Weird ways to be woken up

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  1. what are some of the oddest ways you've been roused from slumber?

    Lately I wake up to the water pump raising hell as my landlady waters the lawn
  2. Pretty girl bouncing up and down on my morning wood

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  3. Ileostomy bag has all but assured I am not sleeping a full night until I get the reversal surgery.

    I woke up to gunners from the British army throwing artillery sims into our camp during a brigade level exercise. I've also been waken up from the opposing force in my soldier's qualification course blaring spicegirls music at our trenches at 6am. My DP1 armoured crewman course's tents were also right over the birm from the machine-gun range, so night time training woke people up with the sound of popcorn from hell.

    I get callouts from work at stupid times in the morning. I would strangle those prerecorded voices if I could.

    My neighbours upstairs decided to keep unpacking up until 2330 a few weeks ago when I had to be up for work in six hours.

    I have more, but I am too tired to think. :D
  4. There's a construction site just outside my apartment, with three massive echoing drills. They go on at 7:00 and continue till 19:00 — and it's slowly but surely driving me insane. I bet I'll start having nightmares about drills soon...

    Other than that, when I was a kid, I rolled off the bed and then under it — all while sleeping — and woke up some time later staring at the bottom of the mattress, confused.
  5. One of my cat used to wake me up at dawn by jumping off the wardrobe and landing square on my stomach. o_o
  6. The cat is no longer allowed to sleep in the same room as me because she enjoys sleeping on my face/in my hair.

    It is not a nice way to wake up. Especially when she "nests" in my hair and gets tangled. Now, I keep my hair tied up to sleep but the sleeping on my face is still a problem. Also, the druggy thing likes to get high on one of my plants.
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  7. @Kitti - I can relate so much to this ^.^ I bet you've woken up to having a tail flicking by your nose? X'D
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  8. There used to be a business billboard for the shop next door. One day someone hit it with their car(no worries, they didn't get hurt). So a couple days later I woke up to the sounds of jackhammers. I normally get up at 10. They started work at 6. o.o;
  9. One time in my college dorm room, I woke up to the sound of someone entering the room -- and I assumed it was just my roommate. But then I realized that my roommate was already in bed, and the stranger that had entered the room was trying to wake my roommate up. She nudged my roommate and said something to her -- but I was too tired to process what she said. She then bolted out the door. My roommate and I, now thoroughly confused, asked each other if we had any idea who that even was... I had assumed it was one of my roommate's friends, but neither of us knew her. o_o

    And -- neither of us had our glasses on when we woke up, so we couldn't really notice this until we later poked our heads out into the hall to see what was going on, but... apparently this girl was not wearing any clothing from the waist down. ...Not even underwear.

    She was apparently very drunk, and we later learned that she thought our room was hers, and that my roommate was her roommate.

    We forgot to lock the door that night, and we were woken up by a drunken intruder. o_o Definitely could've been worse, though... At least she didn't steal anything.

  10. ....kagenry plus one?

  11. Well, seagull beeping like an alarm clock is little compared to these.
  12. Henry wasn't my roommate when this happened. :P
  13. Wake up to four younger cousins colouring all over your face and arms...

    That's what I get for falling asleep at Thanksgiving.
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  14. Oi. You alive, mate?
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  15. By humming a song. Not someone else humming the song. Me, I hummed myself awake/woke up humming. It was weird and amazing.
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  16. Once I woke up by biting on my tongue. Was rather painful.
  17. It was three years ago on a warm and idyllic morning when I had decided to sleep with my window open...and a goddamned military plane zoomed past my house, rattled my windows, shook my bed, and startled me awake with the belief that I was seconds away from dying. I no longer enjoy hearing aircraft.

    On a more positive note, my neighbor's cat mastered the art of breaking into my house, so he casually climbed onto my bed and headbutted me awake for cuddling.
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