honor her one wish: for her and her sisters to take care of Hikaru Hakozaki.

      Vana treats the young man with respect, to the point of being subservient to him, like a maid. She is also protective of him, just like how a dog would protect its master. Despite her lingering anger, she puts it aside for her little brother, who she seems to deeply care about. She isn't above manipulating people to achieve her own goals, but isn't actively harming anyone.

    • Fenrirsulfr, also known as Fenrir, Vanagandr, and Hroovitnir. The Fenris wolf. Her legend is prominent throughout the Norse mythology as one of the three daughters of the demoniac god Loki and the giantess Angrboda. Having discovered a prophecy that these three entities would bring about malevolent chaos and discord, the Aesir Odin and the other gods formulated a plan to confine each of them.

      When Fenrir was brought to Odin's palace along with her sisters Hel and Jormungandr, they were separated and confined individually. Jormungandr was thrown into the deep blue while Hel was sent into the land of the dead. And for Fenrir? Odin had the wolf raised among the Aesir, with the god Tyr being her caretaker. They fed her, and she only grew stronger from there. When it became apparent that this wolf would become strong enough to overwhelm their ranks, they've made several attempts to confine the monster to chains, and failed every single time.

      In a final attempt to restrain her, Odin had his servants secretly make a chain, or rather, a ribbon, made out of six magical ingredients: the sound of a cat's step, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, bear's sensibility, fish's breath, and bird's spittle. The gods challenged Fenrir to break this chain as well. The wolf saw how thin and well made Gleipnir was and thought it was a trick. She agreed to try and break the chain, but only if one of the gods would put their hand in the wolf's mouth. Fenrir believed this would force them to free her if she could not break the chain. Only Týr was willing to put his hand in the wolf's mouth. Fenrir tried to break the chain. The more she tried, the tighter the chain held her. When the gods would not free her, the wolf bit off Týr's hand at the wrist.

      With the beast finally contained, eons have passed where her being was engulfed by the cold winters of Midgard. And then, a hero came through and set Fenrir free. This mysterious woman who called herself "Cu Chulainn", had also freed her siblings from captivity. Of course, this put Odin and the other deities on high alert. Now that the three sisters have been freed once more, Ragnarok is bound to happen one day.

      Indebted to their savior, the three sisters have agreed to comply with any one wish their hero desired. In response, the woman wanted them to turn human and take care of her son living in Japan, named Hikaru Hakozaki. They were, to say the least, surprised at her wish. Nevertheless, for some reason or another, they agreed to her terms and assumed their human forms, arriving in Japan at her behest. Odin and his servants would be looking for them all throughout the world, to prevent Ragnarok from happening. And they'll be prepared...

    • "I feel quite homely in this form, actually. Is it becoming for a lady like me, dear brother~?"




      62 kg

      Hair Color:


      Eye Color:


      School Uniform


      Casual Wear


      Traditional Japanese Clothing




    • "Unfortunately, I'm not fond of puns, ice-related notwithstanding. I'll just kill you and move on, okay~?"

      Human Form

      Absolute Chill

      By raising her hand and clenching her fists, the surrounding area immediately becomes colder, to the point of absolute zero. Parties harmed by this area-of-effect magic are paralyzed, unable to move as the consummate cold slowly envelops their being. If not stopped, the afflicted's life force is completely drained as their bodies become frozen, brittle husks. Another variation of this ability is by making contact with her desired target, turning them into ice.

      Cold Embrace

      Instead of freezing a target's entire being, Vanagandr focuses on the target's mental and emotional state. By "freezing their mind" and soothing their worries, she can manipulate people into doing her bidding.

      Cold Immunity

      Both of her human and canine form are completely susceptible to the cold. Makes sense, as she is a pure-breed wolf of the winter. Due to this, she can also negate and absorb any form of ice magic thrown at her.


      Vanagandr can create snow and ice at will from the palm of her hand, and can mold it into various forms such as weaponry. She can also imbue her creations with life, turning them into ice creatures.

      Enhanced Senses

      Even in her human form, Vanagandr's five senses are laudable and questionable for a human. In a completely silent state, she could hear anyone's heartbeat and smell anyone's scent from a moderate distance. Her vision is beyond the perfect 20/20, recognizing an identity's countenance from a long distance.

      Enhanced Agility and Flexibility

      She's a flippin' ninja, let's just leave it at that.

      Quick Learner

      Vanagandr, like her sisters, has a superior capacity of understanding new concepts and applying them correctly, having studied human psychology and their way of life in a very short span of time and assimilating into their kind unencumbered.

      Fenrir / Wolf Form

      When becoming one with her true self, Vanagandr (better known as Fenrir in this form) becomes the massive canine being of legend. For the targets of her ire, pissing their pants would be recommended, along with praying to their impotent God.

      Superpowered Physiology

      Fenrir's entire being is upped a hundredfold. Also, the area surrounding Fenrir is covered and followed with a thick snowstorm. Her senses are enhanced more than ever, capable of reading and tracing human actions. This is in tandem with immense strength that leaves holes her size through buildings just by running through them along with blindingly fast speed. Yeah,
      have fun trying to catch her.

    • "These... humans are quite enthralling. Don't you think so too, Jormun? Hel?"

      Face Claim:

      Youmu Konpaku from Touhou

      Voice Actor:

      Saori Hayami

      Speech Color:


      *Disclaimer: Any artwork belongs to their respective owners.


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  3. [​IMG]

    Herman Schmid (Skyward Miracles)



    "Eiiiiiii. *yawn* Been out long?"

    • Name:

      "Yo. Name's Herman. Herman Schmid. *hic* Wanna know how I got my first name? Wehehell, let's just say the ladies have a thing for me. My catchphrase? "Herman is 'er man"."


      "Definitely human here, fam. As if Bumi had enough of us lingering around 'er, eh?"


      "Well, the family business of making arms and armour thrived here on Venesia the moment I was born... So uh, yeah. I've been here all my life."

      Physique and Stature:

      "Uh... let's see 'ere... a hunkalicious, five-foot-seven, hundred-forty-six pound ass-kickin' love machine. Here's my number."

    • Hailing from Venesia, Nusantara, the young lad named Herman Schmid perceives the world of Bumi with indifference. Born to a blacksmith father and a seamstress mother, it was inevitable that the family business would focus on making weapons and armour; their workshop (aptly named "Schmid Arms-and-Armour") being one of the most established for their superlative wares. Encouraging Herman to follow in his footsteps, his father educated him every nook-and-cranny of the ways of a smith at an early age; treating every material with utmost care, determining which material to use, the materials to be combined to create an improved and refined material, all of it. Eventually, he was able to craft his very first weapon, a pair of steel-enforced tonfas.

      However, Herman grew dissatisfied of just hammering all day. Wanting to break the status quo, he decided to take a break from the family business, much to his father's discontent but eventual approval, with a bit of help from his forbearing mother. Letting him be, Herman's father suggested that he should go visit his uncle Qrow, a retired Capoeira-style martial artist, who is willing to teach him techniques that would probably save his ass in the long run in case of, say, an imperial invasion.

      Bringing his prized tonfas, Herman began to train under his uncle's tutelage. He was entirely surprised, considering the complicated lower-body movements and the fact that it will be difficult since said style was incompatible with his upper-arm weaponry. A long and grueling two months befell upon him, learning gradually. Even as a human, such a fast, versatile, and most definitely uncommon martial art was quite the challenge to grow accustomed to. After some time, the young man threw the towel in, deeming it a big hurdle to surpass.

      With nothing more to satiate his boredom, Herman returned home. Every now and then, he and his group of friends wound up at the local tavern every other day, drinking all night. He still helps out at his family's workshop, but the passion for smithing or even martial arts were drained from him. Apart from that, he became lazier and lazier, much to his father's dismay. Herman felt as if there was nothing more to do at that boring ass island but drink, sleep and have fun with friends all day, so he's just gonna have to make do with it until his death. That remained so, until a fateful day...

      An important task was given to Herman by his father, which was to deliver arms to an adventurer from the distinguished Nightingale family, one named Agatha. However, by that point, Herman has become way too indolent and unbeknownst to his family's honor, asked said VIP client to take it from him at his favorite hangout spot rather than delivering to them personally. Herman's irritated (albeit justified) client arrived at the tavern he addressed her to, and finds him drunk, half-asleep, and astray from his purpose. A heated argument between the two caused the easily-agitated drunkard to lash out with his blunt weaponry. The female adventurer kicked Herman's ass with little-to-no effort, showcasing the difference between their strength. Taking her goods, Agatha imparted a little advice.

      "Rather than sitting on your ass like a drunkard all day, why not join our company? You know you want to, don't you?"

      Throwing the recruitment paper on his dazed face, the female left. Realizing that his "boring but safe" mindset was a load of bollocks and is eating away at his life in general, it wasn't difficult to persuade the lad. He knew he wanted more than just being stuck on ol' boring Venesia, dangers be damned. Herman returned to his uncle, all fired-up and more willing than ever to learn.

      After a few more months of rigorous training (and gaining his uncle's merit), approval from his parents, obtaining a new pair of Magitek booster boots from his dad, and upgrading his tonfas into tonfa blasters ejecting explosives with a little help from his dad's Armer associate, Herman Schmid joined the Lughanta Company. He was ready. Ready to take flight, explore the world of Bumi and find damsels in distress!

    • Herman is a very laidback individual, uncaring about the issues of politics or articles of the norm in Bumi. Initially wanting to secure a "boring but safe" lifestyle, he values peace among other matters. He is also neutral towards the ongoing military conflict between the Empire and the Divine Kingdom, stating that as long as they purchase his family's wares, he isn't biased towards any side, and that their money is what matters.

      However, after being enlightened by a certain individual to loosen up and escape from his dull life, Herman became much more open-minded, despite retaining his bored and lazy expression. He now wants to utilize his youth by exploring the unknown, while sharing good memories with his comrades.

      As a casanova wannabe, Herman loves dames. What kind of man doesn't? He is a proud pervert as well. However, he takes pride in chivalry, as he treats women respectably. Herman would seduce a duchess, but he would never spoil a virgin. Despite his rather slothful disposition, Herman ends up being the most talkative of his friends. Starting the conversation with a sip of beer, and ending it with a good laugh, is Herman's specialty.

      + Damsels
      + Beer
      + Exploring
      + Learning new things (apart from complicated shit)
      + Sleeping
      + Welfare
      + Capoeira Martial Arts
      + Casual gossip

      - Politics
      - Girls getting hurt
      - Complications
      - Trouble

    • Herman is a friendless loser. Coming soon!

    • Skills:

      > Element Expertise: Fire (Explosives) <
      > Weapon Expertise: Dual Tonfas <
      > Unarmed Combat Style: Capoeira Martial Arts Style <


      > Smithing - The fundamental knowledge of weapon and armor smithing, as well as turning materials into metals, were all drilled into him by his father. <
      > Acrobatics - Experienced at the arts of Capoeira, Herman is very nimble and fleet-footed. His movements are fluid, graceful and most of all, unpredictable. He hits hard with a series of rapid kicks and tonfa strikes. <
      > Alcohol Tolerance - Herman takes quite a beating in the chugging department before dropping like a log. 'Nuff said. <



      > Rocky and Road (Steel-Enforced Tonfa Blasters): A pair of green, heavy and blunt customized arms that also serve as long-ranged weapons, firing explosive Erchius bullets from the fore-head. But let's face it, they're damn Bazookas. <


      > Magitek Boosters: With the help of an Armer, this pair of footwear are Herman's prized possessions (apart from his tonfas), given to him by his father. Using Erchius as fuel, the boots utilize the air-fuel ejected from the thrust nozzles to thrust the user upwards. This allows Herman to thrust or boost into the air indefinitely, though extreme care for observing the fuel capacity is a must if the man doesn't want to fall straight to his fucking death. This forces Herman to land. However, the fuel cells strapped to his boots can be replaced in case of the worst-case scenario, and Herman is always prepared with extra Erchius fuel rods. <

    • "Dangers be damned!"

      "Now lookie 'ere, gentlemen. Little 'ol me has already been told countless times of the rising tensions, the urge for military supremacy and all that bullshit. I'm tellin' ya right now... I don't care if yer' Red or Blue or whatever... yer' Florin 'ere are all green ta me."

      "Every woman is a treasure. Make sure ta treat them with more care than you can treat yerself."

    • [​IMG]

      "Aye, aye, Cap'n~"

      Face Claim:
      Gray from Fire Emblem

      Voice Actor:
      Hiroyuki Yoshino


      Speech Color:

      Disclaimer: I do not own any of the artworks shown. Credits to their respective owners.

    Kappa Uraragasawara (Negai-bu!)



    "Man... I wish life wouldn't burden me too much."

    "Uraragasawara. Just Urara, for short. Don't ask for my first name. (Kappa) Please."

    "17. Wait... What's it to you?"

    "...Want my fist to answer that question for you?"

    Personal Wish:
    "I wish you'd just leave me alone. How's that sound? Can I ask for peace and quiet instead of being interviewed like I'm some sorta superstar?"
    Kappa's actual wish is what he stated above.

    [+] Positives [+]
    * Independent
    * Means Well
    * Meticulous
    * Dutiful
    * Reliable

    [-] Negatives [-]
    * Irritable
    * Sarcastic
    * Unfriendly
    * Rude
    * Boorish

    "Uh... If you couldn't tell, I'm a high-school student. Tch. Did I really have to answer that?"
    (He is also the oldest of his siblings by a large gap, taking care of 3 baby sisters and 4 baby brothers.)

    Character Theme:

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