Weird things we hoard in Games

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  1. Maybe it's just me, but whenever I play a game where I can collect shite, I choose random things. Every game is different.

    Skyrim: Collected up to near 900 cabbages before my game glitched because of it and now won't work
    Saints Row 3: Estradas. I have stolen 6 so far and a dirt bike.

    You guys collect weird shite or am I just a freak?
  2. Rupees in zelda

    I know, not unusual, everybody gathers rupees

    but... I don't spend them

    I'm a fucking penny pincher (rupee pincher?)

    I just hoard them. My full wallet is my pride and joy.
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  3. Fire Emblem Vulneries.

    If you see me using one then it's a bad day indeed.
    On the other hand I am VERY liberal with their heal staffs.

    I also hoard PP Up's and Max Revives in Pokemon (since once cannot simply 'buy' them easily).
  4. Spider eyes in Minecraft. o.o I mean, I know they're good for potions, but I never actually made a potion since I suck at visiting the nether to get ingredients like blaze rods and nether wart.
  5. I have a few things I tend to hoard as well! In Pokemon it's always Great Balls. I think I have about 300 of them on my X version. In Minecraft I always store endless flowers, in the hopes of one day making a flower garden (which never happens).

    In Skyrim I hoard Statues of Dibella. Life in Skyrim just isn't the same without a room dedicated to debauchery.
  6. I make flower gardens ^_^ It's a garden I know I can't actually ruin lol.
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  7. I hoard Gummis in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and don't eat them until the end of the game so I can raise my IQ faster. Also, love Wonder Gummis even though they are so rare x - x
  8. I thought of another, Boss Souls in Dark Souls.

    I used to choose on the spot to crush it or convert it, now I always store it.
    Ran into too many cases in the first two games of burning the soul, and then deciding later a certain weapon would be nice to have.
    • hoards Daedra hearts
    • had a pointless amount of Ponyta because they needed to be in a herd, obviously
    • RE4 has a very controlled amount of herbs but I always felt like I was hoarding them
    • Jade Cocoon 2, I insisted that I collected all of the kinds of monsters, even the recolors
    • Potions in any Final Fantasy. There's just a point where you need Hi-Potion, but common enemies drop regular potion. So you hit that item cap real fast.
    This is why Assassin's Creed: Rogue is great to me. They give you like a bajillion pointless things to collect for "completion".
  9. I don't know about anyone else, but I hoard healing potions like an Ethiopian hoards meal tickets.
  10. - Food in Elder Scrolls Online. Half the time I don't need it or have the space for it but every time I find food I just have to have it.

    - In Dragon Age Inquisition it was elfroot.

    - Far Cry Primal? Rare animal skins. Also the collectables if they count.

    - In Fallout 4 it was junk. Just random junk.

    - I hoarded necklaces of the God of Death in Skyrim. Also dragon bones and the like.

    - For Minecraft it's cobblestone, Rotten Flesh, and wool. I just recently started burning the latter but otherwise I'd have whole stacks of those things. I have to have a whole chest dedicated to Cobblestone. Wool I just find laying around.
  11. Fallout: Coffee mugs.... and then in Fallout New Vegas they made a little robot NPC to give Coffee mugs that you find around the wasteland.
  12. Fallout 4: Power armors. Finished the game with twelve different frames, at least one of each complete set.

    Skyrim: Weapons. Unique? Shelf. Enchanted? Shelf. Gems? In a bucket by the fireplace.

    Can't think of much else right now.. Though currently hoarding Peepers in Subnautica in aquariums. Can eat them which saves me from wasting time foraging so not sure if that counts as hoarding.

    Ooh and prisoners in Rimworld. Last colony had more locked up then free. We used them for organ harvesting. Then the giant bugs burst into the prison common area and it all went to shit.
  13. In Skyrim I horde all the cheese and didn't do anything with it. Then I found Sheogorath. My cheese obsession died that day.
  14. Pokemon: Rare candy. And, uh, basically everything else. Why even bother gathering all those HP Up, PP Up, Rare Candies, Elixirs... Because I want to hold them indefinitely, apparently.

    Fire Emblem: Seconded on the vulnaries. And for some reason being fine with using the healing staves for whatever. Two damage, but I want you to be friends? Heal! Twenty damage, no healers in range, three vulnaries? C'mon rng... I also have to have long discussions with myself where I convince me that I have to actually use the stat boosters and they're doing me no good in convoy.

    I'm also a huge penny pincher. Honestly, this pretty much goes for any game. I don't like using my items. I would be concerned that I have a real problem but I think it's pretty normal. Right guys? Right?
  15. This. Back to my food obsession in ESO, if I never actually use all of what I have stored of a certain food item. Because there's always that chance I may end up in a situation where I'll need it. Took me fir and a day to realize to don't need magic boosters of any sort because I don't use magic all that often. Finally got around to selling them recently but I at least have a stack of food that increases my magic bar and a stack that increases my magic recovery.
  16. I have a friend that hoards cheese.
  17. Does the game have cheese? Then cheese.
  18. Any limited-use powerful/unique weapon in any video game/

    Get the item? It goes directly into a quick-use slot for when I need to use it.

    See an area where the item could be used? No, not yet, there's going to be a better time.

    Be against a boss that's five times my size, three times my strength and two tax brackets higher than me? There's probably something harder, I should save it.

    See Hitler on the street? As much as I'd want to, I'd still use the normal weapons.
    It's mildly peculiar, but when it comes to items and cashmoney I'm usually extremely indulgent. Spending my entire fortune on one item, chewing lifegems in Dark Souls like a mild addict, throwing out full party heals if a strong gust of wind blows through, etc. Weapons though? That shit stays.​
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  19. Ammo in Fallout New Vegas. I only ever use two weapons in it(Anti-Material Rifle and Embrace of the Mantis King!), but if it's ammo, I collect it. In Witcher, it's everything. Can I pick it up? It's going in my inventory for later crafting of potions/oils/weapons/armor(which I never end up crafting.)
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