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  1. I tend to have weird dreams every once in awhile, and for a little while I started writing them down in a dream journal. But then I noticed something. The more I recorded my dreams, the weirder they became until, I one night found myself stuck in a dream loop. Not one of those, a dream inside a dream inside a dream inception deception fuster clucks. But a dream where try as I might, I could not wake up.

    It was terrifying.

    Moving on, I just wanted to make a thread about discussing dreams. Like talking about the weird shit that occurred in your head while you were taking a nap or thinking you were just going to get your eight hours but instead got trapped in a nonsensical nightmare.

    Like, just this morning I had a dream that I was with my brother, my mom, some guy and some girl. The guy was my dad I think, but not my dad in real life (thank the lord). And the girl, I didn't recognize but I knew she was my friend. My brother...Was a thirteen year old kid from a show I watched, but I still recognized him. Anyway~

    Me, my brother and the girl were on some type of patio thing and we were staring at the grass. And when I looked closer I could see that we were actually staring at a spider on a cracker. Now usually spiders freak me out and are associated with nightmares, but this particular spider was a chill dude and was not trying to rip my face off.

    Anyway, so we're staring at this spider and he's licking the cracker that he's sitting on and all I hear is this sound like sandpaper every time he licks the cracker. And for some reason, my brother, the girl and I are just laughing so hard at this stupid spider licking a cracker. And when I wake up, I am also laughing, although when I think about it, it wasn't really that funny.
  2. I rarely ever have dreams... well, maybe the best thing to say is that I don't remember most of my dreams (I heard somewhere that people dream regardless of whether they remember them or not, and I'm not totally sure if that's true or not but whatever).

    Anyways, when I do have/remember dreams, they are always really bad. Like, one that I always repeat is that I saw one of my dogs die right in front of me. It was hit by a speeding car, got up, limped over to me while whimpering, and died in my lap. Another of my dreams involved my now ex kind of just disappearing literally a moment after being next to me, and no matter how hard I looked for her, I couldn't find her. I also had one where I watched almost all of my family die.

    My mind is kind of a fucked up place to begin with, and maybe all these bad dreams have to do with me bottling up all my bad feelings/thoughts or whatever. I dunno.
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  3. Being perfectly honest?

    Most dreams these days I remember is when someone did something to annoy me/piss me off, which results in me dreaming about them doing that again 10x worse and then shouting "X fuck off!/shut up! etc." in my sleep.
    Though in all honesty, the reason I most likely remembers is probably either:

    • The sleep shouting makes enough noise it wakes me up
    • The anger of the dream has me tense enough it wakes me up
    And waking up mid-dream is an easy way to remember it.
    While Good dreams will slowly fade off as you slowly wake up, meaning that most dreams will be forgotten by the time one is out of bed.
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  4. Dream almost nightly.

    Some are lucid and I'm in control and others not so much. The one's I'm not in control of are a little more 'exciting' because there's that sense of mystery and 'new' about it whereas when lucid it's basically me flying over vistas that I create on a whim.

    Something more fun was recreating scenes from Roleplays while lucid dreaming. Characters, events, etc. Admittedly it's hard to want to wake up from such a blissful existence. I'm even aware of my wife nudging me to wake up, sometimes I don't acknowledge it and keep dreaming.

    That spider thing sounds surreal though. Now imagine everyone in the world is actually a giant spider and you're the last human.

    Was a terrifying dream to wake out of.

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  5. I was actually just talking about this!

    Last night I had a dream where I cut a girl's skull open and started removing fat little white maggoty worms from her brain. Once I was done I did not reattach the top of her skull, but instead just let her get up and walk around the kitchen. Unfortunately, the worms were what enabled her to speak English, so after my worm picking she could only speak Nepali. I do not speak Nepali, but she seemed pretty happy.

    The night before that I had a dream where my sister filled my belly button up with Play-Doh and I had to pick it all out and it was terrible.
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  6. None of you likely want to know what the dreams of a madman are. :ferret:
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I remember my dreams all the time! I find my brain is rather active at night. I usually wake up and go to a family member, "So I had this weird dream last night right..." And I give them the somewhat unwanted story lines to my dreams.

    I leave a lot of details out when I explain them. For reasons..
    My dreams... They're not right...
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  9. The weirdest dream(s) I ever had was three consecutive nights I dreamt I was underwater and I woke up from holding my breath. I dreamt a giant any crushed me once, but other then that most of my dreams are about me being important or super powerful or something.
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  10. I used to have this recurring nightmare.. i haven't had it lately.. thank god, but i still remember every detail of it..

    I would start out at this girl's house.. we were having a sleepover and it was just me and her.. we were hanging out in a cool room over the garage.. when out of nowhere it was just me and the garage turning into this huge widowless, doorless, brick tower and i was trapped inside.. the walls would start dripping blood and the girl from exorcist appeared and started laughing at me.. suddenly i would be thrown into some world that was unfamiliar to me.. i'd start frantically searching for someone i knew and through some horrible things i ended up finding five people.. it was always my two brothers, my two closest friends, and whoever i was dating at the time or a faceless person.. by the end of the nightmare after going through things that would most likely break me irl there was only one person left alive..that person was always different.. and i would always jump awake screaming and crying but i've never been able to remember what happened at the end just before i woke up.
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  11. Last night I dreamed that I really wanted a bologna sammich, so I made one. >:[
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  12. I tend to remember any weird dreams I have, because it's not often that I dream about detailed things, so I keep them all in mind.

    Dream #1

    This starts off located at my previous school.
    Me and my best friend was surrounded by every student and teacher, from all three of the middle schools I have attended.
    They were all after the two of us for some reason. Me thinking of others before myself, created a distraction for my best friend to make it out safely, and she makes it.
    Now I'm all alone in the school surrounded by everyone and I start to run around the school. Everywhere I turn there was somebody.
    I tried to run to one of the back doors, and outside was the uncle I have only seen, maybe two or three times in my life.
    I ran away from the door and waited until it cleared out. There were still people standing around, so I made a run for it.
    I was running outside the building and ran into the bus. It drove away, except it was driving backwards.
    I ran home and found my dad laying on the couch, watching TV. I told him what was happening, but he didn't even acknowledge my existence.
    I ran out the house, knowing they were coming. I ran until I arrived at some dirty laundry mat.
    Once inside I found my little cousin. The people were right outside and she had me hide in a dryer...

    Dream #2

    A married couple, who are also supernatural hunters, live in a small town.
    For centuries twins have been disappearing and turned into demons. Except only the hunters can tell if they turned, to anyone else, they only vanished.
    The couple has twins of their own and thought that this would be a good task for their first hunt.
    So these twins are looking throughout the town, questioning twins who have yet to be killed and even the ones that have been killed that they could see.
    They were going nowhere until they reached one girl. She says it's their sleep .
    Of course these twins don't think this is possible. Their parents hunted demons, and this has been going on for centuries.
    But the girl knew what she was talking about and told one of the twins to go to sleep, so they did so.
    A minute has passed.
    The one twin opened his eyes and they weren't his normal eyes. He lunged at the girl that tried to help them and bit into her. Instantly she turned to some unknown creature.

    Dream #3

    This starts off with a bunch of panthers own by one person.
    Two of these panthers are married, the pink one is the wife and black one is the husband. They are fighting often and are thinking about a divorce.
    But they wanted to play their favorite game once more.
    The pink panther got herself arrested and put in jail, the black panther was meant to go visit her.
    Their game was to pull the fire alarm and watch as the prisoners try to run out and trample each other, the panther was supposed to out run them since they were meant to be fast.
    So the black panther pulled the fire alarm and waited for his wife to do just that.
    The alarm rang and the sprinklers turned on. The pink panther started running along with the prisoners. She was close to where her husband was...but before she makes it she was shot in the head.
    The black panther couldn't believe what he saw. Tears slowly formed, but the prison was beginning to flood and the blood from the panther was mixing in with it.
    The black panther ran to a window and broke it, except he was in the form of a human.
    Once out he found his owner and turned back to panther form. He was sobbing uncontrollably, repeating the words, "It's my fault! It's my fault!"

    I remember when I woke up to that last one I felt crying....but I refused! -3-
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  13. Here's one of mine, just pulled off of another site where I posted it on 8-13-2010... the dream itself is very old:

    One very vivid dream I remember was remarkable for the fact it was animated... not CGI animated, since CGI didn' exist when I had this dream, but this phenomenally detailed, hand-drawn style of animation. And I was this character in a story, a sentient alien rat in this air/space force, pilot of a sub-orbital fighter, refered to as an "Arrowhead" due to its shape. There had been a war between our homeworld and a colony world, and since our FTL tech was in the form of jump-ships that could easily and quickly pop from planetary orbit to planitary orbit, the war had been rather brutal, the attacking colony using these arial "bombs" to contaminate the homeworld's atmosphere. What would happen was, certain atmospheric conditions would cause this contaminate to condense and explode into fireballs, the ventilation of buildings and the systems of vehicles especially vulnerable, basically grinding our technological civilization to a hault.

    I was the only survivor of my squad, volunteer for a mission that could very well be suicidal, given the conditions. What few pilots and ships we had left, we planned to use to run to colonies not involved in the war, in an effort to find a place to move our remaining population, to find aid, till our homeworld could be safely purged. Though the Arrowhead hadn't been designed as a starship, each one was fitted with a jurry-rigged Jump Drive, and we each had an assigned target world. I remember going over all this in my mind as I stood on the field, watching the tech retrofit my Arrowhead... they seemed to have a bit of difficulty, but managed to finish in time for inspection. For the time when all the volunteers stood in line, me included, and this personage I only thought of as "The General" came out and walked down the line, thanking each of us for our efforts in turn.

    Oh, one important detail: The general was a very large, jet-black furred rat, wearing only what looked like a matching black leather "breastplate" with a simple mark of rank composed of colored squares side by side, forming a rectangle, over the left side of his chest. I and the other pilots were smaller, gray-furred rats, dressed in nothing but our gunbelts. And the techs? They'd been smaller still, brown-furred, and wore nothing. Not that it really mattered to me, any of that, it was all part of how our society worked, the bigger, darker rats leading, the smaller, duller furred the laborers/soldiers, and the smallest brown-furs serving in the tech professions. I remember just feeling proud, because The General spoke to me, personally... he held a great deal of respect amongst the pilots, even though our efforts to defend the homeworld had failed, and many lives had been lost.

    Time came to leave on our separate missions, I buckled into my ship, launched with all the others, witnessed one ship destroyed by a fireball, wondering if I'd be next... but I made orbit, going over my mission again. The colony I was headed for was a small one, on a very bio-rich (jungle) world with a native, friendly insectoid population. Only, my mission ended up going ass-end up on me when I set my destination coordinates, fired up the Jump Drive, and... jumped. This jump felt very odd, and immedately after I arrived at what should have been my destination, my ship lost power and maneuverability, and certain instruments were going crazy. Most strange of all, the planet I was approaching showed no signs of vegitation, at all. From my vantage in orbit, the whole planet looked like a wasteland. But I had no choice, I had to land.

    And when I did land, the first thing I did was to check the drive, only to be very startled to find the Jump Drive missing, and the power links hanging empty... reason my Arrowhead had been crippled. Well, according to my readings, this world, as unlikely as it seemed, was the planet I'd been sent to ask for aid. Making sure my gun was charged, I secured my ship, and headed out...

    ... aaand, to make a long story short, I found this "fortress", discoverd the native insectoids were anything but friendly, rescued several colonists... and burned up my pistol's entire charge blasting insectoids not only on an individual level as I'd gone through the "fortress", but also firing at the whole hoard chasing after me and those I'd rescued, as we headed for my ship. Oh, and I'd managed to find another Jump Drive unit, like the one I'd had fitted to my Arrowhead.

    Heh... funny thing, but when my gun ran dry, and an army of bugs still remained very much alive and in pursuit, I remember almost throwing my gun at them, futile as that would have been. So, simply reholstered, did what had to be the quickest install of a Jump Drive ever, stuffed all those I'd rescued into a much cramped cockpit (fortunately, these colonists were unusually small, almost "mousey"), took my pilot's seat, and punched it for orbit, glad the natives only had spears to throw. Woke up shortly after that, so I have no idea if I made it home.
  14. It's true. You dream anytime you're in REM sleep, it's just that a lot of us don't remember our dreams when we wake up.

    I'm in that same camp of not remembering most of my dreams.

    Weird thing is, though, I usually remember my dreams immediately after I wake up, and then, one of two things usually happens:
    1) I wake up remembering my dream, but then I get distracted and think about something else, and then, when I try to think about my dream again, I realize that I've completely forgotten absolutely everything in the two seconds it took for me to get distracted.
    2) I wake up remembering my dream, I know that that memory will go away if I get distracted, so I actively try to focus on that memory and cement the parts of it that I recall into my brain, but then, as I try to think back to more specific details, I realize that I'm actually forgetting parts that I thought I knew as I'm thinking about them, and I'm pretty much consciously aware of the memory being erased as I forget each detail one by one until it's completely gone. @_@

    Oh, and this always happens within a matter of, like, ten seconds after waking up. I know a lot of people say that writing down their dreams immediately after waking up helps them remember them, but I wouldn't have time to do even that.

    It kind of makes me wonder if our brains have some sort of auto-erase function for dreams that kicks in as we wake up. It would explain why lots of people don't remember their dreams, and why I often seem to wake up as the memories of my dreams are in the process of being erased. @_@

    ^ Hopefully the strangeness of what I just described makes up for the fact that I really don't have any weird dream stories to share with you all.
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  15. One of my younger reoccurring dreams involved being trapped inside a vehicle in a parking lot outside a Chuck E Cheese. Except there were spiders everywhere. And they were enormous. Torso sized. It was half-nightmare cause fucking giant spiders, but half fun cause I spent the entirety of the dreams running them over with reckless abandon.
  16. I had a weird dream the other night, but it was actually good. First good dream I had in a while, and I woke up before it finished. Ain't that a bitch?
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  17. Get your MLP crap outta here.

    I actually recently started dreaming again, or remembering them at least, which is weird in and of itself to me. Turns out a recurring theme is finding a shortcut on google maps and then there being a big iron gate that prevents me from taking it once I reach the waypoint. Apparently there's no problem you can't solve when you combine the power of finger-lasers, I found out just a few hours ago.

    Not that spectacular but I greatly enjoy this nonetheless.
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    I once had a dream where I met my future self. She had some important piece of advice to give me. I remember she was telling it to me and she looked pretty serious about it. And I remember nodding my head and telling her something like "Yeah, ok, thanks so much for telling me. I'll do that!" and then she wrote something down on a piece of paper and handed it to me. And I accepted it and I was like "Yeah, thanks so much!!" and as we went our separate ways I remember being really glad she told me that.

    Then I woke up, and, despite all the details that I did recall, I did not remember a single fucking thing she actually said to me.

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  19. SIMILARLY, I also remember having a number of dreams in which something amazing happened, and I was really enjoying it... and then I realized it was a dream, and that's when I woke up.

    Because, like, I know some people say that they can dream and be aware that they're dreaming and then keep the dream going, but that never really works for me. That only ever happened once that I can recall. All other times -- as soon as I'm aware that I'm dreaming, I wake up.

    And then, I'm often pretty fucking mad at myself for doing so. Because I could've just not questioned things and allowed myself to enjoy such a dream. I could've met David Tennant and asked zero questions and at least let myself hang out with him for a while before letting that happen. But no. I had to wonder how this was even happening and then fuck I'm awake why did I do that to myself.

    As for the one time when I was able to keep dreaming despite figuring that out, though, I was actually really excited about that, given what happens every other time. XD I remember walking through my house, and looking into a room, and realizing that the furniture wasn't arranged quite like it was in my real house -- because, you know, dreams tend not to be very detail-oriented. So then, after I looked away, I thought, "since dreams are so wonky and inconsistent, I bet that if I looked back there right now, the furniture would be rearranged differently again", and then I looked back, and, sure enough, it was. And then I realized that I was aware that I was dreaming, and could predict how the dream would behave, and I hadn't woken up yet and I was very giddy about that realization. So I had a lot of fun with it and kept rearranging the furniture by looking away and looking back again, eventually trying to do specific rearrangements like "I wonder if I could get all the furniture to stack against one side of the room" or "I wonder if I could get all the furniture to disappear completely" and it worked every time and I was just having way too much fun with it. XD

    Sadly, that has only ever happened once.
  20. I'm a professional dream reader, so my dreams are always odd. I'm having this one dream that continues every single night and have created roleplays based on my dreams.
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