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  1. Akane looks around her apartment in boredom shes only here because she hasnt been found yet. Shes waiting till the night so she can fly freely and wont have to worry about being different. She swipes through her channel "so boreddddddd." She usually watches sherlock on bbc but shes waiting for the next season so theres nothing good to watch. She gets up off her couch and heads to the kitchen to make herself a nice hot pocket.
  2. Akumu laid sprawled out if the couch. Being quite a lengthy girl, her feet hung over the edge if the old beat up couch. She lived in an apartment with Anna, a little girl she took in as her sister. The apartment wasn't much, it was just a one bedroom that Akumu let Anna sleep in with a shitty bathroom and old dinosaur TV. The TV played some show that Akumu wasn't paying attention to. She was half asleep, at least until she heard a scream from the bedroom. Akumu bolted off the couch, instincts kicking in. She skidded to a halt in from of the door. "Anna get ba--" She cut off once she saw what the noise was about.

    Anna stood on top of a chair, screaming and pointing at a spider crawling on a nearby wall. "Get rid of it! Get rid of it sissy!!" She screamed, terrified. Akumu sighed, waking across the room and picking up a coloring book, rolling it up. "Wait! Your not going to kill it are you?! Don't kill it! Don't kill it!" She screamed. Akumu rolled her eyes, obviously looking annoyed. But, she simply scrapped the bug into the book, opened a window, and set it free on the ledge. She looked at Anna, who smiled and sat on the chair.

    Zero sat on the roof ledge on top of an abandoned builting. He was just itching to let his wings out and fly. He loved his speed, and he loved being high in the air. But the stupid sun always took it's time setting, as if it were taunting the fact that Zero couldnt fly during the day. That he could feel the warm sun in his feathers. The male sighed, and and looked at the sky. "Jeez, hurry and grow dark. I worked up so much time and effort being a master flyer and now I can't even fly when I want." He mumbled sourly to himself.
  3. Akane sighed as she walked over to the balcony letting her hair become disheveled by the winds force. "I swear to god the sun is trying to get me mad.... wait why am i saying god there is no such thing ha." Her outfit consisted of black jeans a gun holster and knife sheat on her belt with a yellow belly shirt. She like always had bandages on her arms, legs, and stomach. Hiding her many scars from human view or any view.

    She had a black bow on the top of her head making her golden hair stand out. "Please hurry sun."
  4. Akumu sighted, but smiled at Anna, patting her head. "Get changed Anna. Once it's dark out you need to pracrice flying." She walked out towards the living room. She had an old dresser propped on the wall for her own clothes and began rummaging through the doors till she found a pair of black ripped skinney jeans, a black tank top with little white skulls skattered all over it, and a black leather jacket she had cut holes in the back of so she could her her wings out with ease. She snatched her sunglasses, putting them on so the sun wouldn't bother her and pulled up the shades, then slipped on some black combat boots. Akumu pulled her long red hair back into a pony tail and made her way to the kitchen, preparing sandwiches for them.

    When Akumu left Anna ran to her drawers by her bed and pulled out clothes. She got herself a white floral shirt and blue pants she ran to her dresser on the other side and took a silver necklace off it with little wings. Akumu had stolen it for Anna and it was currently her favorite thing. She put the necklace on and put a headband in her blonde hair and shoved white flats on her feer, running back out to meet Akumu.

    Zero smiles as the sun began to set. He stood up on the ledge, removing his frat sweater. He wore worn down blue jeans and a red band shirt he had boughten the first time he had some money, along with worn down black converse. His black and white wings emerged from behind his back and he shook the stiffness ouf of them. They had been hidden for so long, they had frown stiff. "Finally.." he mumbled and stepped off the building. He fell straight down, his wings snapling out. His wings caught a breeze and he began to soar up into the sky. Once high enough, his wings began pumping, bringing him even higher faster.
  5. Akane looks up at the sky with a smile on her face. "Wo hoooo" she jumps off her 13 story ledge. Letting her wings fold out and catch the air. She begins to pound her wings bringing her higher and higher. "12 hours is like foreverrrrrrr." She sighs as she lays down letting her wings support her. She reacher up in the sky "is there anyone else?"
  6. Zero sighs happily and closes his eyes, feeling the wind against his fast. Once he opened them, he gave a determined look. He wanted to fly for speed. So, his wings responded and began besting then faster and faster, as well as higher in the air. Once he was flying over a forest Zero arched up into the air, swooping as he pointed head down to the ground. His wings folding in, he began a spiral descendent towards the ground. The speed made his eyes water as he counted a few seconds. Just abive the tree tops, his wings snapped out and caught him from falling any further. The force of wind propelled his body upward when his wings caught him and he laughed. But his laugh was cut short when he heard a voice. Not that hearing people was strange, what was strange was that the voice came from above him. "Huh..?"

    Akumu handed Anna a sandwich and the two of them walked up the stairs to the roof of the apartment building. "Your take off it pretty good, but you need to work on your landing, Anna. Last time you crashed into me. That, and you need speed. If we still had Zero, he could help you. After all, he has Peregrine Falcon in him. But, I have to try and teach you." She smiled down at Anna, who happily do usher her sandwich. "I wonder how he's doing." Anna wondered out loud. Akumu shrugged as they got to the room. Akumu let her wings out and crouched next to Anna. "Go on ahead. I'll be right behind you."

    Anna smiles up at Akumu and ran towards the ledge. As she jumped off, her wings folded out and caught her. Her wings flapped, propelling her upward. She squealed happily and giggled. She liked being in the air. Once Anna got a good enough distance away, Akumu kept off behind Anna and flew behind her. "Once we get a breeze, try gliding Anna. Flapping your wings too much tires you out faster. And if we ever wanna travel soon we'll need to go by air. The scientist won't just let us go free, we are expieriments that can reveal their secret experiments." Anna glances back at Akumu. She had a serious expression. Which meant she was planning. Thinking of ways to keep Anna away from hard. Anna smiles and nods, looking forward as she flies.
  7. Akane hears laughs and weites it off as it is below her. She sighs watching the stars. She laughs weakly "i always end up alone.... i used to wish on stars but then i learned their big gas balls ugh i bet they smell horrible." She sighs again her wings supporting her body wieght.
  8. Zero flew up in time to spot a blonde girl and hear her weird conversation with herself about stars. He smirked at the girl and chuckled to himself. He pushed his hair out his face, and burst into laughter. "Would you look at that. Another mutant... Jeez. I didn't think others got out. Or that their were other other than me and two other girls. Sheesh.." He spoke loud enough for the blonde girl to hear.

    Anna soon caught a breeze and she glidded. She faught the urge to pump her wings and had to trust the wind, which she wasn't use to. Anna smiles and looked back at Akumu, who was doing the same. But then Akumu's eyes widdened in shock at first then in surprise. "Anna look out!" Anna looked forward and spotted to was going to fly right into a person. She yelped and dropped out of the sky. Though luckily Zero had caught the little girl.

    Akumu could hardly believe her eyes. Their was a girl like her! And she found Zero!! "Anna, you okay?!" She flew towards her and Zero, worried. "You need to watch where your going Anna. What if he hadnt caught you? What if you almost flew into a tree?" Akumu sighed and Zero chuckles at how worried she was.
  9. She looks down at zero making an o face. "Hey." She keeps a calm facade on while she stares at him. Her midnight black wings combining with the skys dark color. "What subject number are you?" She looks up thinking about what type of treatment or number he could have.
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