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  1. Hello there! I'm looking for someone who would read through this post, and decide whether or not they feel that they could fit into this... Thing. Yes.

    I just want something which flows nicely, and that doesn't feel so forced. if you look at the tags on this... It might fancy your interests, it may not. It has to click, if not, I'll just have to say sorry, but we're pulling out of this, and I'll find someone else. Don't feel too bad; it's just not working for me. No hard feelings okay, if such a thing happens.

    So essentially, we'll have one girl having the powers of shadows, but she learns how to use shadow vines and whips; perhaps she could put this to good use. The other girl will be the mortal enemy (by race, not by personal experience) of the shadow vine/whip wielding girl, and they'll control temperature, leaning toward coldness. The two are acquainted but they're not exactly the best of friends, rather, they just know of each other's existence. The setting is a fantasy modern kind of deal, in a city with it's fair share of criminals. Imagine jazz playing wherever you walked.


    Stuff (open)
    If sexual things are to occur, well, they probably will, I'd prefer to have it clothed. It's a little kink, I rather like. Also, other kinks:

    Removing the bra without removing shirt over it,
    breaking the bra while it's still on,
    Nipple play,
    Breast play,
    breast squeezing,
    breast vice gripping,
    nipples being frosted,
    nipples overheating,
    sweat in general,
    one girl's breasts on the other's back while flicking her nipples violently,
    vines coiling around the breast,
    vines coiling around the nipples,
    vines penetrating the nipple,
    vines penetrating the breast and entering the girl's body, almost like assimilation,
    vines eventually gripping on the heart and giving the girl a taste of death, which makes it all so much hotter.

    Temperature girl won't die, that's the thing. The vines will recede and she will recover.
    All of this will go on eventually through some kind of plot. I can see it being 60/40 sexual/plot, or even 80/20, but we can work that out.

    Vine girl will be mostly dominant, and I'll play as her.

    this is all very vague, in fact I AM very vague right now. Just allow me to wake up and regret at least this one thing, please?


    Pairings (open)

    Vine x Temperature (A lot of the stuff is above)
    Bad Angel x Good Demon (Morality switch)
    Orthros x Innocent Woman (is actually MxF, Orthros being a tentacle monster thingo)
    Bad Woman x Good Girl (Age difference, 20/17, something like that)
    Good Woman x Bad Girl (Roles reversed; Woman being more sub than girl)
    Miss Nails x Busty Lady (Breast play at it's finest; will involve skin piercing too)
    Fem!Devil x Fem!God (The Devil, and God herself; expect some high powered nonsense here)
    Nipple Fetishist x Nipple Lady (Nipple play; can be either gender for Fetishist)
    Sporty Girl x Athlete Woman (Bit o' slice of life here)
    Knight x Knight (Ye olde lesbians/almost forbidden love)
    Samurai x Monk (Something a little more historical, kinda)

    I hardly have plots for these, so discussion is essential! I'd love to flesh out some of these ideas, especially if they go above and beyond the line of sex!
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  2. Prettiful update.
  3. Added pairings.
  4. Orthros x Innocent Woman
    ^ Interested.
  5. Okay! Do you have any kind of plot to go with that?
  6. Hmm I have one I used till my partner became inactive. Its about a demonic lizard like creature who feed off female pleasure. He gets captured and is brought into a lab for study. The female scientist works alone/or do night shifts and have to examine him.

    It could also just be your everyday female warrior taking a nap in a cave.
  7. I suppose we can just swap the demonic lizard with the Orthros, yes? Because I think that could work well. If you'd like, feel free to send any and all details in a PM. We could probably RP it from there, too, if you want.
  8. Sure. I'll send a PM with the intro and we can take it from there.
  9. I would love to do the Bad Angel x Good Demon with you or Fem!DevilxFem!God
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  10. Great! Do you have any sort of plot in mind for either of them?
  11. I could think of a plot, but I'm going to college in a few minutes so I will be back in a few hours. Unless you want the cliche story (Can work for both of them) Heaven and Hell are at war?
  12. Hmm, nah. I've done that too many times.
    we can certainly plot something out for the Bad Angel x Good Demon. I'll see you then.
  13. Okay, I will send you a PM before leaving so we can hash out ideas ^^
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  14. I could do some of these, I'm interested in a couple and we could discuss what RP would best work out. I'm fairly flexible with these things and look forward to hearing from you!
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  15. Yay! Feel free to PM me and we can discuss such things. ^_^
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