Weird (Complicated) MxFxF RP idea.

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  1. To avoid awkward conversations, I'm looking for 2 girl roleplayers that are on fairly regularly(possibly at the same time)! I'm a guy, and feel really weird playing sexy stuff with another dude! And READ THE PROMPT! If you ignore half of the things I put on here (this included), I'll deny your request. I play in first person and in PMs, can be talked into playing in a thread. We'll figure out POV in the OOC.

    Also, just to clarify this is a 3 person RP. I am looking for 2 more people to play it!

    (My cow girl farm idea is still open .__. check it out...) Ok, so I had a new idea recently, and I think it's going to go terribly but I want to give it a shot anyway. Here's the gist of it. It's not a biblical angel/demon story with God and Lucifer, it's more like Diablo with the angels ruling heaven, the demons ruling hell, and humans living on Sanctuary, and both sides wanting to be rid of the other, having to fight on Sanctuary.

    I'll have my kinks below, and a CS for you(s) to use. This isn't going to go well, I can tell you that right now! But I figured I'd give it a shot. Also, the female character descriptions I put in are optional, just examples.


    An angel (person 1) and demon (person 2) are both sent to seduce a young man (me) who is destined to lead one army (heaven or hell) against the other (the other one). The young man just thinks that the two lovely women who perfectly meet his fantasies are just coincidence. One girl (angel) is an intellectual girl with a beautiful, busty, hourglass figured body with perfect skin and well kept long blonde hair, dressing in conservative clothes that show off her figure well, who is hesitant to give him her virginity and to try anything kinky, wanting to cuddle when watching movies and whatnot. The other girl (demon) is a hardcore punk rocker chick with again a beautiful, busty, hourglass figured body with some freckles on her nose and cheeks with short black hair, a few piercings in her lip/nose/eyebrows/various other places in her body, some hot tattoos, wearing skimpy clothes to show off as much skin as she can, who will eagerly fuck him in any/every place that she can and in every position possible, wanting to suck him off while they play video games and drink booze with him and waste the night away with a nice fuck, cuddling up when things are all over. They both know that the other is dating him (but he tries to hide it, not knowing), but they don't interfere, thinking he will choose one of them eventually.

    But instead of choosing one, he ends up falling for both, as they both fall for him. So they finally meet him together, to demand he makes a decision, but he ultimately can't, loving both too much to pick either. Seeing their lover so distraught, they decide to set aside their differences, and their fate, to be with him. But to do that, they have to accept each other as a potential lover as well (lady sex). They try for some time to avoid the call, but eventually have to lead an army, but as neither has convinced him to fight for their side, the three are forced to rally the forces of man and prepare them for a war they never saw coming.


    And please post in the comments which you'd like to play, and we'll see if we can't get some matches going! Or if you have a friend that would be willing to play it, go ahead and let them know.

    Kinks I enjoy (bold I enjoy more): Sub/(affectionate)Dom, BDSM, mind break, petplay, cat/cow/monstergirls (goes with petplay), slave,collaring, spanking , nipple play, lactation, harems (optional, but would be enjoyed), public, transformation, anal (not on me), deepthroating, yiffs/furries, assorted others.

    ^ These are all just things I like to do! We aren't limited to these and we don't have to use all of them! :)

    Limits: Blood, piss, shit, vomit, hardcore BDSM(can be discussed/explained), mutilation, ageplay, incest, assorted others.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Angel or Demon:

    Actual age:

    Physical age (18-35):

    Disposition(Nice, sweet, shy, mean, bitchy, etc.):


    Eye color:

    Hair color/length:

    Cup size(Shrugs I like boobs, DD to G):

    Body type(also like wide hips, large butt, nice thighs with long legs .__. But it's your character.):


    Special Characteristics:

    Other(Stuff I should know that won't be in exposition later on):
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  2. Would love to play the demon girl if you're still looking c:
  3. If you are still looking I could do either one
  4. Not so much anymore :/ Sorry. But PM me, we might find something :)
  5. ok
  6. Definitely open for something!
  7. PM me and we'll see. Got a lot going at the moment.
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