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  1. The ones you have at night, when you hopefully sleep, that make little logical sense. Have you had one? Tell about it! Or, what you remember.

    I on my side quite recently had a dream like that. I was for some reason a small girl with an even smaller brother, that one day was out in a sort of spacey forest. Suddenly, as we were leaning against a tree for shade, boom. Anthropomorphic trees.

    So the trees, which it was a lot of, first destroyed our parents' house on our command, then forced the rest of the nearby town to travel by boat far away. They were close to leaving shore as some sort of police force interrupted it all, followed by me waking up.
  2. I remember last night, actually, I had a dream that I remember lots of tiny fragments of -- but not enough to piece anything together into a story. o_o

    Tiny things that I remember happening:
    • Me getting on the wrong bus route and going in the opposite direction of where I was trying to go. I don't remember where I was actually going, but I do remember that the routes looked nothing like my actual hometown and that it was just a jumble of recognizable locations (which I guess is to be expected in a dream).
    • Something about being outside in the rain, walking through huge puddles while wearing only crocs on my feet.
    • Henry crying and hugging me, and then suddenly her mood does a 180 and she starts laughing euphorically, and then she hugged me so hard that she tried to lift me off the ground, and somehow succeeded (which even in my dreams makes me uncomfortable -- I don't like being lifted! >.< )
    • Me being on Iwaku and explaining to someone who Yoko Ono is.
    • Me playing Pokemon Blue and encountering a Pokemon that most certainly 100% does not exist. But, like, it didn't look like a glitch -- it had a proper name and sprite and everything, but it... was not a Pokemon that should be in the game, or any Pokemon game. o_o I remember being freaked out by it for, like, a second -- but my alarm went off pretty much right at that moment and I woke up.
    I have no idea how all of these events fit together or even if I got them in the right order. I seem to recall last night's dream being very long and elaborate, but these are the only fragments that I apparently didn't auto-forget right after waking up.
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  3. I don't often remember my dreams anymore.

    The most recent one I had was Mom yelling at me to take out the Garbage... Several days after Garbage day.
    My Brain is odd in what it chooses to dream about (or at least let me remember), but also very boring.
    Is it bad I pictured this with Henry dressed up like Harley Quinn?
  4. There was a road, and a little red car would drive by every twenty minutes. Then you go into a ditch and up a hill. On top of the hill was a group of native Americans, and then walking a ways to the left there was soldiers. Everything was made out of cardboard. That was the whole dream. The only thing that moved was that stupid car.

    Other than that most of the dreams I still remember are more scary than anything. Although I woke up after one and cried. I never knew mermaids/mermen could be so awesome.
  5. So this night I had another dream, which I figured I’d share.

    Some of it took place in the UFO in Gravity Falls, but another, operative one. I was with two unrecognizable people, and all I wore except underwear was a thin, oversized sweater. We three were sneaking around, trying not to be seen by its surprisingly human crew. Among said human aliens were some who were much larger, with light gray, thick skin. They were carrying around logs of wood.

    So we after a while end up in some hallway leading to a couple of offices, but in a corner in that hallway was a small forest. In it were a deer and a rabbit, both with skin and fur like bark, and antlers like sticks (yes, both). We petted them a bit, until this other dude appears. He and some group of girls attempt messing up my pack of lunch, before facing a dishwasher giving birth. It was in an odd way adorable.

    Cut to this platformer video game. It was a horror game, with this creepy doll-like person following the protagonist, Kirby, around. Using Kirby’s power of sucking up and gaining the powers of what it sucked up, this doll somehow predicted that, and climbed in Kirby’s mouth on its own. Cue deep, echoing laughter, and Kirby dying.

    Then I appear in the title screen, which for some reason looks like a construction site with a large, black screen. Cue waking up.
  6. I dunno why but I've had certain recurring themes in my dreams: bodies of water. Bridges (broken with a gap in the middle) and driving on those bridges with people I know. We're panicking but not at the same time, it really depends on the situation. We take a leap from the edge and we either reach the other side or we fall into the water and sink and I'm alone in the water. I often choose to go deeper into the water instead of resurface because underwater is always fascinating if a bit scary in my dreams.

    There was also one time when I had a dream about a beach reunion with my high school class. We were at a beach that strangely had an overlooking sandy cliff that wasn't too high but there was a stair made of stone at the side which we climbed down upon. We sat under beach umbrellas and had picnics, or splashed in the water. I was the one who noticed this huge wave (tidal wave?) of water coming from the distance. I began panicking and pointing at the wave coming to crash over at us but no one seemed to notice, they only continued dancing or eating or joking around - even as I was panicking. Then the wave came over and crashed over us.
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  7. The dream I had yesterday was pretty interesting, so I thought I'd share it here. Major heartbreak ahead.

    There are these alien-ish beings (kinda looked like the bad guys from John Carter, bald, pale and masculine) whose job it is to go around finding people who are about to die, and noting down the information- who, where, how, the date, etc. The dream started with two of these aliens looking for a very small, futuristic looking bike/car thing, which belongs to a girl they have to find. They see one, but it turns out to be not the one they are looking for due to some small details. They turn to go, but encounter a group of young girls. All of them freak out and faint or run away from the fright, except one. She talks to them completely unafraid, and leads them away to a house.

    As they go into the house, the dream jumps forward in time. The little girl is now a grown woman with children and a few dogs, and the alien men are there visiting. There is a soft, orange warmth about the livingroom there. Suddenly one of the aliens gets a message (communicated from one of the dogs he is petting somehow. Idk it's weird alien stuff) and he becomes distraught. She is the next one on their list of deaths to record. He asks the woman to speak with him in private. As soon as they are away from listening ears, he breaks down sobbing, holding her in his arms. He tells her, "you were wild, all your life you were wild. But you were kind." The other alien finds him and takes him away before he can say more. The people who are about to die aren't supposed to know or be interfered with, and now it is apparent that something is wrong because the alien man got upset. Still, things go as they should and she dies while out to dinner (the way she died had something to do with tea, but even in the dream it didn't make sense). Later on the alien man sees the woman's children again, two little girls, and they are furious, thinking that they were responsible for her death. He tries to convince them that they would never do such a thing.

    The last thing I remember of the dream is the first alien man crying as he talks to the girls, saying "She was my best friend"
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    • Secret agent stuck in a supermarket without backup and surrounded by criminals. I decide to take them all down by slapping them with fish and going human bowling with watermelons. It was fun.
    • Stepping into the shoes of my own roleplaying characters and going through weird situations switching between their point of view and mine. I end up feeling what they as well, if they're sad or angry.
    • A monochromatic world where it all collapses into a single giant sphere that rolls around a farm-like area to crush me. I remember jumping over fences and cows so I think it's a farm. This is my reoccurring nightmare :/
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  8. Latest one was I was locked in a basement with a group of people. One of the guys was a young Doug Bradley and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if he was the actor or Pinhead doing trolly things.
  9. There was a series of weeks last year when I was incredibly stressed out that I would have very common "normal dreams" set in school or at work, but at the end of each one I would discover my phone screen completely destroyed. In one particular dream, my phone turned to jelly and slipped through my fingers. In another I just took it out of my pocket and it broke into pieces.

    It was just insane. I'd wake up screaming "oh no!" and quickly check my phone only to be relieved it was fine.

    It happened so often that my roommates would just look at each other "Oh it's that dream again."

    I'm not particularly attached to my phone, but I'm sure we could analyze this a millions ways to reflect that I was immensely stressed out at the time.
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  10. ALSO, here's a weird dream story that I've told before in other threads, but I'll repeat again for anyone who missed it:

    This dream isn't weird because of the content of it as much as how my dream-self reacted to everything. Now, normally, in dreams (at least in my experience), it doesn't matter what sort of weird shit happens -- you'll normally go along with it all without question. Even if it's something that your waking self would be fully aware doesn't make a lick of sense, that kind of rational thinking just doesn't kick in when you're asleep. And (again, in my experience), the few times when I do suddenly have some sort of logical breakthrough and realize that something doesn't make sense, and that it must be a dream? I wake up right then and there. o_o

    So, I once dreamt that I was about to meet the Beatles and that I was super excited about it (WHICH I'M SURE IS SUCH A SHOCKING REVELATION TO SO MANY OF YOU[/sarcasm]). Anyway, the weirdness started when I actually got a good look at their faces -- particularly John's face. I just sort of looked at him and thought "wait... you don't look like the real John Lennon", and then I had one of those moments where rational thinking suddenly kicked in and I was like "Wait... of course he's not the real John Lennon... because the real John Lennon is dead..." And then I realized that none of the so-called Beatles looked quite like their real selves -- they were just a bunch of lookalikes. But then, of course they were lookalikes, because not only are two of the real Beatles dead, but also because the other two are a couple of wrinkly old men -- and this group of young 20-somethings certainly didn't match that description. I should've known all along that these guys weren't the real deal.

    But then, despite putting all this together, I still didn't even realize it was a dream, nor did I wake up. So I just sort of stood around awkwardly, wondering why I didn't figure all that out sooner. o_o

    And the weirdest part is, they each definitely had distinctive faces that were similar to each of the real Beatles, but not quite spot-on. Which means that, at some point in my life, I've just happened to come across people who happened to look like all four band members. And then, my sleeping brain managed to put each of them in the Beatles' places, while managing to not use the faces of the Beatles' themselves... And my sleeping self even managed to tell the difference. Amazing.

    I have more weird dream stories that I could repeat, but I'm running out of mental stamina for this post. Maybe I'll come back later and post more...
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  11. Earth was invaded by aliens who had to wear contacts to prevent their eyes from falling out. So we stole all their contacts.

    My dreams can get pretty brutal, so that's pretty tame. Still weird, though.
  12. ----

    There was once a tower of burger layers, that was also alive, in a decrepit impovrished city. It was the mixed blessing gift of the gods. People attempted to eat at the edges, because they were hungry. However, the burger tower monster shook side to side and up and down to crush and devour interlopers. The super goal was to climb to the top, to demonstrate mastery over the thing. There was also some star power elements involved. I was a singing superstar who made inextricably strong bonds with 'people' I know now don't exist, but at the time they did exist.


    I once dreamed that I was immortal. However, my mind had entered a state where material possessions were all meaningless. I started to exist on the mortal plane in the desert of Egypt. Great kings and queens tried to sway me into favor with their gifts and implications for favors, but I was not swayed. I observed that great wars were being fought over resources with crude weapons, so I turned all the great armies' weapons to sand when they crossed into my domain, the desert. Moving between areas by wading through the higher planes, I went into their treasuries and turned their greatest possessions to sand. Soon, the armies would be coming to my lair for revenge, but as soon as they crossed a threshold, the gourds that held their water had turned to sand. They thought they were so clever inventing weapons of glass.

    In the future, I was in the streets of New York. A man in a suit had a look of anger on his face, holding a phone by his ear, shaking a briefcase. I turned both things into sand. The man looked at me blankly, fear striking his eyes as he looked at his automobile. I too, turn it into sand. I hear the same situation has occurred, where wars are being fought over materials. I too go into their vaults of gold and weapons and turn them into sand. They're ready as the ancient leaders were to retaliate, but their bullets turn into sand as they try to pierce my body. They of course attempt to invent bullets of glass, but I am too elusive by now. Their tallest buildings fall into sand.

    I was elevated high above the earth, mounted on my chest / wrapped around atop of what feels like a massive and strong, but incredibly light feeling rubber-like balloon/bubble. There is a pleasant drifting sort of feeling; a real sense of security and peace. I observed that just outside of my old elementary school was a large body of water. In the middle of this large and presumably deep body, I see my younger self chained to a weird float-sam/buoy which forces the head to persistently dunk underwater at timed intervals so that my younger self is perpetually drowning. However, this me is very spiteful, using every free breath to loudly address the classroom inside, using crude, vulgar language (in general, very vindictive) instead of using the time to beg mercy/forgiveness. After floating for a longer while in a serene and rather beautiful scene of a cool cloudy late afternoon, ‘passing’ that chapter in my life, a strange voice asks if it feels good to be up there. Before I can reply, the balloon is forcefully popped from beneath me and I came crashing to the ground.
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