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  1. Recently, I've listened to some music from a few anime shows and for some reason they inspired me to want to do something just like them. Not exactly, but very much so.

    It would involve high school age kids and this would be set in a modern Japan. The BASIC idea is they are forgotten souls and their parents and everyone else does not remember them, as if they are deleted from the world. I was thinking me and another person would have 3 characters each, all having weird personalities with seriousness only at sad and story developing moments..

    That's my idea so far, if someone is interested, please PM me and we'll work out the details.
  2. Umm, that seems interesting but I cannot inbox you because your full.
  3. i would like to rp with you as well, that seems like a very cool idea.
  4. Alright, sorry people. I really need to clean out my inbox. Gimme a moment.
  5. its fine it happens no biggie
  6. Alright! Feel free to PM me now. xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.