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  1. So, in an effort to try to get healthy and lose a little bit of weight for wedding season (my husband and I have a lot of weddings coming up in the next several months), I'd been looking at ways to potentially lose some weight. I don't think I need to lose much, but my husband's pudgy belly could afford to drop a few. ^^;

    Somehow, someway, I decided it would it be a good idea for us to try a juice cleanse.

    Those of you who don't know, during a juice cleanse, all you consume during the cleanse is specially prepared cold-pressed juices, or water. That's it. The concept of it is some bullshit science that I once believed and am no longer so sure about, that there are toxins stored in our bodies that make it more difficult to burn off excess fat when we diet and exercise. Supposedly a juice cleanse is supposed to flush those toxins from our system, making it easier to lose weight after the cleanse is over.

    We bought juices from a place near where we live and while they are pretty good, they are not filling.

    At all.

    AT ALL. >:[

    It is day one of my juice cleanse. We get six bottles of juice to ration out throughout the day. I've been through three of them so far, and I am already regretting making this decision. I am starving. I get grumpy and cranky when I'm hungry.

    I hate myself for thinking this was a good idea. I hate my husband for agreeing to it (even though I might have strongarmed him into it). I hate my stomach for being mad at me and I hate you all for existing.


    What are some of the weirdest or craziest things you've tried to do to get healthy or lose weight (or perhaps even gain weight if you were underweight)?

    Did they work?

  2. Oh. I just ate what I normally did but less.

    And I worked out 45 min to 1 hr a day 6 days of the week.

    It took time but the weight stays off longer.

    Nowadays I actually need to eat more because 1.5 hr of workout requires nutrition to bulk up
  3. I hear some girls like special K. Special K. With skim milk. That's eating air with a side of air.
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  4. When I was little and all through my teenhood my mother bugged me about my weight. She took me to see many nutritionists. It was depressing, because I followed all their diets and excersized -I did martial arts at the time- but I didn't even drop a pound. u.u

    Anyway, one of those nutritionits or dieticians or whatever, she was a bit rude towards me, but I decided to give her a chance. She put me to eat meat both at lunch and dinner for an entire week, as that would boost my metabolism. I followed her instructions, and I dropped a kilo :O The next time I went to see her, she congratulated me for that, and told me to keep doing that. For an undefined amount of time. My common sense told me that at that rate I would lose weight, but as soon as I stopped eating meat, I'd gain it again. On top of that, I don't even like meat and that shit is expensive. She gave me other stuff to eat.

    For the sake of losing weight I ate meat two times a day for a week, and I suffered a lot for that. X( We ended up not following through her diet.
  5. I played football for a while... I ate like a pig, but was losing weight.

    So I guess just a lot of exercise. A lot.
  6. Oh man, just once I wanna see a "toxin cleansing" diet plan that actually elaborates on what it means by "toxins" and how the diet will "cleanse" them. All the ones I've seen just create this vague picture that there's deposits of dirt or poisons in your body that only their diet will effectively wash out. Dem scare tactics doe.


    I don't really do much for health stuff myself; I occasionally do my own kind of "cleanse" where I just drink water or tea and eat meat and veggies for a couple weeks. I usually feel better afterword, have more energy, etc. so then I feel like I deserve a cheese sandwich and back downhill I go.
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  7. I once lost 50 pounds in the span of 2 months... by doing nothing at all.
    I'm serious, my eating habits never changed yet in a 2 month period I randomly got 50 pounds lighter.

    It was weird.

    That's the only story I have, because never have I felt the need to diet.
  8. I ate some extra chocolate today. That's another five minutes onto my daily workout.
    I ate some cake today. That's another few minutes.

    It's those days when I sit down and unconsciously eat an entire bread pudding and half a box of thin mint cookies that I cry deeply in hopes crying will burn enough calories.
  9. I think I read somewhere those cleansing things are a load of furious shit like snake oil.
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  10. I stopped buying snacks. Keeps my wallet fat and my body fit.

    One habit I have developed now, and is said to help, is to drink one glass of (boiled) water before breakfast. Adding a pinch of salt to it is said to clean your stomach? Personally I find the latter to be gross, but you can try that. Of course drinking water throughout the day helps as well.

    And I heard sweet potatoes are said to help you lose weight. They're filling and it is good for your metabolism they say.

    The craziest thing I did to keep healthy or to lose weight was something I was forced to go on. All I was allowed to eat back then was steamed vegetables, rice, no meat, no sugars, nothing what wasn't steamed. I don't know if it actually works, because I secretly went to buy snacks anyway, but if you like bland...

    Nowadays I just eat healthy and avoid snacking too much.
  11. I have never really had the need to diet, though when i felt like i needed to tone my stomach a bit i did this thirty day ab challenge thing and drank these protein drinks my mom gave me and noticed a difference within about two weeks.
    My mom did the South Beach diet and lost about 50 pounds.. but she ended up stopping it because she didn't really like it and gained it all back, so if you were to do that you would probably have to Stay on it..
  12. The entire "alternative medicine" movement, worth billions of dollars, is almost entirely deranged, nonsensical, garbage, that charlatans and scrooges will use to drain you of currency. When I point this out, I'm accused of whinging. Really? What makes one believe that prayer alone is more effective than scientifically proven drugs? How about that nonsense of one part of one thousand lead to water will cure lead poisoning? No? Not good enough? How about intentionally overdosing yourself on vitamins to try and cure diseases? Fucking magnets, how do they work? Jesus - Christ - so - many - Yoga - alternative - cures! (There's more, by the way.)

    I'd argue people often do more weird things for their health than they do rational, reasonable things.
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  13. I'm actually underweight. I have been most of my life. Dieting probably wouldn't be safe for me.
  14. It should be as long as you don't use the 'lose weight' definition of diet. :v
  15. ^ This is true. Putting yourself on a "diet" not only means telling yourself what not to eat if necessary but also what to eat. In your case, dieting could mean just remembering to eat certain foods -- and not necessarily eating less than you were before.

    Having been borderline-underweight for a while now, myself, the closest I've come to "dieting" is just trying to remember to eat more healthy snacks and more well-rounded meals throughout the day. I say it's the closest I come because I've never really strictly laid out any plans as to what I'm going to eat (which is more along the lines of what I think of when I think of diets), it's just something I try to keep in the back of my mind a lot of the time.
  16. Like others said, dieting isn't strictly about losing weight. Minding what you eat and sticking to healthy foods is good practice for anyone, and some people have diets to put on healthy weight so they can build muscle, for example.
  17. tl;dr

    Consume higher protein, cut back (or eliminate) simple carbs. Complex carbs are good (soy, chick peas, whole grains, sweet potatoes). Simple carbs are bad (basically anything sweet or sugary like candy, white bread, white rice, some fruits).

    Lower red meat consumption, go for leaner cuts of everything.

    Include some form of exercise 1-5 times per week.

    You'll drop the El-BEE's in no time.
  18. Cayenne pepper and honey cleanser. All you have for 5-10 days warm water mixed with dried and ground cayenne pepper and honey. That's it. No food. no juices just that or water. Does it work? Yes Will I EVER do it again? No, only if someone paid me 3 million dollars to do it would I, but to cleanse myself? Fuck no.

    Not only did I become dehydrated, because it cleans you out by making you have severe diarrhea for the whole time and a few days after, but I lost all my energy and became weak as hell. I lost 7 pounds in total, after 7 days but afterwards I was weak, dehydrated and hungry as all hell. I gained half of the lost weight back, eating.

    I don not recommend this to ANYONE.
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    I lost 40 pounds just by not drinking soda every day. o__o

    Take out all bad sugars, reduce the carbs, add in a tiny bit of exercise - good to go! Don't need to do fancy diets and crap like that. And you don't need to worry about fats if they are natural healthy fats.

    I like doing a meat + couple veggies for most meals! Then maybe once a week have a pasta or heavy carb meal.
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