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  1. I tried to edit a post and got this instead of the usual layout and I don't know how to use it at all. How do I change it back? If I click on more options I get the usual post editor layout though.


    Solutions I have tried;
    Clicking every button in hopes of switching it back.
    Closing the tab and reopening it.
    Opening a new window.

    For further clarification if needed, here what the posting box usually looks like for me;

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  2. Are you looking for the source editor? This is an option in your personal preferences, "Use the rich text editor to create and edit messages".
  3. No, you're not looking for that. This looks like something deeper. @Diana?
  4. Have you recently switched from a pc to a smaller mobile device? You might wanna check (or uncheck) the opton in preferences:

    "Use the rich text editor with your mobile device?"
    If your mobile device is not compatible with the Rich Text Editor, just uncheck this option.

    Sammy was on the right track, though. 8D
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  5. Yay it's fixed! Thanks guys!
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