Weird Music Videos!

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  1. What is some of the weirdest music videos you've seen?

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  3. ... This always makes me smile no matter how many times I've seen it.
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  4. It may not be a music video per say but the opening to this movie is not only weird, but probably holds a record somewhere with its ability to make one cringe. Most likely unparalleled. -Shivers uncomfortably-

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  5. Randomly checked out this video awhile back when perusing Alestorm vids on youtube... I still don't know what to think... Yeah!

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  6. How did A little Piece of Heaven by Avenge Sevenfold not make it on this list? I'd post the video, but it's not safe for anyone!

  7. Does this count?
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  8. ... I shouldn't have been curious. I found out this shit released the same year I graduated high school.

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  9. Surprised no one put this up yet lol.


    While I'm here

    enjoy that.
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  10. Put on mute for your own health!

  11. Here's another weird one for your viewing pleasure

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  13. This...amused me way more than it should've done when I was a kid.

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  15. The video is weird but the song is great.
  16. ?haey ,ddo elttil a tsuJ