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  1. so me and my younger sister were talking about strange m&m flavors and that got me thinking, what's the weirdest food / candy / desert that you've ever tried?
  2. I haven't tried it yet, but I will be trying raindrop cake. My hubby and I are both curious about it, although I read mixed reactions to it. It sounds weird and tasteless, but who knows.

  3. Oh I saw that :o I'm curious about it too, though it looks like it only has a faint taste. At least it looks kinda cute xD
  4. It does look neat. I think that's why my husband wants to try it. He asked if I could make it, and I've looked up a recipe for it. It only has 3 ingredients....=/ Going to make an attempt at it this weekend, although I'm sure I'll probably mess up the first time. I always do. >_<

    And this....


    is a thing....

    My kids just asked if I could get some.
  5. Get me some too! I need poptarts in my life! :D
  6. M&M's literally don't have flavors. Unless you're counting what they put inside, which is filling.

    Skittles though..

    Strangest thing was blood pudding. From alligator blood. Cooked over a campfire inside an old Volkswagen converted into a grill/smoker. It also still drove.

    Moonshine grapes as well. Wanna get shit faced after five grapes? That's your ticket.
  7. Tastes weird?
    I'd go with Olives, and Tomato's.

    Culturally weird? Sushi with fish eggs really creeped me out at first, I still try to avoid that type of Sushi now if I can help it. But I'll still eat if that's all there is, it's still Sushi.

    And... that's it according to memory.
    I barely leave the country so I'm not often exposed to that bizarre foods, and the few instances I did it was either to Disney World, so completely normal food. Or to a Mexican Hotel, where their food was set up in a way to be familiar to the guests. That and they way they don't treat their water outside of the Hotel meant we didn't really test our luck with most restaurants.
  8. Raspberry lavender pie. Everyone thought I was weird for making it. It was ok, but would taste better with a different fruit I think.
  9. But that sounds delicious. Maybe add some lemon or orange into as well.
  10. Chillies M&Ms. They taste like regular M&Ms but with a spicy after taste.
  11. ... Dark chocolate... With hot peppers and cinnamon in it. Foul.

    Pancakes with wing sauce.
    Pancakes with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

    Scrambled eggs with diced tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach... Honey and lemons... Parsley... And cajun seasoning.

    Any Lays Limited edition. (Looking at you chicken &waffles and greek gyro.)

    Pickled cactus.

    Ramen container... With the sauce drained, mayo, soy sauce, cashews, french fried onions, bacon bits, etc.

    Steak and potato soup... Which ended up just being steaks and potatoes boiled, then drained, and cold water put in. Mushy water potatoes and shoe leather yaayyy.

    I regularly eat homemade chicken soup by crushing enough saltines in it to make it of an oatmeal consistency and adding soy sauce.

    I love french fries dipped in strawberry milkshakes (McD's is best for that.) cinnamon rolls dunked in chili is pretty good too.

    Want gross? Try a lot of the breakfast MREs of the us army. And some of the dinner ones. The bread packets are pretty gross, but their eggs anything is horror inducing.

    Carab chip dog cookies. Surprisingly delicious...

    There's more, but ya.
  12. Being raised in Florida, I've had gator tail a couple times. I've also had froglegs, which were horrible and rubbery, and escargot, which I have repeatedly enjoyed. I've snacked on crickets and mealworms before, both good with the right seasoning. I would love to eat more bugs, maybe some scorpions or spiders, just to get a taste.
  13. I had one of those thousand-year-old duck eggs once, or whatever they're called. Tasted like a regular boiled egg to me. I love eggs, though. Pretty sure if I were a dinosaur, I'd be like the villainous egg eaters in Land Before Time.

    Fried worms are not too bad, fried crickets are not too bad either. And candy corn Oreos... >.> Not a weirdness I was a fan of.

    Only other thing I can think of is this weird concoction my sister likes to make for parties. It's cottage cheese, jell-o powder, pineapples, and cool h'whip mixed together. (Not sure what else there is if anything.) And I shit you not... Most of the people who've tried it, end up loving it. Me included. :|
  14. I am swedish. We pickle pretty much everything...

    Look up surströmming.
  15. A friend of mine and I tried some Japanese dessert once. It was some kind of red bean paste inside a moist sweet-ish dumpling (I'd tell you exactly what it was if I knew). The flavor was okay, but the texture of the dumpling was revolting and ruined it for us.
  16. Ah, that reminds me of a old family recipe. It is called either Vinha Dosh... Or Vinha d'Alhos. Porteugese recipe. My family would marinade the pork in the brine for 1week-1month and fry it up with some of the brine, and italian bread on top. Mmh, the smell is strong, as is the flavor.. And you either hate it to the point even the smell makes you sick... Or become a drooling addict.
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