Weisenhart's Free Character Banner Giveaway

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Are you satisfied with Weisenhart's Character Banner style?


  2. Yeah, they're pretty cool! I like 'em!

  3. It could do with some improvements that are simplistic, but it's not bad.


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  1. Before anything else, you're probably asking yourself... "Am I reading this correctly?" "Free"? "Giveaway"?


    Yes! You most certainly are reading correctly, you sad freeloader dear customer!

    I am happy and terrified to announce the grand opening of Weisenhart's Free Character Banner Giveaway! ... Just call it the WFCBG for short. Woo. Yeah. Party. Celebrate.


    I obviously need something to do better with my life *sigh*

    If it wasn't obvious enough by the thread title and the name of the loser one who posted this pointless thread, my name is Weisenhart! Legendary Animu Roleplayer Trademark. Y'all should feel honored that an esteemed weeb anime enthusiast such as myself is pouring his time for you lovely freeloaders customers! At the moment, I'm plotting for one-on-one roleplays, along with joining a few group roleplays. ALL ANIMU. BECAUSE ANIMU IS LAIFU AND NO ONE WILL MAKE ME THINK OTHERWISE

    Now... enough about me. Useless introduction aside, let's get to the main topic.


    Now, my style of making Character Banners is pretty much summed up into two words: "simple" and "basic". It's not as detailed as you would think, but its enough to describe the character's primary points in their general information. Making it much more detailed than that would take more work, obviously. And more work means more time.

    Here are some samples of the Weisenhart-style:
    Weisenhart's Character Banner Samples

    1) Incomplete (Black Background)
    2) Complete (Black Background)
    3 and 4) More samples of the Black Background
    5) Incomplete (White Background)
    6) Complete (White Background)

    I can also alter the position where the face claim is positioned (to the right or to the middle), and add more minor details as long as it can fit in the space.
    Basic Details such as
    1) Name of the Character
    2) Occupation/Affiliation/Role of the Character
    3) Played by: <name of the roleplayer musing said character>
    4) Speech Color Code
    5) Name of the Roleplay the character is participating in
    will be primarily included to distinguish your character from other characters and to know who is playing who.

    All you need to do is give me your character's Face Claim (it can either be anime or IRL, or if you've drawn a character of your own, then I'll just use that), name of the character (as well as their affiliation or occupation, if they have any), Speech Color Code (if they have it), and the name of the player musing the character as well as the name of the roleplay in which the character is participating in. If you'd like, we can change the color of the background space or add more minor details and I'll see if I can fit it in the space provided by the banner.

    1) Feel free to credit me as the person responsible for creating the banners, or no if you're that heartless </3. But in all seriousness, just take it with gratitude, and I'd be more than happy.
    2) Only request for one-two characters at a time. I'm just a lone man. Also, I don't have all the time in the world.
    3) If I do forget to make your character banner, shoot me a PM and depending on my schedule, I shall finish it by then.
    4) No rushing. Like I said, I'm just a lone man. How many times do I have to say that I'm a loner and a loser just to get my point across dammit I'll make these whenever I can.

    If you want to make your own, then good news! It is so simple that It can be done by anyone, and like this whole fiasco, I shall implore you with the techniques of the Weisenhart-style:
    1) Save a picture of a Face Claim
    2) Go to "Paint" and crop the face (of course) to a size of your liking (in my case, it's usually 300 x 281 px.)
    3) Stretch horizontally for a size of (1300 x 281 px.), then color the background space to your liking. Now, save.
    4) Go to PicMonkey's Photo Editor | Free Online Image Editing and Edit the banner.
    5) Pretty much up to you after that. All the tools you need to add info on your character as well as prettying the banner up is included there. Have fun!

    To be honest, this is my first time opening up a "part-time job" like this. Please go easy on me. Onegai!

    The only reason I'm doing this is because I can do these within 3-5 minutes per character banner. I have quite a bit of time on my hands... despite college kicking me in the face with a dropkick. I would be honored to help roleplayers to represent their characters in their roleplays. Free of charge! You are most certainly welcome!


    Little do these freeloaders know that this is a secret plan to make yours truly more popular on Iwaku! huehuehuehuehue... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Also, please comment any suggestions on how I can improve my work. It would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Wait, am I the first person here? Seriously? o.o

    Anyway, I saw this in your signature when looking back at the interest check for Lunardust and figured I would give it a shot.

    Face Claim: This picture right here.
    Name: Joan Raylen Drazelan
    Speech Color Code: #447733.
    Player Name: Joan [yeah I know it's weird okay]
    Roleplay: Lunardust- Part One
    Preferences for picture placement and background color and whatnot: I'd prefer a left-aligned picture since she's looking that direction but other than that you can do whatever ^.^
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    Well, come on in! We've got tea, pancakes and... Welp, I ate them all.

    I hope I didn't disappoint. If it needs alterations, feel free to tell me.

    Here ya go.

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  4. 'Tis lovely, thank you! -considers sending the other members of the RP your way-
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  5. Thank you so much. I really hope it didn't end up too badly. Ahahaha! If you need improvement or revisions, don't hesitate! I'll do much better!
  6. We've come to shut you down.
  7. We hear you've been doing some animu smuggling around here. Open the banners, boi.
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