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  1. Do you have any weird ways of saying things? Do you know anyone who does? Are there any stories behind these things?

    As stated once in another thread, I sometimes pronounce "bury" the way it looks phonetically, with a U sound, like "buhr-y". As a kid, I used to think it was some weird verb tense that was supposed to be pronounced differently than "bare-y" (I mean, why else would it be spelled with a U like that?), and it just sort of stuck. ^^" Sometimes I catch myself and correct it the right way whenever it counts, but, whenever I see it written down, I always pronounce it in my head as "buhr-y".

    I also often say "hellolo" to people (especially friends) as a greeting. I think this started as a joke... but it just kind of stuck. Now I say it so often that, when I meet new people, they get really confused over it, because I don't even think about it being a weird thing and just go ahead and say it naturally. XD

    I also refer to the rings in Sonic the Hedgehog as "rangs". Rings in any other context are just rings. But the rings that Sonic collects? Those are rangs. It doesn't feel right to call them rings. I have no idea why I do this. o_o

    Also, I had a social studies teacher back in 7th grade who liked to pronounce "Ohio" as "Oh-hee-ho" (yes, with an extra H sound in there), and "Massachusetts" as "Massatoochetts." Fairly certain he just did that as a joke, though.

    What are some strange pronunciations of things that you've encountered over the years? Or weird pronunciations that you use, yourself? :D

    NOTE: I am not aiming to start a debate about "baygel" vs "bahgel" or "gif" vs "jif" or anything like that. I'm talking about really out-there pronunciations that virtually no one uses and that virtually no one would consider correct. ...Like the guy from Idea Channel who pronounces "gif" as "jyfe". O_O
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  2. Hmm..

    I say often as "offen" instead of "off-ten"
  3. I tend to pronounce quite a French words that are in the English language in the French accent.

    And I pronounce it 'pello' instead of 'pillow' ^_^'

    And I pronounce 'aye' rhyming with 'hey' instead of 'hi' like I've heard many people say it.
  4. I pronounce everything perfectly, and have never once had my pronunciation have people question my accent.

    Everyone whose voice chatted me can confirm this. :3
  5. Can definitely confirm. Gwazi speaks perfectly.

    Also, I can't say "linoleum" but that word is not used hardly ever so my "lemonolium" is rarely said. Also, I too say "burr-y"
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  6. I'm Canadian, so according to every American person I've ever been on voice chat with, I pronounce everything funny
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  7. Wait, people pronounce it Bahgel? That's...that's...

    fucking stupid!

    And for other things, well, I use to have an extreme speech impediment, so it was really what did I pronounce right.

    My speech is a lot better now a-days, but still pretty shitty.

    One word that I think is just my brain being weird is negotiate, like, I keep saying it 'Neg-o-ate'. Why, well...I dunno.
  8. I used to know someone who would say Cananada instead of Canada.
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  9. I pronounce it 'bahgel' according to my friends unless I try really hard to pronounce it 'baygel'. To be fair, I was never told I was saying it wrong until a few years ago, I have a slight stutter and I'm dyslexic, which makes speaking out loud and getting the words right difficult. I do catch myself now though; I just have to pause and force myself to say it properly.

    As for everything else, I do tend to mispronounce words, but that's mostly due to the dyslexia substituting or taking out sounds/letters, or because I've never heard the word spoken before.
  10. Preface.

    Also took me years to figure out facade is fa-saud and not fak-aid.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one. O_O Totally forgot about that one. XD

    Although, to be fair, I'm pretty sure I was lucky enough to have never pronounced it out loud as "fak-aid" as a kid and embarrassed myself. I just remember that "facade" was also the name of a Pokemon move, which was the context I most often saw the word in, so I always read it in my head as "fak-aid".

    Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if I had already heard the word "facade" spoken before in other contexts by that point, and I just hadn't realized that they were supposed to be the same word. XD
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  12. Diplomacy = Dip-la-maci
    Convenience Store = General Store
  13. The first time I saw it written was in a Redwall book when describing a building so I thought it would sound something like barricade. x'D
  14. I pronounce the word "dwarf" like "dorf."

    I never even thought it was weird until someone pointed it out to me.
  15. Happy Birfday America
  16. I say roof like rough, though I think that's an upper midwest thing that I picked up from my Grandma...

    I also cannot for the life of me say 'rural'. It just comes out like rerl. Nobody ever gets what I'm trying to say DX
  17. I can't think of anything I accidentally say incorrectly, but I'm a fiend for saying things incorrectly just to be goofy.
    Edumacation. Cinnaminnamon (often with a fake lisp at the beginning). Of course, that's less pronunciation and more bullshit.

    My friends:

    Internships like in-TERN-ships.
    It drives me nuts.

    Sluts as sloots. I believe it's from Blue Mountain State or some equally...something show. But that one's actually kind of fun to use.

    Crowns instead of Cray-ons. -.-

    My stepmom is from Maryland and says water as wu-ter. Wuh-ter. It comes out very quickly, too, so sometimes I don't recognize the word at all.
    Also, ma-turr for mature.
  18. I have no idea if I pronounce things differently, I never noticed. People always ask me if I am from Ireland, Australia or something and I can't figure it out.
  19. Also fun note. I pronounced them this way so often my friends started doing it too. :P
  20. As a kid, until I was about 14, I had a rather prominent lisp, so all my 's' and 'z' words would end up sounding very awkward and embarrassing.
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