Weird or random facts about yourself? (TMI warning)

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  1. Here is a post to the unique weird, random things that make us all human. Posts some weird, uncomfortable, or random facts about yourself~
  2. Here are my facts:

    1. I find shampoos, body washes, and conditioner unreasonably gendered and gender-steriotyped products. I prefer using female wash mostly because my skin gets dry, but I often borrow my brothers when I go on dates, play a physical sport or game, get really sweaty in other ways, or am really sick because I feel like men wash cleans better while female wash moisturizes better. I think it would be a lot better just to have moisturizing daily wash and cleanly wash like certain shampoos too.
    Also AXE claims to have pheromones in certain washes to attract women, and on the back of the bottle it shows a man with three women on his arms. I'm a lesbian and would like somea those pheromones please, yiss spank you very much. Can't we just have gender neutral women attracting gimmick wash and gender neutral men attracting gimmick wash.
    Also it's totally a gimmick because I'm a lipstick lesbian and I totally think women's perfume is sexier than male cologne, I'd rather a chick or male wear perfume than cologne all day every day.

    2. If I'm not wearing a bra, you bet your ass I'm holding my boobs while going up the stairs. Fuck that bouncy ass gravity shit, my boobs need some hold god-damn. If bras weren't so freaking uncomfortable I'd wear them all the time. I spend 50$ a bra, you'd think they'd make them a little more pleasant to wear.

    3. I'm a makeup artist and when my client wants a certain color that I don't think will look good on them, I tell them, and they usaully ignore me. The worst part is that I get mad at myself when they say they don't like it at the end. Like sweetie I told you why didn't you listen to me, don't make me feel bad, I knew this wasn't gonna look good on you god damn.
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  3. I'm a D-cup. I hold my boobs going up the stairs regardless of whether or not I'm wearing a bra. ... Honestly, I just hold my boobs a lot. Cold? Hold my boobs. Bored? Hold my boobs. Going to sleep? Hold my boobs. I just like boobs.
  4. I sing everything. Like I am living in a real life Disney Musical.

    Cooking dinner? Singing about curry chicken.

    Buying groceries? Singing about grocery lists.

    Going to the bathroom? Singing about poop.

    Sometimes I dun even bother with real words, it's just nonsense to the tune of whatever song is in my head. 8D
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  5. Trust me, I like boobs a lot too ;3
    I remember those D cup days before my eating disorder.
    Oh but no more, Kitty's a B cup now (Just got back from an A) I bet you it won't be long now until I get my ass back too and then I'll have to get longer skirt because my stupid shelf butt brings it up in the back and I don't want to flash everybody.

    Female body parts can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Although I'm really glad I'm not a guy because I've pinched my skin a lot in the fly of my jeans and if I had a dick I'm sure that'd be the most painful thing I've ever felt.
  6. Haha, that sounds like my brother, he opera sings all the time. After awhile it drives me nuts though.
  7. I get told that I don't speak up enough, and I admit that I could stand to share a bit more. Thing is, every word that comes out of my mouth goes through about 12 different filters. If I am holding a conversation with you, I am actively thinking about what I'm going to say, which changes based on things like how long I've known you, how comfortable I am talking with you, what YOUR mood is, who all is around to listen in, etc. If we're online, then it gets even worse, because now I'm taking guesses about the tone of your words, switching out replies to try and convey my own tone without breaking the flow of conversation. So if I'm a bit slow, bear with me.

    Also, I have what is known as Oral Fixation. That sounds naughty, but its really nothing like that. What it means is that I have the compulsion to chew, constantly. Normally it starts with my fingernails. Doesn't sound all that bad? When those are chewed down to the point where I can't bite them without causing the whole nail to rip, I start biting the skin off my finger tips. Bits of plastic or metal pop tabs get chewed to bits, heck, I've bought rolls of electrical tape just for the sake of ripping off pieces and chewing them. And it just never stops. I mean, I'm chewing the inside of my lips at the moment…
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  8. Gum must be your best friend then haha.
  9. I don't think you lot are ready for my facts.

    - I will randomly begin to get crunk and dance like I am not one bit white when alone in my room with music.
    - Sometimes I don't wear a bra. Actually, a lot of the time I don't wear a bra. My boobs aren't that big, you can't tell if I am or not, so.. fuckit. The French do it, so will I, damnit. FREEEDOMMMM.
    - I touch my tongue to the roof of my mouth lots because I'm very, very conscious of my neck area. I think it's fat. So, by doing that, I feel better. Go 'head, do it. Watch what happens.
    - If I feel icky, I will wrap my index and thumb around my wrist to feel better.
    - I take stairs two at a time because long legs and it feels good to stretch.
    - I like guy butts. They're cute. A-tee-hee.
    - Redheads slay me. <3 So do freckles and green eyes.
    - I cannot sleep alone without some kind of light on. Shadows like to play tricks on my eyes, and bad memories as a kid with nightmares (still have lots to this day) just creep me out.
    - I'M LEFT HANDED WOOOO but I bowl, pitch, golf, use scissors, dribble basketball and other stuff with my right hand. I'm also better at drumming with my right hand.
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  10. -I'm really, really hard to piss off until you carve into a tree or hurt a child (or animal)
    -I play games with my sibling. I hide, she finds me yet I still manage to scare the ever living hell out of her
    -I have such thick hair that my stylist has to use a comb meant for stronger hair
    -I can do a word search that is meant to be hard within five minutes

    I say anything else and I'll never shut up
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  11. I always put a prime number of ice cubes in my drinks.

    I hate wearing shorts, even in the summer.

    My "things" are cat-ears/tail, glasses, headphones, and short to medium length hair.

    Speaking of cats, I have some catlike tendencies myself. When I was younger there was this skylight in our house that the sun would come through and, during a few hour window, would hit the carpet in the dining room on the first floor. I used to always lie down in that patch of sunlight and curl up into a little ball.

    My hair is my weak point. It's super sensitive. I try not to let people touch it (yes, this is a problem I have) even though I really like it... In fact, it's because I really like it that I try to keep people from playing with it.
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  12. I'm like cardboard thin,
    and my butt cheeks are non-existent,
    so I check out other people's butts— both
    male and female equally— and
    wish I have butts like theirs.
    Look at them jiggle.

    I'm ashamed at the smell of my own poop.
    I hold it in when I'm not at home.
    When I can't help myself,
    like when I sleepover at someone else's house,
    I do my thing when everybody's all asleep.

    Like Stacisaur, I don't wear a bra outside,
    but only when doing short errands,
    or when I'm not expecting to see anyone who knows me.
    They're really small so I know no one would notice.

    I get anxiety attacks when I'm broke.
    Like my hands get clammy,
    and my knees turn to jelly.
    I couldn't concentrate on ANYTHING.
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  13. ^ I too get anxiety for no reason as all during the day sometimes.. So I've taught myself how to breathe and what points on my body to massage to calm down.
    And I love how that was like poetry.~ TMI poetry - w-

    Oh, moar facts:

    - I'm allergic to penecillan.
    - My BIGGEST pet peeve is walking behind people with short legs, or slow people. I don't get annoyed easily, but damn do I get annoyed super fast in those situations.
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  14. I have some problems with random - and sometimes not so random - anxiety. I generally just change what I'm doing a lot more frequently than normal to try and distract myself though. o.o

    Since it seems to be a point of much discussion, I don't wear a bra either. :v

    I love lobster, but I can't eat it because the texture makes me gag. This hasn't stopped me from trying on numerous occasions.
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  15. I don't know if I can distract myself,
    or do breathing exercises to calm me down.
    I just can't concentrate on anything.
    Then, I'd lie in bed thinking of money.
    Like drug addict on withdrawal.
    But I'll try,
    I guess.

    I hate people traffic, too, Staci.
    I mean,
    why do groups line across the whole sidewalk?
    Right? Right?

    And, Shokkou?
    I'm the same way with crabs.
    I don't think it's the texture though.
    My tummy just hates the stuff.
    But I know I love 'em.
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  16. This is, quite possibly, the worst thing in the world. I try to avoid physical contact with people as much as possible, especially with strangers - with whom I try to avoid any kind of interaction at all. The first time this happened to me, I felt not only irritated but somewhat powerless. I needed to go down that hallway and I didn't have time to turn around and find a different route. My only choice was to, very uncomfortably and reluctantly, squeeze through their group. Ever since then I've worked on a tactic to make it seem like it doesn't bother me, which is to take out my phone and just walk straight ahead. If they don't split their group, tough. Wild Shokkou used body slam. Wild Shokkou fled.

    Yeah, there's probably something other than the texture going on with me and lobster too. I just don't like admitting it because I love food too much. XD
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  17. The weird, embarrassing and uncomfortable facts about me?

    I never brush my hair

    I pluck my nose hairs with tweezers

    I scratch myself just like a dog does just with my hands, not my feet.

    I Have written hundreds of fake numbers in countless bathroom stalls

    I pluck my moustache hairs with tweezers

    I have an oral fixation(Always chewing, grinding my teeth, biting my tongue)

    When I get stressed or anxious I look for things to clean

    ^_^; heh
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  18. I have a list of random quirks that could go on and on, but I'll just stick to the ones that are most obvious:

    Inside my own home, I am very minimalist when it comes to clothing. Boxers only. Sometimes a shirt and socks if it's nippy.

    Outside, no matter the temperature, I'm almost always dressed in upper body layers; T-shirt, hoodie, denim jacket. Then jeans, even if everyone else would die because of the heat. This is partly due to how comfortable jeans feel, and secondly because I am highly self-conscious about my looks even though I'm struggling to be more open.

    If I'm reading a good book and you talk to me, expect to wait until I put it down to even begin paying attention, so prepare to repeat whatever it is you just said to me.

    Who you are to me directly correlates to how I respond verbally and non-verbally. I will speak softly and avoid eye contact if you are a stranger. If I know you fairly well, I will look you in the face and tell you like it is, and just generally overall more goofy and talkative.

    In direct contrast, I will explode on you if you press my buttons as a stranger. If you are a male friend, expect me to punch you in the arm. If you are a female friend, sadly there is no end to the amount of abuse you can subject me to, but more often than not I'll walk away instead.

    I have thick, luxurious girl eyelashes that barely need mascara. Every woman who's observed my sullen eyes tells me this, and wishes that they could trade me for them.

    I'm still a young man, but I have streaks of silver hair in my bangs/hairline.
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  19. What's weird about me, hmmm...

    I have an unusual addiction to sour gummy candy. Seriously if you leave these within arms reach of me, I can eat my way through pounds and pounds of this stuff. My favorite is the sour gummy coke bottles. On more than one occasion (especially in college) I have bought five-pound bags of them and finished them in a day. x.x

    I actually enjoy watching my husband play video games. I don't really play that much but I'll kick his ass up, down and sideways in Puzzle Fighter any day.

    I hate the cold if I'm cold. But if I'm warm and it's cold, I fucking love it. Like it could be the coldest day in Antarctica and if I was somehow able to stay warm, I would think it's awesome. As soon as the warmth is gone though I will throw a tantrum.

    Just as I'm beginning to fall asleep, I talk in my sleep and still retain enough consciousness to carry a conversation but I hardly ever have any memory of what I was talking about. My husband has recorded some of my very interesting, nonsensical falling asleep conversations that I've had with him. Like stuff about climbing a chocolate ladder to a zipline in the clouds that leads to heaven (never mind the fact that ziplines have to travel downwards). Really weird, random ramblings.
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  20. Haha, that's interesting~
    I don't speak in my sleep but I have very vivid dreams and when I wake up I immediately begin mumbling about what just happened in my dream.
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