Weekly Poll: The Twelve Whispers of the Wind

Do you believe in life outside of Earth?

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An Asteroid came near Earth several days ago, the closest one in thirty years and it has gotten people wondering if there truly is life on other planets!

So, my question to Iwaku is:

Do YOU believe there is life on other planets?

Share with us why chose what you chose!
I believe that there is life out there in space, it seems like it'd be pretty hard for us to be the only ones with how infinite space is. I don't believe in aliens in the green men from mars sense that visit earth- I don't think many civilizations would be able to get far enough to do what they've been claimed to do.
I think there are honestly.
I mean, as big as just out solar system is and we exist.
And the universe all together is soooo fucking huge, how could we the only ones? It just wouldn't make sense at all.
And hell for that matter, black holes might just be portals into other demensions/realities where it's all different and shit lol. Maybe the dogs and cats and shit talk somewhere else lol.
But no...seriously.
I think, as vast as it all is and as little as we actually know...there's gotta be something else out there.
Definitely. As far as we know, the universe is infinitely large, and if not, it's still expanding. Somewhere out there, similar conditions to earth's creation and population MUST have occurred. At the VERY least.
I believe in life on other planets because the universe is big :) but I have a hard time believing that the life on other planets would be able to come to earth x) Or that we ever would be able to get to them. So I will believe in life on other planets untill someone have proved the opposit and I will believe that they can't come to earth untill someone have proved the opposit x)

But seriously, given just how mind-bogglingly fucking massive the universe, it stands to reason there's something else out there.

Fingers crossed they're eldritch horrors and gribbly things from beyond the stars.
Another quick thought; Richard Dawkins has posited that if there is life elsewhere in the solar system, it is statistically more likely to be beetle-like in it's appearance as this is quite a common evolutionary form. Seems like a reasonable claim, even if you can really expand upon it. I mean, fuck, do you know just how many species of beetle there are on Earth alone?