Weird Pets

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  1. Mine and Peter's dog is the wussiest little bitch dog ever. :| He has no will to fight. Seriously. When he thinks he's in trouble, even when we just LOOK at him, he rolls onto his back in submission. Sometimes, when he does this, he ends up making himself roll right off of the bed. Instead of getting back up, he'll just lay there still showing us we can do whatever we want to him, because he gives up.

    This happens because that's the way my boyfriend trained him to be, though. Tibbs is a weak, small dog so him being aggressive would just get him into trouble, or worse. Therefore, we're the guard dogs for him. xD

    I have this other dog too, named Ari, who always has to have my finger in her mouth when I'm petting her. I think it's because of the way I'm conditioning her to not bite people. Whenever she'd bite me, I'd rub at the side of her head with my finger to calm her down, so her jaw slackens in a way so that she's just 'holding my hand' while I pet her. It's cute, but odd. She'll pick up my finger and tilt her head hoping I'll give affections. I dare not take my hand from her mouth, though. >__>

    This gave me a topic idea asking: What weird things do your pets do?
  2. Well, my gecko just became friends with a male chirping cricket in his cage, instead of eating it. He also likes to drown half of the crickets, or bite their heads so they get slightly retarded, and then slowly eats them. He also licks his eyes every time blood splatters on the screen when I watch a horror movie with him. He's very cuddly, and likes being right up against my neck.

    MY DOG..... GOD.

    His name s Murphy, half toy poodle, half golden retriever- making a tiny dog that looks like a golden retriever puppy no matter how old he is. Dispite his small size, though, he's got spunk. His teeth are HUGE for his size, and he's abe to chew through "heavy chew toys". He gets easily angered, loves to eat shit, gets spoiled rotten- but don't EVER get between him and a butter wrapper. He LOVES butter. As well as the small of Blueberries.
  3. i used to have a dog that would joke it wasnt a bark it was a scream and she would do this when she was bored it was hell to be reading and your dog just walk into the room and scream then i had another dog who would climb trees then i would have to get his ass down and he was no small dog so it would usually mean me getting my neighbor to do it.. it got to the point that we had the tree he climbed cut down because he got bigger and bigger and someone was going to get hurt.
  4. My pup Bou is quite the character. He is almost three years old and is German Shepherd/Golden Retriever/Great Dane, he stands at about my waist and looks intimidating to most people but really he's a big chicken and an even bigger baby.

    He does usual pet things like chasing after balls and frisbees and likes to play keep away, and loves to roll over onto his back and get tummy rubs.
    But he has this odd love for water, this is where we think to Golden Retriever comes in. He will launch himself into water even if its just a puddle and splash around in it. If there is a body of water then he would chase sticks all day (he doesn't understand the concept of bringing the stick back however and we have to keep a whole pile of sticks to throw for him).
    The weird thing he does, though, is that if there are rocks at the bottom of the body of water that he's standing in, he will dig around with his paws and then stick his entire head in the water to pick up these larger than fist size rocks and drag them up to the shore. It is quite hilarious to watch.
  5. I have a cat, she is tough as hell. She got hit by a car, like straight up ran the F*** over, and went in to a near by field to die. I hadn't seen her for two days so I went looking around the neighborhood. I'm not really a pet person, I wasn't really going out of my way to look for her I just had nothing better to do that day, anyway, I finally found her laying in the field, a crumpled pile of fur and blood. I was sure she was going to die, but I didn't have the balls to put her down myself. Long story short, I took her to the vet and ended up paying a shitload of cash to get her fixed. She had to get her tail chopped off, casts on both back legs and had to ride around in this little chariot ass support buggy thing for like a month. So much for not being a pet person, idk, I still tell people the only reason I didn't leave her there to die was because she used to -and still does- bring me dead things all the time. Birds, lizards, rats , mice. Respect is respect!

  6. There were two weird pets in the family, both of them cats. The first one I do not remember sadly, but he was one hell of a klutz. Appearently, he used to do things like climb a tree, then get stuck on it. Then there was also the time when he got stuck on the roof. I sadly do not remember many of the stories about him, but he was something of a catastrophic cat.

    The second cat I remember better, and he was one really scary acrobat, not to mention that he was probably one of the toughest cats around. He used to hunt moles when he was smaller, somehow managing to catch quite a few. When he was older, he also caught a bat somehow, which is simply ridiculous. I guess other cats also knew of his reputation because his mere glare scared an intruder off once.

    Sadly, both of these cats have now passed away, so I can no longer enjoy their shenanigans.
  7. My cat must think he's a dog. He plays like a dog, he doesn't know how to meow, and he tries to bark out the window with all the dogs. He's just as loving as a dog too, not at all the "independent cat". He also has figured out how to open his container of cat food, and climbs insied it. Sometimes, he eats dog food. This cat also thinks he NEEDS to be in the bathroom when a human is in there. We are not allowed out of his sight.

    My dog thinks she's a person. She'll sit in a chair at the table and expect you to give her food, she sleeps with her head on the pillow and body under the blanket, and she thinks she can make soup.

    Both of my animals are odd, high energy, and extremely loving. <3
    They're perfect. :3