WeHeartIt VS Tumblr

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  1. I was bored so...


    Yeah, yeah? Let's get this show on the road!

    Let's debate about which is better and why!!

    yeah I'm a fricking weirdo
  2. I totally thought weheartit was just a part of tumblr.

  3. Tumblr, It's been around longer. It also has more than colourful pictures of nature and inspirational phrases.
  4. That and weheartit often doesn't include sources linking to original creators. I tend to avoid weheartit like the plague.
  5. That's a yes and no. People are stupid for not linking to the original creator but then there's also people who are actually decent enough to do so... -_-;
  6. Which is why I said often. Tho I have yet to see an actual weheartit post including a source
  7. Funny; I see 'em a lot.
  8. AAAAAAAaaaaaaannnnnnd.... Debate.
    Where? When? Why? Evidence.
  9. 1.) Online here if you can see it.

    2.) Today at 6:58pm.

    3.) Because I looked at the screen! :D #slapped

    I know this is supposed to be a debate but I don't know. I'm really pumped up right now and no one else is joining in so... xD
  10. Dear Lord....none of the damn above. Sorry, I can't stand either of these social media's, I'm so old school I could beat all of you with a wooden soup ladel and get away with it. My social media's consist of FB, DA, Steam, and Iwaku. I am sometimes forced to look at Tumblr to enjoy a joke or two with friends and I'm sure the time will come for WeHeatIt, but until then, Fijoli is content with her detrimental few and "go to" social mediums.

    in other words, I'm not 'hip' enough for this debate XD.
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  11. You're very pretty on DA :D
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  12. Yeah, I don't have a tumblr either.
    I only have a Facebook I hardly use, Youtube that I almost never use, and a DA that I, yep you guessed it, hardly use.
  13. It's all going to boil down to




    for fuck's sake, reverse google image search is a thing
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  14. Pretty much this, plus the complete psychotics "head-mates/otherkin/et cetera" domination of several sections of Tumblr keeps me away. It's one thing to be social justice, it's another to take it so far that it becomes damaging to the things and people you're trying to help.

    I don't use FB either though. Steam and Iwaku though? My main social hubs. Skype too, whenever it decides to work properly.
  15. Yeah, I third this opinion. I'm a non-American and Tumblr and its derivations are still very much unknown where I live, so I grew up unaware of this... how to call it in a non-derogatory way... phenomenon. When I finally stumbled upon it circa year ago, I couldn't believe my eyes. There were people who claimed using words like 'crazy,' 'blind' and 'deaf' was apparently 'ableist,' and anyone using these words deserved to die a painful death. Fascinated by this breathtaking display of stupidity, I dug deeper and discovered otherkin/fictionkin/whatever they like to call it, communities glorifying various mental illnesses and tons of extremist groups. Ehm... No, thanks. On the other hand, my brief experience with Tumblr has truly enriched my life in ways I certainly didn't expect. Specifically, I discovered my lost love for my countrymen again. Czechs as a nation can be very stupid in certain aspects, but never ever have I encountered this particular flavor of stupidity among them.
  16. But, WeHeartIt and tumblr are like... Very different @_@ Wouldn't it make more sense to compare WeHeartIt and Pinterest, instead? >_>
  17. I literally hate it every time pinterest and tumblr update it because 99% of the time I hate what they've done to it
  18. Don't go against my debate little one xD
  19. I'm of two minds on this. I never get why people take pride in living under a rock, like it's better than knowing what all these things are.

    With that said, I don't really glom onto shit like pinterest, snapchat, instagram, etc. very quickly. But I'm starting to see the appeal of pinterest.
  20. I got a tumblr. Tumblr is really neat. Its very very easy to avoid all the wierd shit. And its a fantastic medium for artists really.