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  1. Alright, I know everyone has had one of THOSE dreams. The ones that cause you to wake up with that "WTF" expression on your face. So let's hear 'em! What are some of the weirdest and most disturbing dreams you have ever had?

    (Oh, and I'm not talking about your super kinky nighttime fantasies. Thats for a different thread.)​
  2. Most disturbing. I'd have to say a dream from a couple months ago, I forget when exactly. But I was walking through a house with dead infants sprawled everywhere. The deeper I walked through the house the louder cries from babies got, and the dream seemed never-ending and was overwhelming to the point I forced myself awake. So that was pretty fucked up.
  3. This is the weirdest dream I can remember, it's so absurd.
    I dreamed that my grandfather wearing tanktop and short as his outfit, sweeping in my house. Meanwhile, I was raising chicks in my bedroom. The chickens started to lay eggs and it immediately hatched into chicks...... and then I woke up XD
    I don't even know what is the meaning, also my grandfather sweeping and the chicks are so unrelated......
  4. @Azula Perhaps you wanted to eat eggs and/or chicken with your grandfather.
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  5. I had a dream that my mother was still alive and that my grandmother had gotten into a bad car accident. As she was trapped in the car, she wouldn't stop whispering my name and calling me. Needless to say, that scared the hell out of me :(
  6. The weirdest dreams I've had are the most normal ones, they usually just play out like any other day for me would. What's weird about them is that they're extremely vivid, and by the time I wake up it takes me a while to realize that it didn't actually happen in real life. Sometimes I'll experience a sudden spike of these types of dreams where I have them repeatedly, night after night, and when that happens it can get really confusing, and even a little bit disorienting.
  7. Once, when I was an elementary student... I had quite the horrifying dream. I was being chased by gangsters, who wanted to molest me and whatnot.

    Except I was a fish.

    And they were fish, too.


    So it was an aquatic chase scene featuring a young 12 year old fish being hunted by a bunch of pimp pedo-fish .-. I was thoroughly spooked.
  8. I dreamt that I was with all of my friends and the band McFly, then I got really bad cannibalistic urges and ate all of them, but i left all of their heads and I Was so full and all the heads started calling me fat.

    So I got so angry, and ate them too.

    That was the weirdest dream I ever had...
  9. I don't always remember dreams, but I've had some strange ones. In the past I know there was a dream where I was talking with Diane Keaton and she said she had to leave, and I was asking why, and she said because your alarm clock is going off, and then I woke up to my alarm clock going off. The brain is amazing.
  10. One I woke up from was when I was fighting this guy who was in my house. We got into a fight and plates were being used, but weren't breaking. We were slamming plates into eachother and I'm like 'WHY! WON'T! YOU! SHOW! PAIN! And why the FUCK aren't these plates breaking! (When I'm in a dream, I sorta go with the dreams physics, I don't question them. Mainly because I'm busy doing epic stuff. Sadly that means I'll never lucid dream DX. I'm the kinda guy that doesn't reject possibilities, even if it's impossible. if I started floating right now, I'd be like "How did gravity shut off???? DX" I wouldn't think I'm dreaming, I'll just go with it and try to find out why later.

    So my dad walks in and I'm like "Awwwww yeeeaahhh :D :D :D You're fucked now guy!" And my dad was like "Quit fighting! you'll mess up the house" and just leaves. I'm like "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!" so I see the guy stand around the next few seconds like "Did he just listen to my dad? Let's hope so o.o" But then he pulls a fast one on me and he punches me which knocks me down but I catch myself with the coffee table. So i'm like "heh, alright, you wanna play dirty? I'll play dirty too." Sooooo I go to jab him but my dream ends and I see my arm in the air in the same jabbing position of when it ended.

    One I didn't wake up from, and is my strangest dream, was when I was like 4 or 5. I look outside my window and I see this ice cream truck. Problem? they had the CREEPIEST faces. The driver had a literal pizza slice as a face and the guy next to him had a literal orange as a face. So they stare at me and bob their head back and fourth awkwardly with a stupid smile. But every time I look out the window, they are driving by the opposite direction. So I tell my parents that they're creepy and they're basically like "Don't be bigoted!" And i'm like "NO! THIS AIN'T NORMAL! There's being bigoted! And then there's being legibly creeped out!" (In my 5 year old words XD I didn't know what being a bigot was back then. Yeah, I grew up not knowing what racism was, didn't know what Sexism was. There was no difference between me, and you. Which makes me think that kids should grow up not being told what racism/sexism is. If they know, it's then a concept. If they don't know, then they don't put a line/barrier between people. Along with animals too, I didn't grow up with the concept of "I'm better than anyone or anything" So I grew up with a cat no different than I would grow up if I had say a sister that acted the same as a cat.

    And my creepiest was when I was a kid, I had this creepy ass guy chase me through the neighborhood. Who was it? It was this creepy motherfucker from courage the cowardly dog but red

    And his face was this creepy part from spongebob

    That's SCARY for a kid DX
  11. I get weird dreams at least once a month.
    I think my favorite was one in the point of view of panthers... it was weird...but sad...I almost cried when I woke up...but I didn't bcuz it wasn't that serious xD


    This starts off with a bunch of panthers own by one person.
    Two of these panthers are married, the pink one is the wife and black one is the husband. They are fighting often and are thinking about a divorce.
    But they wanted to play their favorite game once more.
    The pink panther got herself arrested and put in jail, the black panther was meant to go visit her.
    Their game was to pull the fire alarm and watch as the prisoners try to run out and trample each other, the panther was supposed to out run them since they were meant to be fast.
    So the black panther pulled the fire alarm and waited for his wife to do just that.
    The alarm rang and the sprinklers turned on. The pink panther started running along with the prisoners. She was close to where her husband was...but before she makes it she was shot in the head.
    The black panther couldn't believe what he saw. Tears slowly formed, but the prison was beginning to flood and the blood from the panther was mixing in with it.
    The black panther ran to a window and broke it, except he was in the form of a human.
    Once out he found his owner and turned back to panther form. He was sobbing uncontrollably, repeating the words, "It's my fault! It's my fault!"
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  12. Zombies. Always zombies. Like it could be a series because it felt like a long storyline where I went from a jungle to a city in am attempt to survive with a mute kid and some other people I know personally. There was even a hiding in the kitchen scene like Jurassic Park. I wish I remembered it completely, it was sooooo good ;^;
  13. Yo I got this!! Couple days ago, I had the best weird ass dream ever! xD

    (Maybe not the best, but I thought it was cool)


    Setting was at my house. It was almost the same except for in the kitchen. Where the garage door was, there was in open wall, almost like a cave.
    The lighting made it look as though it was ancient.
    In the cave there were a bunch of people, but they couldn't cross some imaginary line. I'm not sure if they were actual people or undead people.
    I was just looking at them, and then I dropped this ring, it was a cool ring and it broke into eight different pieces.
    There were two important pieces to the ring, and I gave those two away to two men over the line, then they just kinda all walked away.
    I left the cave, and then my mom came home. She pissed that I gave away the important pieces to the ring.
    I ended up trying to put the ring back together without the two pieces, because the two pieces went on the inside and weren't exactly needed to put it back together.
    I went downstairs and my mom said she had to go to a doctors appointment...which apparently took place at the first middle school I went to.
    I look towards the cave... and through it I see this guy... his arms were cut off and he was kneeling, obviously dead. You could see the hanging flesh and blood so clearly.
    My mom left, and we had to get lunch, which was popcorn chicken. I had to look through the cave a couple times since it was right next to my kitchen.... and there was now some spirit lady above the man.
    I sat down in the living room with my younger sister. I was telling her how we should get rid of the body. My first thought was to put it in a garbage bag and throw it in the dumpster, but then I decided against it because I didn't want the spirit lady after me.
    So we decided to bury him somewhere. I told my older sister, but she said "isn't mom going to be home soon?" But our mom was about a twenty minute drive away, and the appointment should've been around an hour long. So I was arguing with my older sister about that.
    The argument was short, because our mom came home just then. She told us she called the hospital about the body.
    She also said the doctor saw my dinosaur (oversize toy(I don't even know where this came from) and was surprised it was only for $12, so he bought 6 for the hospital,
    My mom then said the doctors and scuba diver would be there soon for the body...
  14. I once dreamed I had this unique ability to make weapons with my mind. All I had to do was concentrate on what I wanted to create and it would start to show up in the air above me, piece by piece. Was kinda cool, watching parts appear from out of nowhere and rotate about until they clicked like puzzle pieces. Kinda like observing a Jedi put their lightsaber together with the Force. For some reason I had such an intimate closeness with weapons that I understood how all of them worked, from the most primitive to the most advanced, and even claimed I could talk to them. I had a bond with mechanical contraptions too, but that was something I had to figure out later on in my dream.

    At some point I was captured by dudes in uniforms who were watching me for years. Our government hooked me up to a machine that had dozens of limbs constantly at work, piecing together firearms, melee weapons, and what have you. Reason being, I can make a lot more at once rather than make just one item at a time. I remember dreaming that it was a depressing, lonely life where all I was good for was mass producing weapons upon command. I never ate, slept, or even talked. Just sitting on me knees, unmoving, with this listless look in my tired eyes and this messed up looking helmet screwed onto my head. From that, I operated the mechanical arms that pieced things together and shelved them for later. Always I had to deal with hearing the whimpers and cries of the weapons who were going to end up being used for the wrong reasons. They were like my babies, I guess. >__> I dunno, it's weird.

    Eventually I turned against everyone and used aforementioned machine to make destructive robots whose primary functions were to kill everyone. Shit was cash.
  15. The other day I dreamed a Kardashian was on staff and she was trying to give Jorick bad staffing advice for Iwaku. o__o that was a pretty weird and out of nowhere dream for me...
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  16. I dream about the future far too often. No, I mean I spend far too much time getting deja vu and thinking "...where do I know this place...? Did I dream about this place a few months back?". It really freaks me out sometimes, but at least it gives me the opportunity to pretend I can see the future.
  17. I once had a dream about aliens who had to wear contacts so their eyes wouldn't fall out.
  18. *Cracks open Dream Diary*

    Sit around kiddies while Vio tells you a little story.

    *Clears throat*


    I had a dream that I was a relative of one of the Escape the Fate's band members. I think it was the singer. We ended up meeting after I contacted said relative about it (I believe I found out through or whatever.) and after sending them what I've learned over they schedule for a meet up. The singer brought along one band mate, the drummer, and we met through a grandmother we shared. After meeting up at our grandmother's house we leave to go out for lunch together. At first I was really quiet as we walked to the nearest lunch place. Once we got there the two were goofing around so I joined in hesitantly. We decided to race a lap around the resturant once, through the doors, and into the line. Who ever got there last had to do something stupid or pay the bill, I don't remember. Anyways, we get ready to go while our grandmother heads inside to watch us from a window seat. We took off, the singer taking the lead, while the drummer and I were behind. As we turned the corner I noticed that there was a side door into the sandwich place, and slowed my pace. The singer and the drummer turn to corner and I sneak in through the side door just in time to see the singe get into line first and then I get in line right behind him. Then the both of us snickered to each other as I told him I wasn't participating in the race but not to tell the drummer. When the drummer came in we nearly died laughing at his facial expression, and I was going to play it off that I had passed him and he just didn't notice. Unfortunately, Nana gave me one of her "looks" so I admitted I was messing around, and then I let the drummer order first since that is only fair. Of course, he told me he didn't mind and told me I could order first, but I protested so he just shrugs and places his order/gets his drink first. Then I get my food and drink after, and of course Nana ended up paying for lunch. The singer picked out a cozy little spot by one of the windows, a seat I was very satisfied with, and we sat and ate. We spent a while just relaxing and talking while we ate. I didn't want them to know that I knew who they were so I never brought up their band, mostly because I thought that would be awkward (I really don't know). Then Nana leans over to me and tells me not so quietly "Don't worry, They're dressed reasonably because they're with their Nana." probably because of their gimmik and she thinks something like that would make me nervous or whatever (Again I don't know. I don't listen or no much about Escape the Fate). I wonder if it was a crack at how they dressed at their concerts or in their videos, and since she pointed it out I take a moment to look at what they are wearing. Yeah, they really toned down the whole "goth/emo/scene/whatever" outfits for today, but in the end I just thought it was silly so I just chuckled to myself. I told them that they didn't have to worry about making a good impression or anything, and that they should just be themselves even when Nana was around. The singer laughed and both him and the drummer started talking about their band. Something along the lines of there being anew guitarist, but at this point the dream was fading and I was starting to wake up.

    The End.​
  19. I've been having recurring dreams about an ex-friend of mine (we grew apart and decided we weren't good for each other) where I try to reconcile with her, but she tells me how much she hates me and never wants me to bother her again. We were close, at least on my end, and I still miss her company, so they've been pretty upsetting.

    I had a dream where I could pop my own eyes out and pop them back in like little glass balls. It wasn't painful or scary, just a thing I did.
  20. Not that long ago, I dreamt that I was eating a really fantastic breakfast.

    ...But I think that was just because I hadn't eaten very much the night before and I was rather hungry when I woke up.
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