Weird, Real Life Creepy Paranormal Tales!

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  1. Hi!

    Okay, so I'm curious in a two-fold way.

    FIRST. Do you believe in the paranormal?!

    SECOND. Whether or not you do believe in ghosts and the weird that goes bump in the night, what kind of stories do you have that might make you second guess that notion? What unexplained thing has happened to you, a story you share (or are reticent to share!) because of how strange it is and how many things go unanswered.

    For example, do you have a story of that one time when you went camping, and thought a bear came in your camp in the middle of the night-- pawing at the tents, knocking things over-- but when you woke up, there wasn't a single track or disturbance?

    Have you felt hands grab at you in the darkness, but know with 100% certainty that no one else was in the room with you?

    Have you heard voices creep up on you, only to turn around and see no one there?


  2. [​IMG]
    I enjoy sleeping, and therefore yes I believe and yes I have my own stories about ghosts.
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  3. No. I don't believe in Ghosts or Paranormal activities like other people. I believe Ghosts are real, but I'm not getting into what I think Ghosts are.

    I have no paranormal activities, and that isn't because of where I live. I have several friends that claim their house is haunted, and I will go over to spend the night. Even their parents will agree, saying they have seen, felt, or even heard strange things. Nothing has ever happened when I was over there. I have slept in that house, and been over to that house for ten years, and not a single damn thing over those ten years. (Not ten years straight, like once a week, etc.)

    So yeah...No stories from me :/
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  4. Oh boy. Okay, I'm just going to repost this from a previous thread.

    The basement door, might I add, was unlocked.

    I almost want to believe it was a ghost, that it wasn't just a person taking advantage of the dark and the trees to get out of sight. The alternative is scarier, because that means someone was in my house.
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  5. Don't really care if the paranormal exists. I gotta pay rent, don't got time for that shit.

    Though in the attic apartment me and my mom lived in when I was in highschool, I learned that a guy hung himself in our kitchen about 20 years before. I would always hear scratching and stuff in the ceiling, for some reason I assumed it was Hank (the name of the guy who hung himself) and whenever I heard that scratching I would always yell "HANK SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

    When we moved out I learned that his name wasn't actually Hank, but Harry.

    Super Awkward.
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  6. Oh no you don't! Don't you dare scamper off after saying that! I NEED YOUR GHOST STORIES!!!
  7. Buuuuuuuut Dx Ghosts be scary.
  8. Yes, I believe. Yes, I have so many stories. I'm not going to tell them though.
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  9. But awesome.

    C'mon! One little story! :D
  10. Fine! But when I don't sleep tonight, bad things shall unfold D<

    I think I was about 14 when this story happened. My best friend lived in this crappy house. She had always told me stories of the odd things that happened. This was not my first time dealing with freaky things, so honestly I didn't like going to her house to begin with. We usually stayed at mine when we hung out. One day we and another friend of ours, were hanging out after school. I don't remember what the hell we were doing, but the story of the man who haunted her house came up. He killed himself in the bathroom upstairs and was generally over protective on my friend because they were around the same age when he killed himself. Our other friend, lets call him Jim, Jim knew that the ghost didn't like men in the house. Her mother had a hard time with boyfriends (another story all together), and so he started calling out the ghost, being a real big talker. The dog, Val was sitting beside me on the counter, and my best friend was in the other room telling Jim, to fuck off. Suddenly the room got colder, and Val's ears went down, she whined a little. The next thing I knew, all the papers on the desk beside use came flying at Jim and I, since we were standing beside each other. Lets just say I high tailed the shit out of there, Jim not far behind me. My best friend actually had to catch me so I didn't run all the way home. Took a lot for them to get me to step back in the house >> that was just the one ghost I dealt with at her house.

    Lets just say there are reasons I hate mirrors at nigh time for the other story.
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  11. Thank you so much!!! <3 I hope I didn't pressure you too much. I'm just really excited to hear some real anecdotal evidence from folk. At least, we're not around a campfire at night, yeah?

    Maybe we can talk later about the other story (or you can share if you feel more courageous!)
  12. I believe there's something. We just lack the capacity and understanding.

    Or some bullshit like that.

    I work around my county at schools that are going on 100 years old. They have history. Not all of it pleasant. Someone tag me later in this thread to remind me and ill rummage up some of my stories. Got quite a few.
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  13. I actually have other stories about my house, too. It was a creepy fucking house.

    And some other experiences elsewhere, too.

    I'm not committing to "ghosts are real, it was ghosts" but I sure can't entirely explain some of the shit I've seen.
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  14. Yeah, that's what I want! CREEPY, WEIRD tales of things you've experienced that just cannot be handily or readily or easily explained. Sure, it's easy to talk about EMF and natural anxiety levels and shadows in certain lights and all that, but sometimes, things happen and we can't explain it. Things have happened to credible people and they can't begin to explain it. I'm talking Generals, respected researchers and scientists, pillars of community, the Whole 9. We tend to quickly dismiss these tales as simple nonsense or our imaginations gone wild, but c'mon:

    There's a lot of shit out there we still can't explain. Who's to say these things ain't part of it?
  15. Okay, so I started this new job and being the new girl I know some places make up stories to scare people. So they told me about random things that happen in the building. I scoffed it off not paying any mind, considering I am never alone in the kitchen anyway. Well they scheduled me for a double recently because someone at my work quit (thank the gods). Either was I was waiting for the food to come out of the oven when I saw someone walk toward the back of the kitchen. I didn't think anything of it considering im a space cadet sometimes at work when waiting for something, especially when i am alone. So I walked over to see who walked into the kitchen, heres the thing there are 3 ways out of the kitchen. The back door which has an alarm, only way to open it is the key and if they went through the door I would have seen from where I was standing.

    Walking over I saw no one, not jumping to conclusion I turned and looked at the other door. Someone was staring right at me I ran as fast as I could out the other way to see who was messing with me, but there was no one thereeven if they went out through the counter they would have bumped into me. Now I am freaking out, alone, I walk back to grab my food, I grab it to pack it up for a customer when I felt someone tap my shoulder I turn and tons of bowls came crashing out of the shelves. I fell back screaming as I officially ran out of kitchen.

    I walked up to the front and not even a second my coworker who works up front was all "You saw them didnt you?" I am so scared to be in the kitchen alone now... >x<
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  16. I suppose this really isn't a ghost story, but I guess you could still count it as some level of paranormal.

    Anyway, there was this one time that me and a friend of mine had sort of the exact same dream on the exact same night. But like, not in the sense of us both seeing the exact same thing in our dreams -- more like, it was if we were in the same dream. I was in her dream and she was in mine, and we were both just sort of hanging out together -- seeing the same events but from slightly different perspectives. It was freaky the way we were talking about it the next day, basically able to finish each other's sentences and mention things that the other person did as if we were just re-telling the story of something that happened to the both of us in real life. @_@

    Unfortunately, the actual events of the dream weren't anything really interesting or profound like you would expect from something like this. It was all just sort of typical dream nonsense. But, you know, apparently we experienced the same typical dream nonsense, even down to some rather minute details, soo... @_@
  17. I have a story my mom told me. My mom used to live in Poplar, MT when she was younger (nicknamed Stab City if that tells you anything about the place). One night she was staying at a friends house and she found bones in her friend's brother's closet. She found out they were buffalo bones so no big deal there. When night fell and everyone was asleep she was awoken to the sound of something walking upstairs, not human footsteps. After a few minutes she woke her friend up and asked what the sound was. Her friend told her to go back to sleep because it was just the buffalo.

    I believe it was the same friend's house, where when they were playing outside they saw a man's face appear in the window to the upstairs bathroom.
  18. I guess I'm going to be the first one here to state having absolutely zero belief in ghosts, or any kind of paranormal activity existing (if it helps I'm the only one in my family with this stance).

    The closest to 'experience' I have is playing D&D at a friends house, them claiming they heard someone's voice upstairs (no one else was meant to be home) and spending the next minute looking before giving up. Meanwhile I didn't even hear a damn thing, so I was just watching my friends chase seemingly nothing (Note: None but one of these friends believe in this stuff either. They were just curious about the source of the noise. Like, everyone wanting to use one of our friends electrician skills to rig a ouija board to freak out my family with level of disbelief).
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  19. This is the closest I've had to a paranormal experience, and the only one I've ever had. Beyond that, everything else was explainable as, say, "cold making the house creak" or "fucking weird ass bird" or "my mind is playing tricks on me." I've told this story before on Iwaku, too.

    It was one of the two times I nearly bought the farm. The time I nearly succumbed to hypothermia. I was lost and wandering about in -30 (ish, it felt colder) with only a zip-up hoodie to keep my dumb ass warm. I got on a bus and went in the wrong direction, and ended up on the wrong ass end of town, so I tried to find another bus to take me home, but it was snowing, so conditions were horrible for seeing anything. I kept wandering for another twenty blocks or so through residential neighbourhoods I was unfamiliar with before falling in the snow, too cold and too tired to keep going. I was so cold I was numb. My dumb ass hadn't thought to just knock on someone's door, either. Never said I was sharp back when I was a mentally damaged teen... Not that it'd have mattered anyway, shitty beat up part of towns generally don't just let dumb fucks in hoodies in their houses just because they're cold. :ferret:

    Nonetheless, all I remember after that is being in a black void of unfathomable nothingness. The only things there were me, and a dead woman with black wings like a bird. She reached out, I grabbed her hand, and before I knew what was happening, I was standing on a snow-covered hill in front of a public mall, where I could call family to take me home.

    To this day I cannot explain how that happened. I can accept weird lady being a figment on my imagination, but I had no idea where that mall was, so how did my imagination summon information that didn't exist to get me to safety?

    I still don't believe in ghosts, spirits, the afterlife, whatever else. I don't got enough evidence for that... But I don't blame people who do. I really don't. There is some shit in this word that is so far beyond explicable that it may as well be supernatural.
  20. I think my room is haunted, because sometimes during the night I hear cracking and see weird shadows. No joke.

    Maybe it went away with the old furniture though.
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