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  1. Had a recent exciting or weird dream lately? What is the weirdest one you've had?

    Last night was pretty bizarre for me, but looking back it had a pretty awesome sequence of events (not that I'd ever want it to happen irl). So like, I don't even like or watch zombie horror movies or action series that much but for some reason my dream decided to plop me in the middle of one. 8D The thing was it was pretty weird since I was pretty sure it all began in the middle of some fancy party inside a very tall skyscraper ala The Masque of the Red Death. I was trapped in the building and I got lost so many times and probably would have been overtaken by weirdly twitching and erratic-moving zombies if it weren't for my best friends appearing and hauling me out of there. We were running for our lives along with other partygoers who lived.

    We were stuuuck in that building for what felt like days slamming doors behind the zombies since they don't know how to open locks but eventually their combined weight and force would have broken doors down or my dream is just sadistic and kept on sending them after me. Then some military looking guys showed up and saved us and from there we saw the outside world and it was all weird since everything was so empty.

    Actually, I can't remember everything but those were the details that stood out... But boy, was that scary and exhilarating. I tend to remember my dreams pretty vividly upon waking up, a dream journal would probably be fun to keep so I remember the details more. >_<
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  2. I seem to have odd dreams(if I remember them) just about every night. But I'm sure everyone does, right? My brain really seems to cling to Zombie theme, too. More often than not, actually. Mine are never realistic by any means though; regular settings, reactions, scenarios and the like are scarce.

    For example: Disneyland. But nit just any Disneyland. It was at the base of a huge sand dune in the middle of a desert with the property surrounded by a chain linked fence. At the top of the giant sand dune was a warehouse that could probably be considered the size of a small factory. Inside this warehouse was 2 floors. The bottom floor had literally nothing in it. No furniture, no windows, with a cement floor and a staircase in the back left corner leading up to a balcony(the second floor). So the second floor was basically a hallway/ balcony that had a home-y feel to it. It had 3 doors that branched off into rooms. One room had weapons and ammo, one room was a bathroom and the last room just had a bed and a fridge in it. Usually when the dream starts I'm with a group of people (yes, most of my dreams at this point are reoccurring) whether I know them or not and we are running towards this warehouse. Once we get inside we barricade the only door in and out, haul ass upstairs and start shooting at the hoard of zombies that had followed us to the warehouse. Eventually me and my group realize the zombies were never actually chasing US, but were trying to get somewhere else. That's usually about the time I notice Disneyland at the bottom of the sand dune just chillen, half built, different layout and full of zombies partaking in the festivities. At that point me and my group exit the warehouse through a door that magically leads us to the front gates of the theme park and we enjoy it with the zombies.

    That's one of my more humorous/ detailed dreams.

    A real simple one I have all the time is a giant 8ft emperor penguin just stands still, wearing a French beret hat and the whites of his feathers change colors like the Horse in the original Wizard of Oz.
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  3. Lol I made a thread about dreams xD

    Ugh, well, I had a pretty recent weird dream, but it's pretty personal so I won't say what happened haha
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  4. Not going to lie, You totally spiked my interest lol I absolutely wont pester you about it, though.
  5. I know I know lmao I could pm you if ya want xD I just don't want to say it in public
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  6. You know it! I wish I had a personal one to swap with you now, all mine are weird like that Disneyland one lol
  7. I think some of the most interesting dreams I've had were those that continued, like they start one night, and then they continue where they left off some other night, and it goes on like this for months in some cases. I had one that was set in this polluted victorian steampunk setting, where the weather was always dark and grey. Constant night. I was a member of some gang that resided in the sewers, and felt like I knew the people in these dreams so well.
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  8. You don't dream. You time travel at night. I'm on to you...
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  9. Ah, it's okay bro xD
  10. I had a lucid dream recently that was... really strange and random. It was especially strange because despite trying to begin lucid dreaming when I was younger (I tried for several years), I was unsuccessful, and somehow many years after I stopped trying I suddenly gained lucidity a random time without preparation.

    The dream:

    I was in Taiwan, needing to withdraw money from a bank. I'm standing in line waiting for a teller when I see in the corner of my peripheral vision a face I recognize. One of my friends from high school - someone we always joked was probably secretly an Asian gangster based on his manner of dress and the way he carried himself (he was a sweetheart, though), walked into the bank and tied a black bandana around his face.

    Never mind that putting the bandana on AFTER you get within sight of CCTV is really stupid, but I knew SOME kind of shit was about to go down so I ducked out of line and left the bank. Sure enough, I get about a block away when the bank explodes and people go insane in the panic. For some reason, rather than panicking I just kind of sit down on the sidewalk, dumbfounded.

    I turn to my right and my husband is there. I tell him, "John just robbed and blew up that bank." He doesn't say much, just kind of sits next to me and shares in my silent disbelief.

    At that point I gain lucidity and get this really weird feeling of control. It's like knowing you're about to wake up from a dream, but not quite waking up. I turn to my husband and am like, "...I'm dreaming right now." And he just goes, "so, what do you want to do?"

    "Let's fly."

    So we go flying, and it's pretty fucking awesome. We spend the next few minutes like this before landing in some type of cloud city and I can feel lucidity slipping. Something causes me to look at my palms (probably because I was always taught this was a way to gain lucidity), and my palms look so unfamiliar to me that it jars me awake.
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  11. This happens for me too! Those continuous dreams are always fun, I've went on sea voyages in them xD That, and some of my really weird dreams for some reason involve space. And the sun imploding. Yes, that was fun and not at all scary since I got to see it...
  12. I don't think I've had any other really weird dreams ever since the last time a dreams thread like this came up.

    That series of recurring dreams about Paul McCartney is still probably at the top of the weirdness list as far as recent dreams go.

    Actually, now that I think about it, most of the dreams I've been having recently (of the ones I can even remember, anyway) were all about Pokemon Go. ...I, uh, I suppose that says something...
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  13. Writing this while its still fresh.

    I enrolled in a college that doesn't exist with some of my friends and previous classmates. The main building was where the classes were held it was flanked by two giant rooms that served as the dorms. There were no walls or anything dividing the dorms, it was just some mattresses on the floor and some oddly preschool-looking posters on the walls. If you wanted to walk from one dorm to the other it took like 10 minutes. Also free meals were brought to the rooms.

    What it lacked in the dorms it made up for in the main building. There were stores for everything there. It was like a city on the ground floor. You could buy pretty much anything from food, to clothes, to lawn ornaments. Due to dream logic, anything was possible so long as I looked for it. They also offered applications to students so that they can work between classes.

    All the floors above contained the classes themselves. Again, the decorations were very childish per room. I think in part it was because the professors were also a little childish. Not like full on acting like children, but like The Doctor from Doctor Who without the dangerous aspects. They were zany talked in odd circles of logic. It felt like I had enlisted in a school put together by an alien's perspective on what college is. And I probably was, knowing my brain.

    The grounds was the coolest part visually. There was an extensive garden area surrounding the dorms so that it wasn't super noisy for the people who chose to take night classes(and that was a preference you could choose. Do the teachers sleep?). Everything beyond that was fields which were reserved for certain sports.

    Then beyond those fields was a long bike path that looped in and out of a surrounding forest. The bike path was always covered in water, but its like the shallow puddles in recent Pokemon games that does not impede your biking in any manner. It just reflects the sky. I wanted to go through the forest, but I can't bike with my knee, and its quite a walk just to get to the path.

    I spent most of my time trying to find my classes and sitting in ones I wasn't scheduled for. There was a last minute change to what class was where. It was fun seeing all the new things, but nerve-wracking that I was always in the wrong place. I missed an entire day of classes. The office offered night classes to me to catch up. I was too tired from running up and down the stairs to take it. Elevators were an option, but you need a key to use them, and naturally, I did not receive mine in the mail yet. I checked the campus mailbox multiple times.

    I started wake up when my friends and I were on our way to a festival held somewhere on the grounds the "next" night. My brain had fast forward through the day. I woke up before we got there. All I got to see of it was fireworks.
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  14. Not recent, but back when I was in college (1985-1989), I was struggling to stay awake in one of my electronics classes when I started "shifting"... basically, I was listening to the teacher's lecture on some electronic detail, when suddenly... same teacher, same classroom, same students in same seats... what was diagramed on the blackboard wasn't electronic circuitry, but diagrams for magic spells. Then I startled awake, everything back to electronics. "Shifted" again, back to the whole magic lecture... the last time I "shifted", I remember looking at the other students, them looking at me all with glowing red eyes and "demonic" grins... well, startled awake that time, and managed to stay awake for the rest of the lecture.

    Yes, have to say that was the weirdest!
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  15. Last night I dreamt that John Lennon was not murdered by Mark Chapman -- but he was still murdered that same night. It's just that, instead of being shot... he was attacked by a vampire. A vampire bit him and sucked him dry, and that's how he died that night.

    And now that I'm awake and thinking about this, I'm just like... did the vampire know what he was doing? I mean, the real-world version of this murder was not just some random act of violence -- Chapman had planned, well in advance, on killing John Lennon specifically. Do you think the vampire felt that way? Did the vampire hate John Lennon? Or was the vampire just hungry, and John was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Did the vampire just not recognize John? Did he not realize he was attacking a major celebrity? Do you think he planned on keeping a low profile that night, and fucked it up when he bit the wrong person?

    These are all very important questions.
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  16. Not a weird dream, or interesting, but early this morning I had a dream with my grandpa and my dad, my dad feeding him. My Grandpa passed away 1.5 years ago, and he'd been rather sick with heart problems, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. It was really nice to see him :'3 He was a wonderful person.
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