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  1. What are some words that you find weird, even though its meaning isn't disgusting/strange/appalling?

    Mine are "moist," "after," and "bequeath."

    "Moist" sounds just...ugh.

    "After" because in German, "after" means "anus."

    And "bequeath" because it has that -queath sound which sounds like queef.
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  2. Vacuum.

    It's stupid and spelled weird!
  3. Obey!

    I think it just sounds funny for a word that supposed to resound with so much power, and it feels unnatural to say.
  4. Wolves. I cannot pronounce it to save my life, and I think woofs sounds much better anyway.

    "gooey" just does not sit well with me. It's a disturbing word.

    "custard" sounds like cuss and turd so… need I say more?

    "buoy" it's just stupid. Like why is it pronounced boo-E

    "creamed" when people use that in a sexual context i just cringe. blehhhehfehff9ibvaovbidrvaer
  5. Awkward! Tell me that isn't just a horrifically... awkward word.

    Spackle. I guess the "k" just messes with me.

    Congeal. Probably one of the more disgusting sounding words in our language. It sits in the mouth like a lump of goo.

    And lastly... Croutons. Yeah.
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  6. Oh my god that word is revolting
  7. puss. >:[ stupid word.

    cookie is a word that gets really weird when I say it too many times. @_____@ cookie. COOKIE. Coooooookiiiiie.
  8. Crescent. I have a lisp, so all I do is spit a lot when I try to say it. Also, silent 'c's piss me off. >:[

    Fruitful/fruitless. I can't help but relate these words to actual fruit, like being fruitless means you don't have anymore apples and bananas. Terrible. Just terrible.
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  9. Turin...

  10. Forgive

    lazy talk for what exactly?
    and Forgave...the Gives are for just whatever?? is that it? even when I use this word it never rolls off my tongue right or something.

    and cumquats that is a weird 'freaking word...ok worse off, it's food. "Cumquats taste Great," Said NO ONE, EVER.
  11. The English Language in General is absolutely filled to brimming with things that confuse me.

    Like being Serious, People make so much fussing about how words are.

    There - Their - They're <=== WHAT IS THIS!? THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME!
    Die - Dye - Di <=== CE DRACU!?
    here - hear <=== DOES IT EVER END!?
    hair - hare - heir <=== ~Brain Explodes~
  12. Shrubbery.

    I just think it's a neat word.
  13. Comfortable. I'm used to saying it as comf-tr-ble. I see that word and I want to say it as comfort-able. And I just rage. >:(
    Otherwise, if I look at a single word too many times in a short period of time, it starts looking weird. 'Rock' and 'Solar', and most recently, 'Green'. There are probably others, I just can't remember them. :I
  14. Now I can add 'Solid'. At the time it happened, I wanted to say it as 'so-lid'. I found it funny. :)
  15. Tongue.

    I had a brain fart one time and couldn't spell the damn word. I asked a friend for help and they told me. I couldn't help thinking that the word needs to be pronounced, "Ton- Guu."
  16. Circumstance... I always had a dislike for that word. It's weird and if I stare at it for too long I forget how to say it.

    Everytime I go to spell nessasry, I spell it wrong. I really cant stand it.

    CORRECTION: Nessasasry... necessary <----*Used auto correct*
  17. type. Think about how it looks. It just looks weird to me. 'specially when you see it come up in your coding.

    Basket - I hated this word as a child. I used to say bas stick because I have a speech problem.
  18. Moist... Moooyyyst. Yeah, just sounds weird to me.
    Also, I happened to find this.

  19. Balderdash

    The standard dictionary definition — senseless talk or writing; nonsense — may seem anodyne, lacking the fire and passion that so often comes attached to the word. It’s often reserved for circumstances in which common-or-garden invective would be thought inadequate.
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