Weird things your pets do.

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    What weird things do your pets do?

    My cat likes to hide places and then jump out when I least expect it. It is strange cause she somehow gets in my closet and hides on the top shelf, then jumps out like all crazy like.

    What do your pets do??
  2. Robot Unicorn's cat, Flip, hates me, I think..... He just smashed his butt in my face 0.o. He always gives me the evil eye.

    My dog and I used to sleep on the couch some times, and in the middle of the night, I'd end up with Murph butt in my face, then, I swear, he'd fart, wake up, look at me, and wag his tail.... I've taught him well.

    My hamster, Cocoa, would throw up everything in his cheek pouches if I held him.

    Nova, my first pet, a mouse, was trained to sit still on your shoulder, and when I was sick, it would be curled up next to me on the bed.
  3. ANYONE ELSE?? C'mon, I know you guys got some crazy pets.
  4. Pepper likes to take a crap inside.

    he woulda been trained not to, but as a puppy he broke his leg (a mate put him down from too high and his paw got stuck between the tiles of the floor [he was rather small at the time] bad time. bad time indeed) so we kinda let training slide whilst he had a cast......mon dieu. 'landmines' 'landmines' everywhere.
  5. Everything my cat does is weird. She sleeps in the bathroom, plays in the bathtub, and her favourite toys are twist ties. Just to name a few.

    Oh. She also sits funny at times. XD

    She's really not a fat cat, she's just unusually large for a female. I love her, though. She's like a daughter to me. Even when she scratches up my flesh and chews on my feet.
  6. That is a cute cat..... and.... landmines? Ewwww.
  7. My cat also does these. Except in my case, it hides in my dad's airsoft crates, under our old beds, and under our cabinets.

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    I almost forgot; one of my cats also tries to copulate with its brother. Worst part is, both cats are male, and sometimes they do this in front of the whole family. Disgusting.

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    That cat is dead now, and there's only one cat left in the house.

    Guess that's what we get for picking them off the street.

    Hell, I also had a dog that ran away and hid from people until she faced her death throes.