Weird Dreams

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    What is one or some of the weirdest dreams you've ever had?​
  2. I was being chased by IT all over town.

    And if you don't know what IT is you wouldn't understand.
  3. This morning I was a princess in a huge hotel room. That was kinda fun actually. I kept meaning to roll around on the two queen-sized beds, but I was distracted by the fact that I was supposed to be spying.

    I've had a ton of dreams lately, not sure I could tell you what the weirdest was.
  4. Oh gosh, I have so damn weird dreams and everyone is written in my old blog on another site. BUT that site is only in Swedish so I will be nice and take some of my weirdest dreams and write them from Swedish in to English and post here later x) hahha

    One of my dreams included white giant spiders with black dots that were trying to stamp me to death x)
  5. My weirdest dream on record (that I can remember vividly) took place at my old house where lava began flowing around my house. After the lava left then it started raining. Then there was a tidal wave. It was odd.

    The other one was really creepy, like a ghost town and I walked into a cafe and it was full of ghosts having tea. I sat down and had tea with them and they all told me how they died. Haha
  6. There was a longgggggggggggggg bed and there was many many men naked and tied down side to side. >.< Yeah

    That is the only one I can remember at the moment and it was years ago
  7. I had a ghost dream once xD A ghost lived at the first floor in our house but it never walked upstairs. But I needed of some reason go down to the first floor (I don't know why) And there I saw a ghost so I tried to run up the stairs. But the ghost grabbed my feet's while I tried to run and it looked at me between the stair steps. I don't remember how it ended but I remember that I went down the stairs many times even though I knew that it were there xD

    Some dreams I had that made me jump out of bed when they woke me up has been that I dreamed that I saw a spider on the pillow (very big hairy spider and I have a phobia for spiders) So I jumped up and thought it really were there xD Another time there was hundreds of snakes under my sheets so I woke up and didn't dare to sleep with the sheets over me x) Another time I dreamed about bugs in the ceiling so I couldn't turn off the lamp afterwards xD

    I have also walked around naked in my school, my shirt disappeared all of a sudden and I run around trying to find it x) Another time I went around in school in only a morning wrap x)
  8. I have this reoccurring dream of a surgeon chasing me around and trying to kill me. I always run from him in the same places... Abandoned town, hospital, busy mall, then flea market. Come the end of the dream, I'm eating a pulled pork sandwich with some blonde girl I've never met before.

    And the sandwich is amazing.
  9. Let's see... one of the weirdest...
    It was while I was at Diana's house (go figure) and I dreamt that a bunch of Iwaku people were sitting down and getting ready for the wedding and Diana herself was in this weird gold fluffy dress to marry Gibs. Everyone had a wedding date from Iwaku, except that Jinx was pissed off that his wedding date was Mynona, but people were all settling down to watch the wedding when the FBI burst in and told them that they couldn't get married because Gibs had already died like ten years ago. So we tried to prove that Gibs wasn't dead but they wouldn't believe anyone and we all got taken to the cemetery by their house for questioning. And then Diana got pissed off that they ruined her wedding, so she started getting all DIANA ANGRY...

    The dream ended there, though, I think something woke me up.