Weird Happenings on Campus

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    by David Winslow
    September 12th, 2014

    Two officers were wounded battling one of the terrorists, seen wearing heavy body armor and firing an automatic shotgun. The whereabouts of the terrorist is unknown at this point.{/td}
    It looked like a war zone near the docks yesterday evening. On the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it seems the terrorist organization known as Cobra sought to launch an attack on National City University. Members of an elite group of soldiers known as GI Joe, a division of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division - better known as SHIELD, drove the attackers to the ocean where they later stormed and took over a cargo vessel that the terrorist organization had highjacked.

    GI Joe member, Sergeant Major Wayne Sneeden made a public statement last evening. He could not be reached for further comment at this time.

    "We're sorry that this engagement took place in town. We were hoping to drive them back to their vessel and engage them only when civilians were safely out of the way. But sadly this was not possible. We lost good people today, and to that effect, I am being instated as a liason between both local law enforcement and you, the public. If you see something say something. I've provided the press with a hotline. I'll take no further questions at this time until we've had a chance to do a full assessment"{/td}

    In related news, the mercenary known as Bullseye was turned in to the National City Police Department last evening, tied to the light pole in front of the downtown precinct . It is thought that perhaps he's suffered some sort of psychological trauma because the only statement that a reporter for NCN was able to extract from him before the police came out to take him into custody was, "Squirrels. So many squirrels."

    - Continued on A7 -{/td}
  2. Abortion activists are always the WORST. Dressing as dead fetuses and such, Their disgusting displays and out bursts in public places are totally uncalled for. But, then again who am I to judge.
  3. Yeah, know what you mean. One time we had someone chain themselves to the flag people and was apparently telling people they have to follow his religion in order to save themselves. Granted, this time around it was some cult dude. lol.
  4. In my freshman year of high school, for a senior prank, 2 guys dressed up as penises and interrupted the homecoming pep rally. ^_^

    However, When I was in Mad City for State 4N6, there was a crucifixion reenactment in the middle of State Street (Which, if you know state street, is not that uncommon to have weird happenings). Unfortunately, my friend and I are agnostic and her boyfriend at the time was devout Catholic, so we had to follow the scene all the way up to the church. >_< It was not delightful.
  5. Lesbian Ninja Witches.
  6. A bomb threat and some fist-fights.

    Sorry, we don't have the religious types coming here like that.
  7. For once, having less is better than having more.

    Mine was just lesbians.

    Or bi-curious drunk college girls. See them all the time. Happens more often than you think.
  8. Lesee, We have a catholic group with the horrendous name of "Campus crusades"

    I happened to have the misfortune to accidentally look into a steamy, rocking car.

    And Masturabation is apparently celebrated by guys here.....If you text or call one durring those out...
  9. How is that bad in ANY way?
  10. Hey! I have campus crusade!

    We have two

    Campus crusade for Christ


    Campus Crusade for Cthullu

    Guess which one I support?

    Ah...and just yestereve...a black man flagged me down from the street and pointed at me.

    I did not know this man.

    He said

    "You don't love you witch?"

    And then he took his cane and went on his way.

  11. The building with our labs and classrooms also shares with the culinary arts program and the cosmetology program. One morning, I was pulling into the parking lot in front of the building, and when I passed by the culinary arts parking lot, I saw a hurse with its doors open, and students from the funeral program unloading a casket while two others held open the door to the culinary arts wing.

    Needless to say, I really am not big on eating meals prepared at the school anymore.
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