Weird phrases that you come up with

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For those times that you think, WHY THE HELL DID I SAY THAT?

What I just said:

"The furry ballsack of time is teabagging me again."
I like saying "I am SO Bacon."
I came up with a good one the other night.

" Thank you for being with me in my time of pollination. " Said by me...when in the bathtub and making dolphin noises...while talking to my best friend while doped up cause I was sick. Was on the phone cause people were afraid I'd drown myself I was so loopy and they were being overprotective. -_-;

IVE GOT AN ANGRY ANUS! Seiji says this as well as me. This is said when...well you know when.

Less than nice saying that I like to say:
"WHAT A CUNT CLICKING CHUCKLEFUCK!" God I love that war gave me the word chucklefuck...its so great!

Do not question... It was a Sunday morning when I came up with that one...