Weird behavior when posting images as status updates

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  1. So, when you post an image as a status update on Iwaku, the site shrinks it to an appropriate size just like it does everywhere else. It gives you a "click to view full-size" prompt.

    If you click on a username in a thread where it gives you the pop-up window with the user info though, the "click to view full-size" function behaves kind of oddly.

    I'm just using Shayla as an example here, but it happens with other images too.
    I noticed it because I was trying to quickly get to the Profile Page link and missed it as the image loaded in, accidentally clicking the image. Instinctively, I clicked it again trying to close it and it caused it to open another copy in full-size.

    It's not a huge deal since you can always refresh your page or individually click every enlarged image to close them again, but I figured I'd point it out since this is clearly not how that's supposed to work!
  2. Okay, so I just tried out the image thing for myself, using the image below, and it seemed to work perfectly fine when I tried to enlarge it.
    I also tried the same thing with Shayla's profile pic as well, and it seems to work perfectly fine, with no multiple pictures adding to it when I click on it.


    The issue that you have stated does occur on certain conditions on my phone as opposed to the computer, but that's not just for status images, but for every enlargeable image.


    The issue might either be something to do with the device or platform that you are using, or it is a mere bug that I have yet to discover. As for help, might I suggest reporting it as a bug. Otherwise, if refreshing the page does the trick, then I would keep going at it!
  3. Did you do it using the pop-up window that comes up when you click on your username in a thread?

    Because I just tried it with yours and I still have this issue on Chrome.
  4. Nope! It still works perfectly fine when I click on both Shayla's and My profile pop-ups in a thread. The images are so large, however, that it expands the page, but I don't get the issue you're having...
  5. Are you on a desktop or laptop? I'm wondering if the issue is related to platform...

    Could also be a browser thing...

    EDIT: Doesn't appear to be happening in Chrome or Mozilla for me on my laptop >_< Wacky!
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  6. Did the issue get solved? Did it turn out to be just a platform thing?
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